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Max Greenfield Was Too Shy to Tell Lorne Michaels About His 'SNL'-Themed Bar Mitzvah

New Girl star Max Greenfield went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night and shared this funny story about deciding to tell Lorne Michaels about his SNL-themed bar mitzvah and then wimping out. I guess Lorne Michaels never stops being a super intimidating figure for comedy people, even when you're the star of a hit network show.

Watch The Lonely Island Return to 'SNL' with "YOLO"

If you missed SNL this weekend or aren't one of the 3 million+ people who already caught it on YouTube, here's The Lonely Island's digital short "YOLO" from Saturday, featuring Adam Levine, Kendrick Lamar, and the silent acting talents of Danny McBride. Please help spread the word about this video so that more people see it.

So, What Did You Think of the End of Last Night's Episode of 'The Office?'

Last night's episode of The Office took a surprising turn in the last few moments. For those who missed it, Jim and Pam had an emotional fight over the phone. After Pam hangs up, a new character, Brian the good-looking boom mic operator on the documentary (played by The Three Stooges' Chris Diamantopoulos) comes over and comforts her. It's the first we've seen of the documentary crew on the show during its nine-year run, but it definitely won't be the last. Greg Daniels told reporters last week that the final few episodes will "start to break down what's going on with this documentary and see [the] behind [...]

Steve Carell Explains Why Michael Scott Won't Be Back for 'The Office's Finale

Word came in via showrunner Greg Daniels and NBC boss Bob Greenbatt earlier this month that Steve Carell won't be back to play Michael Scott one last time for The Office's series finale in May, and now Carell himself weighs in on the issue. Talking to Access Hollywood, the actor explained, "I just didn't think it was right for the character. That character had an arc within the story and kind of grew and sort of evolved past the idea of the documentary." Carell did add that he's hoping to visit his former co-workers before production wraps though, saying, "I'm really good friends with everybody in [...]

Saturday Night's Children: Christine Ebersole (1981-1982)

Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 37 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we present the history, talent, and best sketches of one SNL cast member each week for your viewing, learning, and laughing pleasure.

A multiple Tony-winning Broadway veteran of almost 40 years, Christine Ebersole has more musical theater fans than SNL admirers; not surprising since she produced no recurring characters, sketches, or catchphrases during her season on the show, and her actual SNL appearances — particularly when she was in her musical number element — have since been largely forgotten and overshadowed by her cast mates Eddie [...]

Watch Tina Fey's SAG Awards Acceptance Speech

The Screen Actors Guild Awards were held in Hollywood last night, and Tina Fey walked away with the "Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series" trophy. It's pretty impressive they can fit that super-long award name all on one trophy. That thing's gotta have some small print. Fey's acceptance speech is above, and you can see the full list of comedy-related winners and nominees from the SAG Awards after the jump. If you want drama-related winners and nominees, go to the TNT network's website or something:

Watch a Remix Trailer for the New 'Community' Season

Community's fourth season starts up in two weeks on Thursday, February 7th, and NBC (probably) won't be changing the premiere date last-minute again. Here's a fun new remix trailer to promote the new season, which ends with a quote from Troy and Abed, "You tried to destroy us but you only made us more awesome," that almost seems like a direct message to the network.

NBC Orders a Pilot from 'The Office's Craig Robinson and Greg Daniels

NBC just commissioned a pilot episode of a potential series starring Craig Robinson and produced by The Office showrunner Greg Daniels, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The untitled show, which NBC began developing in October, stars Robinson as a musician adjusting to his new life as a middle school music teacher, as he deals with kids, other teachers, and single moms. Owen Ellickson, a new writer for The Office who previously worked on King of Queens and The Goode Family, wrote the script.

This is the second pilot producer Greg Daniels has sold this season after NBC bought a show about a bunch of 20something guys [...]

Adam Levine and Bobby Moynihan Promo This Week's 'SNL' with References to 'The Voice'

Maroon 5 guy Adam Levine is hosting SNL this week with musical guest Kendrick Lamar, and here's Levine with Bobby Moynihan cutting a bunch of silly fun promos that heavily reference Levine's show The Voice. I mean, I haven't seen The Voice but I know it has something to do with chairs turning and just connected the dots.

CBS Orders Pilots from Greg Garcia and 'Happy Endings' Writer Brian Gallivan

Pilot season is underway, as the major networks are all buying up new shows in bulk to become potential series in the fall. CBS just purchased three new comedies, two created by Raising Hope/My Name Is Earl/Yes, Dear head honcho Greg Garcia and another from Brian Gallivan (pictured), a Second City vet and a writer for Happy Endings. Gallivan's pilot is The McCarthys, a single-camera family comedy written by Gallivan and loosely based on his life as the only gay son of a sports-loving Irish-Catholic family in Boston. It sounds promising and not like the type of show you usually get on CBS. If it gets picked up, it'll be [...]

'SNL' Review: Adam Levine Hosts a Stellar Night

It seems SNL has struck gold with booking music stars as hosts. Despite my long-standing pet peeve of musical guests making cameos in sketches — No one wants to watch Cee Lo read cue cards! — I have been proven wrong, again and again, as pop stars and rock legends have strapped on their host shoes and presided over far better episodes than most athletes, comedians, or A-listers have. While I was never sold on the argument that musicians' live-concert backgrounds causally make them natural live sketch performers, musicians are often less likely to let their nerves get the best of them, and they typically bring a fun-loving charisma and game-faced hustle [...]

NBC Greenlights a Pilot Written by and Starring John Mulaney, Produced by Lorne Michaels

NBC just ordered up a pilot for a multi-camera sitcom written by and starring stand-up John Mulaney, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The untitled show is a loosely based on Mulaney's life as a stand-up comedian and has been described as "a young ensemble vehicle." Mulaney serves as a writer on Saturday Night Live and has appeared twice on the show to do commentary at the Weekend Update desk. His SNL boss Lorne Michaels is producing the sitcom via his company Broadway Video, which also produces 30 Rock, Portlandia, Up All Night, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, SNL, and the YouTube channel Above Average. Michaels has one other [...]

Ken Marino Will Star in 'The Gates' Pilot for NBC

Ken Marino, star of The State, Party Down, Childrens Hospital, Burning Love and about a million other wonderful things, has signed on to star in a comedy pilot called The Gates for NBC, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show is based on the UK comedy of the same name, which follows parents and staff navigating the student drop-off line for an elementary school. Marino will play Mark, a lovable nice guy married to a type-A wife (Kathleen Rose Perkins, House of Lies). The Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi has also joined on as Trevor, a super-driven Yale educated dad with high-achieving, competitive kids. Cathy Yuspa and Josh [...]

CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox Order Pilots: 'Beverly Hills Cop,' 'Pulling,' Sean Hayes, Jason Bateman

Pilot season is kicking into high gear. All four major networks ordered new comedy pilots yesterday evening for a whopping total of 11 sitcom greenlights in just a few hours. Here's a rundown on the shows the network ordered pilots for yesterday, a few of which will make it to your screens as full-on series in the fall:

  • Beverly Hills Cop (CBS) – Brandon T. Jackson (Beverly Hills Cop, Percy Jackson) stars as Axel Foley's police officer son in this TV reboot of the classic '80s movie series. Eddie Murphy will guest star in the pilot and produce the show, alongside Shawn Ryan (The Shield), [...]