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James Franco and Jimmy Fallon Talk All Things Cowbell on 'The Tonight Show'

During a commercial break on Friday, Jimmy Fallon and guest James Franco chatted about Horatio Sanz appearing in one of Franco's grad students' films, which naturally led to some reminiscing about Fallon's performance in the famous cowbell sketch from back in 2000. Jimmy's breaking and Will Ferrell's crazy eyes/voice quivering/glasses fogging are also covered.

Will Ferrell Can Teach Us How to Live

It's official: Will Ferrell is having the most fun of all the people, celebrities and non-specials alike. Shooting strange local commercials in Nebraska, announcing NBA team lineups with silly bios, and now reigning supreme over the Krewe of Bacchus parade in New Orleans, passing out beads and rocking the balls off that cowbell. Dude knows how to have a good time. Look out next week for a video of him giving out free pedicures in Times Square, probably.