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There's Going to Be an Animal House Musical

Next up in a long line of beloved movies becoming musicals? National Lampoon's Animal House. Yep! The Book of Mormon's Casey Nicholaw has signed on to direct and choreograph a musical based on the 1978 film, with the score to be written by Barenaked Ladies. Matty Simmons, an original Animal House producer and founding publisher of National Lampoon magazine, is also involved as an executive producer, so the musical can't be that far off from the spirit of the movie, right? Whether you're excited or dismayed by this news, we can all agree that we will be counting the days until we get to hear the [...]

The Book of Mormon Will Convert San Francisco This November

The Book of Mormon will be serenading San Francisco audiences for five weeks this fall, as part of their sinister plot to convert the entire West Coast to Broadwayism. Get your tickets now for the most fun brainwashing you'll ever experience, San Francisco.

People Still Love The Book of Mormon, Especially People in Denver

The Book of Mormon's three-week run in Denver sold out in five hours. Five hours! That's probably less time than it takes to read the actual Book of Mormon.

Bullets Over Broadway Will Finally Be on Broadway

Look out, Book of Mormon. Woody Allen's making a play for the Great White Way with a stage adaptation of Bullets Over Broadway, his 1994 crime comedy. Kinda surprising it took this long, considering that the movie has "Broadway" right in the name.

Book of Mormon May Spread the Good Word to a Bigger Theater

The Book of Mormon may be moving to a bigger theater, and not just so it can sell more tickets. The move may also be a power play on behalf of producer Scott Rudin to piss off the owner of the theater Mormon's currently in. Broadway: the drama is not just onstage.

The Austin Powers Musical Is Red-Hot in Development, Unbelievably

Tony-winning co-director of The Book of Mormon Casey Nicholaw might sign on to direct the Austin Powers musical currently in development. Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello are doing the music, and Mike Meyers will write the story, which is a prequel to the movies about "how Powers first acquired his mighty mojo." This thing has some serious talent attached to it! Look out, Book of Mormon. You're not the only one who can win Tonys.

The Book of Mormon's Going International With a London Production in 2013

A London production of The Book of Mormon will begin casting soon, with an eye towards raising the curtain in March 2013. Heads up for those of you who can sing, dance, and deliver comical lines in a convincingly British accent.

Book of Mormon Finally Crushing the Broadway Box Office Like the Champion It Is

It's been 11 months, but The Book of Mormon is finally the top-grossing Broadway show of the week. Eat it, Lion King, Wicked, and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark!

A Projected Song List for Austin Powers: The Musical

Just in case the Austin Powers series does become a musical, here's a rough draft of the song list:

I'm Almost Saying a Word for Testicles! … Full Company

Do I Make You Horny, Baby? … Austin Powers

Welcome to the 90s (Mama Cass: Ham Sandwich) … The Fembots

One Million Dollars … Dr. Evil

Singing the Word "Shag" a Lot … Austin


The "Sh" Song … Dr. Evil and Scott Evil

The Romancing of Frau Farbissina … The Fembots

But Who Is Mini-Me? … Mini-Me

Singing the Word "Shag" a Lot (Reprise) … Austin and Alotta Fagina

Singing the Word "Shagadelic" a Lot [...]