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Here's the Full Stand In Episode in Which Trey Parker and Matt Stone Teach an NYU Class

About a month ago, Trey Parker and Matt Stone sat in and did a lecture on storytelling for a freshman NYU class for an MTVU show called Stand In. And now it's out, and the whole thing is in the above video. The show is only six minutes long, I guess? A bit of a disappointment, unless NYU classes are actually only six minutes long, in which case those kids have really pulled an amazing con on their parents, getting them to spend $60,000 a year for them to take web-video-length classes.

Trey Parker And Matt Stone Crash An N.Y.U Writing Class

Everyone who was too hung over to crawl out of their dorm rooms are not doubt kicking themselves now, seeing as how Trey Parker and Matt Stone crashed an NYU writing class. Granted it was for an episode of mtvU's Stand In set to air Oct. 3 and not some perfectly orchestrated surprise attack, but still, it's pretty unbelievable how crazliy engaged and excited Stone and Parker seem to be there. The Book of Mormon creators even walk the first year "Storytelling Strategies" class through an average day in the South Park writers' room. Look, they use a white board just like us! Those kids can already smell [...]