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Looking Back on Christmas Past with Norm MacDonald

The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. Inside their vast archives of more than 150,000 television shows, commercials, and radio programs, there are thousands of important and funny programs waiting to be rediscovered by comedy nerds like you and me. Each week, this column will highlight a new gem waiting for you at the Paley Library to quietly laugh at. (Seriously, it’s a library, so keep it down.)

In case you haven't already figured it out, the holidays are fast approaching (Writing Tip: Notice I'm not saying which ones so that this [...]

Watch Norm Macdonald and Larry King Have a Long Conversation

Norm Macdonald went on Larry King's Hulu interview show Larry King Now recently, and here's the 22-minute appearance in its entirety. The two cover a lot of ground, including why Macdonald doesn't understand Jay Leno hate, writing for Roseanne, why he didn't end up getting the post-Letterman slot after SNL fired him, and, of course, why Larry King finds stand-up "orgasmic."

Norm Macdonald Is Getting a Video Podcast

The Video Podcast Network just announced on Twitter the launch of a new show hosted by Norm Macdonald that will debut next week. Aptly titled Norm Macdonald Live, the show will debut streaming on the Video Pocast Network this Monday, March 25th, at 6PM PST. Macdonald's guest on that first show will be Super Dave Osborne. Macdonald shot a TBS pilot for a show inspired by the day's pop culture and social media called Norm Macdonald Is Trending last year, but the network picked up Pete Holmes's late night talk show for the post-Conan slot instead. His last regular TV gig was in 2011, hosting [...]

The Lost Weekend Update Anchors

Weekend Update is by far the longest running segment in Saturday Night Live's history, with the anchor position being one of the most coveted gigs on the show. Since the fake news sketch debuted in the show’s very first episode (then hosted by Chevy Chase), it’s been featured in just about every episode of the show (except for during the Lorne Michaels-less era in the early 80’s when it was retitled SNL Newsbreak and Saturday Night News). Weekend Update holds an important place in comedic history in that it served as the spiritual predecessor to other pieces of faux-journalism that came to dominate American comedy in the 21st century [...]

Pitchfork Strokes its Beards Over Norm Macdonald's Me Doing Standup

Why does Pitchfork, a website about indie music, review comedy albums? What makes them, music writers, occasional experts on comedy? Because both come on CDs? How do they choose which comedy albums they review? Why do they italicize movie and album titles but put TV show names in quotes? What do those rating numbers even mean? None of these questions are answered by today's review (6.5!) of Norm Macdonald's Me Doing Standup.

Saturday Night's Children: Norm Macdonald (1993-1998)

Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 38 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we present the history, talent, and best sketches of one SNL cast member every other week for your viewing, learning, and laughing pleasure.

Watching today’s chipper incarnation of Weekend Update, it’s easy to forget that the segment was once helmed by the smarmy cynicism of Dennis Miller, the absurdity of Kevin Nealon, and Norm Macdonald, whose delivery both on Update and in all his sketches came tinged with his trademark dry sarcasm. Macdonald’s scathing coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial in 1994 made Update wildly popular [...]

Watch the First Episode of Norm Macdonald's Video Podcast

Here's the first episode of Norm Macdonald Live, a new show from the comedian that will be airing every Monday from 9 to 10pm EST on the Video Podcast Network, a new YouTube channel that also airs shows from Scott Aukerman, Adam Carolla, and the Earwolf network. On Norm Macdonald Live, Macdonald is joined each week by co-host Adam Eget, a manager at the Comedy Store, and his guest for this first episode is Super Dave Osborne. After each episode episode airs, it will be posted on Macdonald's YouTube channel at youtube.com/NormMacdonald and on iTunes. It's odd that it's taken so long for Macdonald to start podcasting because he's so [...]

TBS Developing Shows Conan O'Brien and Norm McDonald

Last year, TBS changed their renowned slogan "very funny" to the absolutely edgy "veryfunny". It seems that the space was getting in the way of funniness, as spaces are wont to do. As to continue this commitment to funny, they are developing more comedy programming to go along with the previously mentioned shows from Deon Cole and Ashton Kutcher and their Big Bang Theory reruns. Two of those shows, Most Likely and Zone Lord, will be produced by TBS's boyfriend, Conan O'Brien, and one show, Norm MacDonald is Trending, will star Norm MacDonald and likely be beloved by his fans and overlooked by his non-fans. The breakdowns [...]

Norm MacDonald Volunteers His Oscar Joke Writing Services to Eddie Murphy

Norm Macdonald said yesterday on the Dennis Miller Radio Show that he'd happily write jokes for Eddie Murphy's Oscar hosting gig. His vote of confidence is pretty convincing: "Eddie’s become a little zen-like… He’s stepped back a little from the 'crazy Eddie' of old. I think this is going to burst him back to the 'incredibly funny Eddie Murphy,' and I can’t wait to see him.” Let's hope the "Eddie Murphy camp" takes Norm up on his offer.

Exclusive: Norm MacDonald Talks About the Terrible Job of the Designated Driver

Here's a fun exclusive clip from the upcoming DVD release of Norm MacDonald's Me Doing Standup. It didn't make it into the broadcast, but it'll be included as a deleted scene if you shell out for the hard copy when it's released on the 14th, along with a few others. In it, Norm talks about the lousy deal that agreeing to be a designated driver is. And you know what? The guy's right. That's why I always try to drink within walking distance of my apartment, as being a mess at that distance is a lot less risky.

The Late Night Guest Hall of Fame

Everyone wants to be funny on a late night show, but only a handful of comedians are known for making every talk show appearance they do a work of art. Anytime you see someone like Bill Murray or Louis C.K. on the docket for a late night interview, you know it's going to be something to watch that'll become a big YouTube hit the following day.

We picked the best late night talk show guests going and assembled the following videolist of their funniest appearances, including Norm Macdonald obliterating an actress promoting a Carrot Top movie, Bill Murray singing and dancing to Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" on Letterman's first show [...]

Norm Macdonald Will Answer Your Questions on His New Podcast Tonight

Norm Macdonald is hosting the first episode of his new video podcast, Norm Macdonald Live, today from 9 to 10pm EST on the Video Podcast Network. He'll be joined by guest Super Dave Osborne, and he'll be taking questions from fans, so pull out your notebooks and notebooks full of questions for Norm Macdonald and email them off to videopodcastnetwork@gmail.com right away.

The Lost Roles of Norm Macdonald

While not the most versatile SNL cast member ever, Norm Macdonald is certainly one of the most beloved in the show’s storied history, having achieved cult hero status with comedy fans for his blunt, aloof style and his razor-sharp wit. Since he was ousted from the Weekend Update desk and subsequently left Saturday Night Live, Macdonald has struggled to find the proper vehicle for his comedy in the world of TV and films. His sitcoms (The Norm Show, A Minute with Stan Hooper) and Sports Show didn’t last long, while his movies (Dirty Work, Screwed) both flopped. Still, Norm Macdonald’s one of the funniest guys around, whether it be [...]

10 Promising TV Series That Weren’t Picked Up

Every year, TV networks horde up pilots for potential new shows and then whittle this group down to a few programs that actually make it to air. While it's often the case that these passed-over pilots are rejected for good reasons, there have been tons of high-profile projects from respected comedy auteurs to get shot down by trigger-happy network brass (especially at Fox!). Let's take a look at some of the comedy series that almost were, and how they could have changed the careers of those involved and the face of television as we know it.