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Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: Jim Gaffigan's 'Mr. Universe'

Sure, Jim Gaffigan made waves selling his latest standup special, Mr. Universe, directly to fans via his website. But for some people, a digital file just ain't the same as a physical copy. Well, good news for you disc lovers: as of today Mr. Universe is available as both a DVD and audio CD. So go ahead, keepers of media-filled bookcases, and pick up a hard copy now. It's Gaffigan at the top of his game, so no matter what format you end up getting it in, you can't really go wrong.

Jim Gaffigan's Self-Released Special "Mr. Universe" Is Available Today

Jim Gaffigan's new standup special Mr. Universe is available today on his website for a mere $5. He's the third major comic to release his newest special directly to fans this way, after Louis CK and Aziz Ansari (although he had his announced his intention to do so before Aziz). It's a long one, too, clocking in at 75 minutes. So go get it already, cheapskate.

Check Out a Whale of a Preview for Jim Gaffigan's Self-Released Standup Special

You see, the headline says "Whale of a Preview" because in this clip, Jim Gaffigan is making jokes about whales! And I've got even worse whale wordplay later in this post! Anyways, the facts: Gaffigan is following in the footsteps of Louis CK and Aziz Ansari, releasing his new 75-minute special Mr. Universe next Wednesday via his website for $5. Want to ensure that it'll be $5 well spent? Well, you beluga-tta check out the above clip! Told you.