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A Bunch of Classic 'MST3K' Episodes Are Now on Vimeo

Mystery Science Theater 3000 just got a new home on the internet. Variety reports that 80 classic episodes of the series are now available on Vimeo, with about a dozen new episodes slated to premiere throughout the next year.

The 80 episodes currently on Vimeo are available to purchase for $300, while individual episodes are available for a $9.99 purchase or $2.99 rental. Fans who buy the entire $300 package will also have access to all newly released episodes between now and September 17, 2016, though those episodes will reportedly be made available for free anyway. MST3K's distributor Shout! Factory has already made the 80 episodes [...]

'MST3K' Gang Will Return to Television with a 'RiffTrax' Show on the National Geographic Channel

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 gang is making a return to television but probably not on the channel you're expecting. According to Zap2it, Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett are turning their online audio track series RiffTrax into a TV show of the same name for National Geographic, with three episodes set to air April 1st. MST3K was canceled by Syfy in 1999, but RiffTrax has since gained an internet following for releasing ready-made MST3K-style audio tracks for fans to listen to while watching the movies. While there's no word specifically on what the crew will watch in the reboot, they're reportedly "expected to riff on some form [...]

The Highest of Low Standards: How 'MST3K' Picked Movies to Mock

The scene, as I remember it, is like this: Ally Farson is in the kitchen with her emotionally abusive mother having a lengthy argument. Ally, as we’ve learned earlier, is fairly unhinged and has recently started a successful career as a serial murderer. Her mother doesn’t care about that, she’s just telling Ally how useless she is, how bad a person she is, and how she needs to get a job. Ally, for her part, is occasionally threatening to kill her mother. In the left corner, the actor playing the grandmother is cracking up. This scene runs, without any cuts, roughly fifteen minutes. The grandmother actress is laughing in [...]

The 20 Specials of Christmas: Mystery Science Theater 3000: Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

Let's first talk about Santa Claus Conquers The Martians. It's a bad movie. The acting's bad. The story's bad. The effects are bad. Even the Christmas spirit in it is bad. It's a horrible, horrible movie about selfish aliens and a creepy Santa.

Which is why it works so well for Mystery Science Theater 3000.

In fact, it features my favorite MST3K joke ever:

Reporter: "Is it true you're going to use a rocket sled?" Santa Claus: "Oh no, siree! We're going out the old fashioned way -" Joel: "Guns a-blazing."

A Possible Online 'MST3K' Reboot Is in the Works

Wired has compiled a complete oral history of Mystery Science Theater 3000 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show's original Comedy Central debut, enlisting its writers, performers, and network producers to track its run from scrappy 1988 movie commentary show to fully-fledged community with a long and loyal TV and online fanbase. At the end of the article, show creator Joel Hodgson teased a possible online reboot of the show — which has spawned the online audio-only spin-off RiffTrax as well as live show Cinematic Titanic — that will include a brand new and yet-to-be-revealed host with cameos from MST3K alumni:

"I've talked to a [...]

Joel Hodgson Is Bringing Back 'Mystery Science Theater 3000's Turkey Day

Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator and original host Joel Hodgson is resurrecting the show's Thanksgiving marathon Turkey Day this year, EW reports. Celebrating MST3K's 25th anniversary, Hodgson will be curating and hosting Turkey Day on MST3KTurkeyDay.com on Thursday, November 28th, starting at noon EST. Hodgson will be taking suggestions from fans as far as what episodes to play via Twitter.

Started on Comedy Central in 1991, the MST3K Turkey Day marathon was an annual event on TV until 1997. "When I started doing Cinematic Titanic six years ago and we started doing live shows, that’s when I really met these people who love Mystery Science Theater," Hodgson said to EW. "I'd [...]

Watch One Joke from Every Episode of 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'

This video is oddly hypnotic and is a must watch for any fan of MST3K. It is a super must watch for any fan of the MST3K theme song because that shit loops over and over. Best joke of the video? All the jokes! [Via]

Talking to Mike Nelson About RiffTrax's National Geographic TV Special

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett might all be better recognized by their voices than their faces. Throughout the '90s, they were a part of a group that gathered some of the most renowned movie theater hecklers around: Mystery Science Theater 3000. In 2006, the trio took to the internet to bring us RiffTrax, the next wave in movie heckling. Together, they've riffed a pretty wide range of movies, ranging from Casablanca to 300, from Inception to Fast & Furious. Now they have set their sights on the animal kingdom. Earlier this week, Nelson, Murphy, and Corbett returned to TV for the first time since their MST3K days, [...]

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: 'Mystery Science Theater 3000 XXVVII' on DVD

Comedy nerds and science nerds alike already know about Mystery Science Theater 3000. In case you're not in the know: the Peabody Award-winning satire series ran for a few years on a Minneapolis CW-affiliate before being picked up by Comedy Central in the early 90s and eventually making its way onto SyFy. The cult show followed a man and his robot sidekicks, who are imprisoned on a space station by an evil scientist and forced to watch a selection of bad movies (think The Room) as part of a psychological experiment. To stay sane, the man and his robots provide a running commentary on each film, making fun of its flaws and wisecracking their way [...]

MST3K Founder J. Elvis Weinstein on the Art of Riffing on Bad Movies

Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans, take note. This week's Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show podcast features J. Elvis Weinstein, the original voice of Tom Servo, who also worked on America's Funniest Videos and Freaks & Geeks. Chances are there's something in the span of that career you'll want to hear about.