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Taran Killam Talks About the First and Only Time He Ever Did Stand-Up

Here's SNL's Taran Killam telling the story of his worst-ever live comedy experience for Worst I Ever Bombed, a new web series from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Don't expect to see a Taran Killam stand-up tour anytime soon.

Watch Will Ferrell Reminisce About His Time on 'The Office'

Here's the first episode of a new web series from The Office, tied to the show's series finale next month. Directed by John Krasinski, each episode features guest stars and regular actors from the show looking back at The Office and its legacy. Hopefully, everyone refuses to stop eating lunch the whole time like Will Ferrell did.

Comedian Seaton Smith Joins the Cast of NBC's 'The John Mulaney Show'

The John Mulaney Show, one of the fall's most promising comedy pilots, has finished casting. Deadline reports that Washington, D.C.-based stand-up Seaton Smith has joined the cast in the final regular role on the pilot. Created by and starring SNL writer/stand-up John Mulaney, the pilot is an ensemble multi-cam sitcom that follows a young comedian (Mulaney) who writes for a game show. Seaton Smith is playing a comedian named Motif whom the central character often comes to for advice. Mulaney has lined up an impressive, eclectic group of actors to fill out the cast, with Martin Short, Elliott Gould, SNL's Nasim Pedrad, and stand-up Griffin Newman making up [...]

Michael Che Is Writing for the Last Three Episodes of 'SNL' This Season

SNL has been bringing in a lot of exciting comedians, like Kevin McDonald and Chelsea Peretti, to guest write for the show this season, and Splitsider has learned that stand-up Michael Che, who guest wrote two episodes last month, will be returning to write the final three shows of the season, which will be airing in May. Che previously guest wrote on the Kevin Hart and Justin Timberlake episodes and scripted the "She's Got a Dick" romantic comedy sketch from the Timberlake episode. The fact that they're bringing him back for three more episodes makes it seem like SNL's producers are interested in hiring him full-time [...]

Last Night's 'Parks and Rec' Was Full of References to 'Infinite Jest'

Parks and Recreation co-creator / showrunner Mike Schur is a noted fan of David Foster Wallace's novel Infinite Jest, and prior to last night's new episode, he tweeted that it would contain several references to the novel. As Schur discussed with The New York Times a couple years ago, he's completely obsessed with the novel, so much that he wrote his undergraduate thesis on Infinite Jest at Harvard and met Wallace after inviting him to campus to receive an award from The Harvard Lampoon. Schur even owns the film rights to the book, although he doesn't have plans to turn it into a movie anytime soon. He [...]

Bill Cosby Was Great Again on 'Jimmy Fallon' Last Night

Bill Cosby's appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon are always memorable, and last night's was no exception. Fallon needs to bring this guy back for a whole week, Timberlake style.

Hit the jump for the rest of Cosby's Late Night appearance, which includes plenty of dancing:

Report: Alec Baldwin in Talks for a New Late Night Show in Carson Daly's 1:35am Slot

According to a new report by Bill Carter at The NY Times, Alec Baldwin may be getting involved in NBC's upcoming late night shuffle. With Jimmy Fallon set to take over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno in February 2014 and SNL's Seth Meyers the frontrunner to pick up Fallon's Late Night baton, the network is looking to make a change to the 1:35am post-Late Night timeslot too and Alec Baldwin is the top choice to take over for Carson Daly, who's been hosting NBC's Last Call at that time since 2002.

An anonymous network exec tells The Times that there's interest between both NBC and Baldwin, who [...]

Here's Anthony Jeselnik on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'

Comedian Anthony Jeselnik is the last person you'd expect to see on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, considering how the former puts so much effort into being edgy and the latter into being tame and inoffensive. Nonetheless, Jeselnik did the show last night and he fit in nicely, even though you could totally make an '80s fish out of water comedy about a comedian like Jeselnik going on a show like Leno.

The Roots Are Staying with Jimmy Fallon for 'The Tonight Show'

One of the big questions about Jimmy Fallon's ascendance to the Tonight Show throne in February 2014 has been "Will his amazing house band The Roots follow him to the new program?" Speaking to FUSE today, Roots frontman ?uestlove says the answer is yes. When asked the question, ?uestlove responded, "Listen, The Tonight Show is coming to us. We're not going to The Tonight Show. The Tonight Show is coming to New York." He added, "Basically, it's gonna be the same show … yeah, we're staying." ?uestlove's assertion that Fallon's Tonight Show is going to be the same as his Late Night is definitely a comforting and exciting one, and [...]

It Worked Better: Dress Rehearsal Replacements in 'SNL' Reruns

The first Debbie Downer sketch on Saturday Night Live in May 2004 was a surprise hit, largely because of the cast’s inability to finish the sketch without breaking character, so it was expected that the character would be brought back for SNL’s season premiere in October. Unlike the first time around, the cast and host Ben Affleck managed to get through the sketch without laughing; the audience response was also comparatively tepid and the sketch came across as a disappointment. When the show was repeated, the rehearsal take was used, featuring the corpsing that made the first Debbie Downer sketch so enjoyable and a better response from the audience.


NBC Renews Carson Daly; But What About Alec Baldwin's New Late Night Show?

NBC announced yesterday evening that they've renewed their 1:35am talk show Last Call with Carson Daly for another season. The news comes just a day after The New York Times reported that Alec Baldwin is in talks with the network to host his own late night show, which was expected to take over Carson Daly's late, late slot. Daly, who's a big asset to NBC as host of its #1 show The Voice, has been hosting Last Call since 2002. The renewal will mark a 13th season for the series, carrying it through 2014. In 2009, due to budgetary reasons, Last Call was transitioned from a traditional late [...]

Saturday Night's Children: Jim Belushi (1983-1985)

Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 37 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we present the history, talent, and best sketches of one SNL cast member each week for your viewing, learning, and laughing pleasure.

While he's recognizable for his raspy voice and portly Chicagoan frame, Jim Belushi will forever be stuck in the shadow of his legendary older brother. Jim's arrival at SNL was less than two years after John's death and at one of the worst times to join the cast, yet whether in spite of or because of his name, he came to SNL already armed [...]

Taran Killam Is Afraid of Michael Cera Confronting Him About His 'SNL' Impression

Here's SNL's Taran Killam on Jimmy Fallon Friday night, talking about the time he avoided Michael Cera at a party because he didn't want to talk to Cera about the impression of him he did on the show. Also, you get to see Killam play a popstar from a decade-old movie clip Fallon dug up, making this an interview that's well-rounded in the different ways it embarrasses Killam.

‘SNL’ Review: Melissa McCarthy Breaks the Rules

"Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels." – Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards at the 1988 Democratic Convention.

When it comes to SNL, we rarely delve too deeply into a host's delivery. There are so many moving parts to the production of an SNL episode — last-minute rewrites and prop construction and wardrobe quick changes — that a host has but a narrow range within which to succeed or fail. They either fit nicely into the machine, like Alec Baldwin or Justin Timberlake, or, like Justin Bieber or Jennifer Lawrence, they clatter around within it like a forgotten wrench under the [...]