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What's Going On with 'Up All Night?'

The creator of NBC's troubled sitcom Up All Night, Emily Spivey, has just left the show in the midst of a massive creative revamp by the network, according to The Hollywood Reporter. THR doesn't give a reason for Spivey's departure, but it comes during a turbulent season full of network retooling for Up All Night, which stars Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, and Maya Rudolph. In October, NBC put the series on a three-month hiatus in order to convert it from a single-camera to a multi-camera show with a live audience – a rare, almost unprecedented move for a sitcom to make midway through its run. On top [...]

ABC Loves Multicam, Orders Another Family-Based Pilot

ABC just ordered up a multicam (sigh) pilot called Other People's Kids, which will be about "a 32-year-old guy with no responsibilities who suddenly finds himself with an insta-family when he falls in love with an older woman who has 2 kids, an ex-husband, and ex-in-laws." Apparently, the new ABC programming chief loooooves multicam, despite all of ABC's successful sitcoms being singlecam. Well, good luck with that.

Whitney Cummings Defends the Laugh Track of Whitney

Standup Whitney Cummings had a pretty great pilot season. NBC picked up Whitney, her show that she'll write and star in, and she also co-developed Two Broke Girls, which CBS picked up. But since trailers for Whitney came online, she's been getting a lot of flack for the show being a traditional multi-cam affair with a studio audience rather than a single-cam show like the rest of NBC's comedy lineup. So she took to the internet to defend her decision.

In Defense of the Multi-Camera Sitcom

In my regular perch at Maclean's magazine, I'm known as "that guy who loves multi-camera sitcoms." Or would be, if I were known. But this certainly is not a great time to be a supporter of the sitcom shot with four cameras in front of an audience. All the Emmy nominees for best comedy are single-camera these days; among shows shot with an audience, the only one with some acclaim is The Big Bang Theory, which does some things extremely well and other things very frustratingly. There's a very real chance that the multi-camera format will be given up as old-fashioned, even though single-camera sitcoms are actually older [...]