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CBS CEO Les Moonves Calls Overnight Ratings "Virtually Irrelevant Now"

It looks like the head honchos of the major networks — or CBS, at least — are finally coming to terms with how outdated overnight Nielsen ratings have become thanks to the rise of streaming shows and later-day viewing. Speaking at an event in New York, CBS CEO Les Moonves called overnight ratings "virtually irrelevant" and "almost meaningless," citing the crime drama series Elementary — which averages nine million viewers per episode and an additional five million in later-day viewers as an example. Moonves also said he hopes that Nielsen will create a "C-Infinity" rating, where viewership for shows is calculated not just from Live+7 ratings but [...]

Mike Schur on Overnight TV Ratings

"First of all, those overnight ratings are very silly, and we all need to stop reporting them and caring about them … Obviously, what matters is how networks can make money from ratings, but this is the system we have invented, where you can watch episodes of most shows on many different platforms at your absolute leisure, and yet we are still using a system that measures only the people who watched it the second it aired. It's like measuring album sales based on who bought the album within ten minutes of its release."

-Mike Schur, co-creator of Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, to Hitfix on how meaningless overnight [...]

'Wired' Argues that "The Nielsen Family Is Dead"

Wired has a piece out this week called "The Nielsen Family Is Dead," exploring the ways in which TV has left the Nielsen ratings system behind, thanks to Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Roku, iTunes, smartphones, tablets, Twitter, Trendrr, and a bunch of other stuff your parents aren't aware of yet.

Community Will Find and Presumably Kill This "Nielsen Family," Whoever They Are

The picture below comes to you directly from the set of Community via Fat Neil himself (Charley Koontz). We don't know who wrote it, but the message is clear: anyone named Nielsen better get into Witness Protection and change their name to Smith or something. Because Community's coming. And so is Omar.

Amy Poehler Puts People Who Don't Have a Nielsen Box in Their Place

"Sometimes I have to go to fancy parties like this. And if there’s just anything you can take away from today’s event, it’s that being an actor is very, very hard. [Someone in the crowd claps.] Thank you. Thank you, sir. You understand. I appreciate you. Do you have a Nielsen box? No? Then fuck off, I don’t care."

Undoubtedly the best part of Amy Poehler's speech at yesterday's New York Restoration Project spring picnic.

NBC's 'Parks and Rec' Schedule Shift Didn't Really Help Its New Shows

Another new sitcom bit the dust when NBC canceled Welcome to the Family late last Friday. On the plus side, the cancelation makes room for the return of Community in January; on the down side, NBC's rejiggered schedule means that Parks and Recreation is on hiatus for most of the rest of the year. Other than that, how are this year's comedies doing in the ratings?

CBS's winning formula continues to pay dividends. Constant hit The Big Bang Theory pulled in 16.47 million viewers for its new episode this week, and am impressive 7.93 million for a rerun on Monday. The Millers and The Crazy Ones are still slipping a bit each week, this [...]

Nick Kroll Says Nielsen Viewers Don't Exist

"Don't watch Kroll Show if you don’t have a Nielsen box. I honestly don't care. Feel free to DVR it and not watch it because that will somehow help my ratings maybe, but honestly I'm talking to the four of you with a Nielsen box. If you have a Nielsen box, like, who are you? Where do you live? How do I find you? You’re a unicorn and I don't believe that you exist."

– Nick Kroll giving Entertainment Weekly 5 reasons not to watch his new Comedy Central series Kroll Show and putting forth a pretty valid theory that Nielsen families don't really exist.

Why Nielsen Ratings Are Inaccurate, and Why They'll Stay That Way

It's easy to understand why people are ambivalent, or even hostile, toward ratings. The thinking goes something like this:

1. People love the shows that they love, a lot 2. Some of these shows get canceled "too soon" 3. They get canceled, almost invariably, because of what some mean old bully named Nelson said. Nielsen. I mean Nielsen.

To intensify your heartburn, the validity of these ratings is seemingly taken for granted. When you find out that your favorite show is getting canceled for having a 1.1 rating, there's never any "but" — just the number. A network might keep a show around for prestige, or on [...]

Ratings vs. Reviews: Where Do Today's Comedies Stack Up?

While it's true that Nielsen ratings are an inaccurate and outdated measure of today's television audiences, they still serve as a show's ultimate ticket to survival when — as we saw in the recent sitcom cancellation bloodbath — network brass decide which programs to axe off their lineup. Some of comedy's biggest fan favorites weren't exactly ratings blockbusters while on the air — see Arrested Development, Happy Endings, and Community — but went on to carve out niche audiences, and as television moves more and more into the internet age, online reviews, Twitter, and fan feedback can gauge a show's watchability faster than asking "Sure, but does it average a steady 5.0 season average Nielsen rating?"

With that in mind, we thought it'd [...]

Checking In On This Season's Sitcom Ratings

This TV season has already seen its first sitcom cancellation with the termination of CBS's We Are Men after only two episodes. But how are the rest of this year's comedies faring in the ratings?

As ever, CBS is dominating; early ratings from last night have The Big Bang Theory pulling in 17.20 million viewers, the most for any comedy this week by far. The next was the Will Arnett's The Millers, which pulled in 12.17 million. Robin Williams' The Crazy Ones has continued to slip in the ratings from its impressive debut, but with 9.53 million viewers this week, it's still holding strong. CBS's return sitcoms Two and Half Men, 2 [...]

Nielsen Ratings Getting Less Awful by Comparing TV and Online Ads

In the ongoing battle to get Nielsen ratings to even somewhat resemble the reality of who's watching what television shows, a blow has been struck for verisimilitude! There's now a system in place to standardize ratings of television and online ads so that advertisers can actually compare who's getting their ads from which platform. While it may not make any immediate differences to ratings numbers, this new system will certainly mean more information – and when networks sometimes base their content decisions on only half the story (i.e., the live-TV-viewing half), more information is always a good thing.