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The Oscar Nominations Mostly Ignore Comedy This Year

The Academy just released their Oscar nominations, recognizing the best in film from 2012, and the list of pretty light on comedies this time around. Silver Linings Playbook, director David O. Russell's romantic comedy-drama was the only comedy-ish film to receive a lot of recognition (although there are plenty of laughs in non-comedy Best Picture nominees Django Unchained and Argo). Silver Linings was nominated for Best Picture, Best Director (Russell), Best Actor (Bradley Cooper), Best Actress (Jennifer Lawrence), Best Supporting Actor (Robert DeNiro), Best Supporting Actress (Jacki Weaver), and Best Adapted Screenplay (David O. Russell). Moonrise Kingdom, which was a contender for a Best Picture nomination, was snubbed, only [...]

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: 'Moonrise Kingdom'

Wes Anderson's latest piece of hand-stitched cinema, Moonrise Kingdom, comes out on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow. Not only is it one of Andersons best films ever, but these releases come with all sorts of bonus goodies that'll let you spend even more time on that invented New England island: three featurettes (including a set tour with cast member Bill Murray), a pseudo documentary about the island filmed with narrator Bob Balaban, and a “Making of” segment. Of course, it'll almost definitely get the Criterion treatment at some point down the line, but who has that kind of patience?

Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom' Animated Short Has the Whimsy You Were Looking For

In Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, heroine Suzy Bishop takes a suitcase full of books with her when she runs away from home. None of the books are real — Anderson hired artists to create the different covers. But in this new short, narrated/hosted by the pretty much always perfect Bob Ballaban, six of the books are brought to life via animation, with Bishop reading passages from each. It's great, especially if you've seen the movie and just want to inhabit that world for another five minutes or so. The video is not embeddable because people are selfish, so head on over to EW to see it for yourself.

'Moonrise Kingdom' Breaks Limited Release Opening Records

After over a decade of mixed reviews and lacking box office returns, Wes Anderson seems poised to have another breakout hit on his hands. Moonrise Kingdom, which is currently at a career-high 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, made $669,486 over Memorial Day Weekend on just four screens. The film ended up averaging $130,752 per theater over the weekend, beating the previous record average held by Dreamgirls. It's hard to guarantee this will mean large box office returns when the film opens wide in June but it sure is heartening. Since The Royal Tenebaums in 2001, Wes Anderson has struggled to build much momentum for his films. The Darjeeling Limited [...]

The Complete Guide to Everything: The Movies of 2012

This week Tim has had enough of Christmas and would like you all to stop even though Christmas ended nearly a week ago. Also Tom becomes a member of a museum and feels pretty smug about it. In this episode the guys discuss the movies of 2012, including Sleepwalk with Me, Moonrise Kingdom, The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Underworld, Red Tails, Chronicle, Ghost Rider, Wanderlust, A Thousand Words, 21 Jump Street, The Hunger Games, Cabin in the Woods, Dark Shadows, The Dictator, Battleship, Men in Black 3 and Life of Pi.

It is important to note that neither Tim nor Tom have seen the majority of the [...]

Wes Anderson Shockingly Casts Bill Murray in New Movie 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

Ever since they first worked together on Rushmore way back in ‘98, Bill Murray has been a sort of good luck charm for director Wes Anderson, who hasn’t made a movie without Murray since. It’s no surprise that Murray just announced, in a recent Vulture profile, that he’s just been cast in Anderson’s new film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, which will be their seventh movie together and will see Murray starring alongside Johnny Depp and Jude Law, two newbies to The World of Wes Anderson. Hot on the heels of Anderson’s last movie, this summer’s critical and commercial hit Moonrise Kingdom, Budapest Hotel is set to start filming [...]

Wes Anderson to Release Animated 'Moonrise Kingdom' Companion Piece Next Week

Considering that it did very well for itself again this past weekend, it seems like Moonrise Kingdom is poised to be a thing. Like a hipster Halloween costume for years to come level of a thing. And now Wes Anderson has told Comingsoon.net that Moonrise Kingdom, like The Darjeeling Limited, is getting a short film companion piece. He explained:

"[The character of Suzy has] a suitcase full of these young adult fantasy type novels… Sort of sci-fi/fantasy books. We had to invent them and give a little glimpse of each one. Different artists, most of whom very close to the filmmakers, were doing these. In fact, we have now [...]

Bill Murray Walks Through the Set of 'Moonrise Kingdom'; Lives La Vida Loca

Wearing too short madras pants and a cardigan sweater, national treasure Bill Murray explains the setting and plot of the next Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom. In the clip, Murray is either drunk or really great at pretending to be drunk. It's a much watch, regardless of your opinion of Mr. Anderson (Get it? Like The Matrix), for Murray's descriptions of his castmates alone: "Edward Norton. He does a lot of psycho work. He's playing against type." "Tilda Swinton's in this one too. She's tall, she's Scottish, she's pretty, she can do whatever she likes." Moonrise Kingdom comes out in select theatres this Friday, May 25th; hopefully, it's [...]

Wes Anderson on His Inspiration for 'Moonrise Kingdom'

"The thing that most strongly made me want to do [Moonrise Kingdom] was remembering being a fifth grader sitting at a desk in my school and not really being able to focus on reality because of this girl two rows over and three desks up, and what a spell that put on me — being blindsided by that experience. It's just something that always stuck with me — and not having anything come of it at all — so I just wanted to make a story that was my fantasy of that age."

- Filmmaker Wes Anderson to Hitfix on how his childhood fantasies inspired him to make [...]

Jason Schwartzman on Wes Anderson

"A Raymond Chandler line I like is, 'She had a face like a bucket of mud.' Now that’s a very surreal idea, but it’s not flowery writing, it’s very straight. And I sort of feel that that’s one of the things too about Wes' writing. It’s very straight, it’s very direct, but also kind of surreal — the sentences are sort of turned around on themselves, and so I think that’s one thing. And I think that sort of lends to the humor of it, too. It’s like half a beginning of a sentence is funny, and the next half of it is whatever the opposite of funny is." — [...]

Wes Anderson Talks Family, Bill Murray, and 'Moonrise Kingdom'

How does Wes Anderson get all his movies to be that color? Is there like a Wes Anderson-yellow filter that he slaps on all his cameras? Can I get it as an app for my iPhone? (Asking for a Wes Anderson Instagram-esque iPhone app is the most Brooklyn thing I could ever write, other than my address.) But seriously, this movie looks great in that indescribable way that all of the great Wes Anderson movies have been great. OK, but super seriously, where can I get that app?

Bill Murray Dances with His Tween Co-star; Remains the Best

"At the request of [Jared] Gilman, who just had his bar mitzvah and has a taste for dub-step, Bill Murray led the troop onto the dance floor, where the four kids and their accompanying man-child wiggled and jumped around with abandon. It was a scene of such next-level adorability that nearly everyone in the immediate vicinity pulled out a camera phone. "We're just chilling! We're just chilling!" Murray shouted out as he put the kibosh on each video in turn. Then he'd go back to more happy wriggling to songs like "I'm So Excited." Every time a female fan would come up and try to dance with Murray, he'd make [...]