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Stream Derrick Comedy's 'Mystery Team' for Free

Released in 2009, Mystery Team has achieved a certain cult status, especially among the ever-growing group of Gloveheads (the nickname I just made up for Donald Glover's fans). It had a limited theatrical release, so if you haven't had a Netflix subscription it likely has eluded you. But those days are in the past as Mystery Team is streaming for free right now through Hulu. Watch it above, so at least you can end your own personal Mystery Team mystery.

Why Derrick Comedy's Mystery Team Deserves Cult Classic Status

In case the picture to the left hasn’t made it abundantly clear yet, you are skimming reading an entreaty on behalf of the underrated Derrick Comedy movie, Mystery Team, which bears no resemblance or relation to Ben Stiller’s misfit superheroes flick, Mystery Men. Still with me? Great. Mystery Team is a gem that earned a limited release in 2009 in just about the scrappiest way imaginable. It was a success that the movie managed to sneak into theatres at all, but up until now it’s mostly been seen by just the group’s core fan base. Let’s change that!