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NBC Executive Offended by Jay Leno's Jokes About the Network

Hot on the heels of reports that NBC wants to replace Tonight Show host Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon comes a New York Times story about NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt being offended by some of Leno's monologue jokes about the network. Late Shift author Bill Carter, who wrote the Times piece, reports that three executives say Greenblatt was so offended by Leno's jokes about NBC falling to fifth place that he emailed the Tonight Show host to complain. Leno and Greenblatt exchanged emails debating the issue, with Leno standing by his zingers and arguing that making fun of one's network is a late night tradition. [...]

Steve Carell and Justin Timberlake Do "Real People, Fake Arms" with Jimmy Fallon

Here's the latest in Jimmy Fallon's "Real People, Fake Arms" series, in which he plays an old clip from a Canadian soap opera called Jacob's Patience that he starred in with Steve Carell and Justin Timberlake. It's the best recurring late night talk show segment that relies heavily on mannequin arms.

Hit the jump for Part Two:

Justin Timberlake Kicks Off His Week on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'

Fresh off of hosting SNL, Justin Timberlake is spending an entire week as a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to continue to promote his new album, and he did his first one while on a lot of cough medicine:

Eric Andre Cast in Greg Daniels's NBC Pilot

Eric Andre, star of ABC's now-canceled Don't Trust the B and Adult Swim's The Eric Andre Show, has a booked a regular role on another network sitcom. Deadline reports that Andre has been cast as one of the lead characters in an untitled NBC pilot produced by The Office/Parks and Rec/King of the Hill mastermind Greg Daniels and created by Office writer Robert Padnick. This is one of two pilots Greg Daniels has in contention for fall of 2013; the other stars Craig Robinson.

The pilot follows four 20somethings navigating the dating world in a big city. Andre plays Teddy, "who is crass with zero social [...]

Justin Timberlake Cloned Himself for This Week's 'SNL' Promos

Here's all of this week's SNL promos, with host/musical guest Justin Timberlake being joined by veteran castmember Kenan Thompson for a bunch of silly bits. Towards the end of the clip, Timberlake finally reveals how he stays so busy: cloning. He then proceeds to introduce us to a bunch of Timberlake clones, each one more charming and smiley than the next. Sadly, the Timberlake clone who invested in Myspace.com does not make an appearance.

Tina Fey Doesn't Want to Take Over 'SNL' When Lorne Michaels Leaves

Lorne Michaels's retirement is still a long way away, but one can't help but wonder who's going to get his high-profile job as SNL's head honcho when he does leave. Tina Fey seems like she'd be a frontrunner for the gig, having spent seven seasons as the show's head writer, but when asked about taking the job by a Huffington Post reporter, Fey didn't have any interest in it. "I feel like SNL is so defined by Lorne's taste and his sensibility," Fey responded. "That's why any time people have tried to imitate the format and make their own version of it, you'll notice it never really quite happens. And I think [...]

Saturday Night's Children: Dan Aykroyd (1975-1979)

Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 37 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we present the history, talent, and best sketches of one SNL cast member each week for your viewing, learning, and laughing pleasure.

Easily the most introverted and peculiarity-driven cast member of SNL’s starting lineup, Dan Aykroyd brought America to the floor laughing with his dead-on impressions of dying TV personalities — the fast-talking, terse white spokesman, the greasy-haired CEO of a dangerous toy company, the snippy telepsychic fraud, not to mention one half of the "Wild and Crazy Guys" with Steve Martin, a role the now [...]

'The Office's Abandoned Dwight Spin-off 'The Farm' Is Airing This Thursday

If you've ever wondered what a show centered on The Office's Dwight Schrute would look like, you'll get your chance to find out this Thursday. Last year, NBC ordered an episode of The Office that would double as the a pilot for a Dwight spin-off called The Farm, but then decided not to make the show. The episode will air this Thursday and will introduce you to Schrute relatives living on the family beet farm like Dwight's stoner brother Jeb (Thomas Middleditch, The Campaign), cousin Zeke (Matt Jones, Breaking Bad), Nazi grandfather Henrich Manheim (Tom Bower, Die Hard 2), and lefty sister Fannie (Majandra Delfino, Roswell). Rainn Wilson wrote the [...]

Melissa McCarthy Will Return to Host 'SNL' April 6th

Newly-minted movie star Melissa McCarthy is returning to SNL next month, Us Weekly reports. This will be McCarthy's second time hosting the show. Her first was last season in October of 2011. She'll be hosting the April 6th installment of the show. A musical guest has yet to be named. McCarthy's next movie, The Heat, a buddy cop comedy starring her and Sandra Bullock, was set to premiere on April 5th before the studio pushed the release back to June 28th. It looks like McCarthy possibly booked the SNL hosting gig in conjunction with the movie's previous release date and can't really line her SNL appearance [...]

The 'Up All Night' Writers Had Some Crazy Ideas for Where to Take the Show

NBC's Up All Night is pretty much done for, and TV Guide has a piece out today looking at the show's life and, more interestingly, its death. After NBC and the producers decided to turn it from a single-camera sitcom to a multi-camera one with a live audience, that apparently wasn't big enough of a change as several high-concept 2.0 versions of the show were pitched and even written. Here's an excerpt from the piece:

"[New showrunner Linda] Wallem and the writing staff began brainstorming ideas for the multi-camera version. One pitch placed a portal between the two worlds — the single-cam and multi-cam versions — [...]

Watch Jerry Seinfeld Do Five Minutes of New Stand-Up on 'The Tonight Show'

Jerry Seinfeld debuted a new five minutes of stand-up on Letterman a month ago, and he did it again last night on Jay Leno, probably because of late night equal time laws.

Vince Vaughn to Host 'SNL' April 13th for the First Time in 14 Years

NBC announced today that Vince Vaughn will be hosting the April 13th edition of the show, with one-name R&B singer Miguel serving as musical guest. The next new episode is set to air on April 6th with host Melissa McCarthy and musical guest Phoenix. The April 13th episode is only Vince Vaughn's second time hosting SNL. He last hosted a whopping 14 years ago in late 1998, which is a really long time ago as evidenced by the fact that he was hosting to promote that Psycho remake he starred in and that Jimmy Fallon was brand new then.

'SNL' Review: Justin Timberlake Runs a Victory Lap

I don't think anyone is as big a fan of SNL as SNL itself. At every opportunity, Lorne Michaels reminds us of his show's elite status and cultural impact, whether in a tongue-in-cheek backstage bit with Paul Simon and a scotch, or in a more sincere soundbite from one of those now-dime-a-dozen behind-the-scenes specials NBC rolls out on Sunday nights. I can't really blame Lorne for perpetuating this "SNL dynasty" mystique; admittedly I find the show's history fascinating, and I believe the man has earned enough ego to occasionally place his show on a pedestal, especially by coyly likening it to a vain gentleman's club. SNL can get away with its [...]

Martin Short and Elliott Gould Sign on to John Mulaney's NBC Pilot

With every update we get about SNL writer and stand-up John Mulaney's new NBC pilot, the show sounds more impressive. Deadline reports that Martin Short and Elliott Gould have signed on to co-star in the potential show, an untitled multi-cam comedy centered around a naive comedian named John (played by Mulaney) who lives with two roommates named Jane and Seymour and has a job writing jokes for a game show. Gould will play John's gay neighbor, and Short will play Lou Cannon, John's boss and the host of the game show he works on. We previously reported that Short was in talks for the role last month, [...]