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'SNL's Sasheer Zamata Channels Peggy Olson in "Black Mad Men"

While we wait for Sasheer Zamata to get more screen time on SNL, here's the first episode of a new web series she's in called "Black Mad Men" written by Key and Peele's Phil Augusta Jackson and directed by Morgan Evans. Along with Jackson, Anthony Appruzzese, and Shaun Diston, Zamata plays a very Peggy-like ad exec in a scene spun off from Don Draper's famous Kodak Carousel or Lucky Strike "It's Toasted" pitches from Mad Men. The only difference on "Black Mad Men" is that Zamata and team are trying to convince their white client that Luke's Hummus is the key to unlocking true racial harmony through its irresistible [...]

This Week's Web Series You Need To Watch: The Untitled Webseries That Morgan Evans Is Doing

Morgan Evans says of his new web series: “It is weird, it is sad, it is funny and it was expensive.” I can’t speak to the budget (though I’m assuming it cost at least the entire $10,133 raised on Kickstarter), but it’s certainly weird, sad, and funny. That’s why it’s this week’s selection.

As you may have guessed, I spend a fair amount of time trolling for and watching Internet videos. I take it seriously and believe web series are a big part of entertainment’s future. But lately I’ve been worried. I’ve found myself languishing in my exploration. Though I’m sure there’s still lots of quality product out there [...]