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Dissecting Young Dana Carvey and Nathan Lane's Awful, Awful Sitcom

The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. Inside their vast archives of more than 150,000 television shows, commercials, and radio programs, there are thousands of important and funny programs waiting to be rediscovered by comedy nerds like you and me. Each week, this column will highlight a new gem waiting for you at the Paley Library to quietly laugh at. (Seriously, it’s a library, so keep it down.)

Take a seat and I'm going to tell you about a sitcom that aired in 1982 that came and went. In the lead, we have [...]

USA Throwing Its Network Hat into the Comedy Ring

USA has picked up a pilot called Paging Dr. Freed, "a comedy about two brothers who take over their father's medical practice after he suddenly dies." Along with On We Go (remember, the one where Nathan Lane plays a guy who looks like a second guy who looks like a third guy who looks just like Nathan Lane, or something like that) and the airing of Modern Family repeats starting in fall 2013, the pickup seems to indicate a bigger interest in comedy programming. Huzzah!

Nathan Lane to Play a Guy Who Looks Like Nathan Lane But Isn't Nathan Lane

OK, the synopsis for the upcoming USA comedy On We Go is pretty amazing: "A single-camera comedy starring Nathan Lane as an unlucky actor whose career has been perpetually cursed by the fact that he resembles, but is in fact not, Nathan Lane." SOLD. I don't need to hear anything else about this, I love it.