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Will Ferrell, Old Milwaukee Pitchman, Returns to the Airwaves…In Sweden

You may remember that a few months back a couple of ads popped up in random, tiny TV markets featuring one Mr. Will Ferrell speaking on behalf of Old Milwaukee. This wasn't a plan hatched by that swill maker; it was just something he did on his own and they were obviously fine with. And now our favorite canned beer pitchman is back, this time in Stockholm, laughing at the silly Swedish language. On Swedish TV. Do they even sell Old Milwaukee in Sweden? I hope not, because it just makes this ad all the more absurd.

Will Ferrell Has Independently Decided to Promote Old Milwaukee Beer

Weird: Will Ferrell is doing ads for Old Milwaukee beer now. Weirder: he approached them, not the other way around. Weirdest: he requested that the ads take place in Davenport, Iowa (even though Pabst Brewing Company is based in Wisconsin, and the beer he's talking about has "Milwaukee" right in the name). What witchery is at the bottom of this?? Has an Iowan gunslinger with a lot of state pride got some kind of dirt on Will Ferrell and is blackmailing him into submission? Two more ad spots below so you can continue your investigation, gumshoe.

Jose Canseco Follows in Will Ferrell's Foot Steps; Drinks Old Milwaukee

Irony!!!! This ad and the ones below aired during last night's homerun derby but only in Kansas City. They were done by SNL and FunnyorDie director Jake Szymanski, who also did last winter's equally as irreverent and regionally specific Old Milwaukee ads that starred Will Ferrell. Something about Jose Canseco's face sure make me want to drink beer or move to Kansas City, assuming he has since left Kansas City.

Will Ferrell and NBC Demonstrate the Extremes of Wonderful Super Bowl Ads

These two Super Bowl ads really show that great commercials can come in all shapes and sizes. There's NBC's "please just watch some of our programs, we're literally begging you" spot, and then there's a Will Ferrell ad only seen in North Platte, Nebraska. On the one hand, you have an entire network of stars doing choreographed singing and dancing to a song from a Broadway show, from Community to SNL. And on the other, just a guy walking up in a field, and taking a cold drink from an Old Mi-