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Billy Eichner Will Guest Star on 'New Girl' in December

Billy Eichner just landed a very Billy Eichner-esque guest role on New Girl. THR reports that the Billy on the Street host and recurring Parks and Recreation star will appear on the holiday-themed December 9th episode of New Girl, where he'll play "a beleaguered airline representative" named Barry: "The gang encounters Barry … while trying to get out of Los Angeles for Christmas. Having to deal with holiday travelers, Barry is not pleased to see them." Considering that Eichner has tons of experience screaming at people on the streets of New York City, the role of a grumpy airline rep sounds just about perfect.

Fox Renews 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' 'The Mindy Project,' and 'New Girl'

It looks like Fox has a lot of confidence in its current comedy slate, if its early season renewal news from Friday is any indication. According to Deadline, the network has renewed New Girl, The Mindy Project, and the Golden Globe-winning freshman sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine for fourth, third, and second seasons, respectively. While it's not very common for networks to hand out early renewals before airing pilots — especially for ratings strugglers like Mindy and Brooklyn — Fox has begun a new approach to pilot season, so this move may be part of that bigger push.

Linda Cardellini to Play a Recurring Role on 'New Girl'

Fresh off a stint on Mad Men, Freaks and Geeks alum Linda Cardellini has landed a recurring role on another popular TV series. She'll be playing Zooey Deschanel's sister in multiple episodes of New Girl later this season, THR reports. Cardellini's character, Jess's wild sister Abby, is tentatively set to make her first appearance  on the show in February.

New Girl's third season has also seen Damon Wayans Jr., who was in the pilot, play a recurring role. Prince is also set to guest star on the show in the show's post-Super Bowl episode.

Damon Wayans Jr. Returns to 'New Girl' Tonight

Damon Wayans Jr., who was a cast member in New Girl's pilot but had to leave the show after that when Happy Endings was given a surprise pick up for a second season in 2011, is returning to New Girl in tonight's episode. The new episode, entitled "Coach," is the start of a six-episode arc for Wayans.

Here's Wayans explaining to E! Online why his character, Coach, is returning:

Coach is one of those guys who, when he gets into a relationship, he kind of disappears. So he's been in a relationship for two years and they finally broke up and now he's back and he's hitting [...]

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Bested 'Dads' In the Ratings Last Night

Fox debuted it's new comedy block last night, and Andy Samberg's new cop sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine did pretty well, pulling in six million viewers. It also was the most watched show by men under 50 on broadcast television last night. It followed the controversially racist Dads, which pulled in about 5.5 million, as did the season premiere of New Girl.

But it was New Girl that did best in the key demographic of 18- to 49-year-olds, scoring a 2.9 rating in comparison to Brooklyn's 2.5 and Dads' 2.1. Meanwhile, the premiere of The Mindy Project, which had made available online and on VOD early, pulled in 1.9 in the [...]

'New Girl' and 'The Mindy Project's Season Premieres Drew Less Viewers Than Last Year

Returning Fox comedies The Mindy Project and New Girl aired their respective third and fourth season premieres last night, but they lost steam with viewers. According to Entertainment Weekly, both premieres dropped significantly in ratings compared to their last season premieres; New Girl dropped 45% with only 3.1 million viewers, while The Mindy Project dropped 32% with 2.8 million viewers — not far off from its season 2 finale of 2.4 million, but significantly less than the season 2 premiere, which drew 4 million viewers. Both shows suffered a weak lead-in this season with the reality program Utopia compared to Dads and Golden Globe-winning Brooklyn Nine-Nine [...]

'New Girl' and 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Post-Super Bowl Episodes Got the Big Ratings You'd Expect

Last night, Fox gave its coveted post-Super Bowl timeslot to sitcoms New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and both shows got a lot of viewers, like shows that air after the Super Bowl always do. According to Nielsen ratings, New Girl, which aired first and featured Prince as a guest star, received 25.8 million viewers and an 11.8 rating with adults 18-49, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which had guests Adam Sandler and Fred Armisen, got 14.8 million and a 6.7. This is the first time a sitcom aired after the Super Bowl since The Office in 2009, which received 22.9 million viewers. Although Brooklyn Nine-Nine's two recent Golden Globe wins [...]

Prince to Make His Sitcom Debut on 'New Girl'

Prince is doing his first sitcom. He'll be guest starring as himself on New Girl's upcoming post-Super Bowl episode, airing on February 2nd, according to a report on a funk music site. The report claims that Prince is a New Girl fan and reached out to the show. The episode will find Zooey Deschanel and company attending one of Prince's notorious, star-studded house parties. This will be Prince's first time on a TV sitcom and, hopefully, not his last.

Sorry, NBC: Fox Is Now the Home of Critically Acclaimed, Smart Comedies

"Those Thursday comedies, which the critics love and we love, tend to be a bit more narrow than we'd ultimately like going forward," NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt told reporters at a press tour last summer before the start of the 2012-2013 TV season. He added that those shows, like Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Community, and The Office, "tend to be a little bit more narrow and sophisticated than you might want for a broad audience. I hope these new shows we've got for the fall and the spring are also clever and also smart, but can also broaden the size of the audience."

That new batch of falls [...]

Vine 5 Film Festival: …But There is Lemonade

Vine is a toy from Twitter that challenges users to make the most profound work ever committed to video in exactly six seconds. Or at the very least, challenges comedians to bring a little more laughter into this world. Every Tuesday we showcase five of the funniest short shorts of the past week.

Your RSS feed might be difficult and not show the videos, but trust us – they are there.

Ryan McHenry, one of the Vine app's biggest stars thanks to his creation of the very popular "Ryan Gosling Wont Eat His Cereal" series, was diagnosed with cancer recently. A lot of viners checked in to [...]

Damon Wayans Jr. Promoted to Series Regular for 'New Girl' Season 4

Damon Wayans Jr. will officially be a cast member on Fox's New Girl next season. THR reports that Wayans will be made a series regular at the start of season four, instead of being billed as a guest star, as he currently is. Wayans was originally set to be a series regular on New Girl back in 2011, when he acted in the pilot, but when his other show, Happy Endings, got a surprise second season renewal from ABC, he wasn't able to stick around. After Happy Endings was canceled, he was hired back on to New Girl for a six-episode arc that was extended into [...]

Two Writers File a Plagiarism Lawsuit Against 'New Girl' Creators, Call Show a "Slavish Copy"

Well this doesn't look good. Two writers have filed a lawsuit in California federal court against the team behind Fox's hit show New Girl, claiming the series to be "blatant plagiarism" of a pilot they wrote in 2006. THR obtained a copy of the complaint filed against New Girl creator Elizabeth Meriwether, executive producer Peter Chernin, Fox, and talent agency WME in which screenwriting duo Stephanie Counts and Shari Gold demand money, creative credit, a public apology, and an injunction to stop all future filming and distribution of New Girl, then go on to illustrate a ton of striking similarities between the Fox show and their earlier [...]

Damon Wayans Jr. Will Stay on 'New Girl' All Season

Damon Wayans Jr. returned to New Girl this week, but it looks like he's going to be sticking around for a while. EW reports that the Happy Endings alum has committed to staying on for the rest of season three. He won't be billed as a full-time cast member; he'll be a special guest star instead. Wayans was a cast member in New Girl's pilot but was unable to appear in additional episodes when Happy Endings was given a surprise second season renewal by ABC. With Happy Endings now canceled, he returned to New Girl this week for what was originally supposed to be a six-episode [...]

'New Girl' Returns with a Tricky But Stellar Season Premiere

The first episode of New Girl's third season is so good, so funny and weird and frantic and heartfelt that it's easy to forget what a tough episode it must have been to write. Last season the show finally moved beyond its original, not very enticing pitch in which Zooey Deschanel plays Zooey Deschanel in an impossibly lush loft. Season two of New Girl was, for me at least, the strongest sitcom of the year, but it ended with four of its five main characters embroiled in complex romantic situations.

The first episode takes place almost entirely outside that loft, that dreamlike industrial space of quirky furniture and huge [...]