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Jimmy Kimmel Orchestrated a Hoax Video of a Wolf in a US Olympian's Hotel in Sochi

Last week, US Olympic luger Kate Hansen posted a video of a wolf roaming her Sochi hotel that went viral, but it turns out the video is a hoax courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel. Inside Edition reports that Jimmy Kimmel Live helped Hansen to make the video, and that she'll be appearing on the show tonight to discuss the hoax with the late night host. Kimmel is no stranger to pranks like this, having made a viral video of a woman catching on fire while twerking last year, and he was very amused by Nathan Fielder's recent "Dumb Starbucks" stunt and had him on his show to [...]

Some of Your Fave NBC Characters Have Silly Olympic Fun

See, I told you so: so silly, so fun. It must've been initidating for everyone in that room to be confronted by the overwhelming masculinity of Ron Swanson in a singlet. This is one of the few promos meant to try to transfer some of the Olympic's ratings over to our NBC comedies. Hey America, if the sight of Swanson wrestling doesn't do it for ya, how about him eating a bunch of sausage and potatoes?

Thank you for Slow-Motioning a Puppy, Conan

What's that thing called when you forget that the Olympics are happening and the next thing you know there's only a day left, so you pledge to be on the ball for the next Olympics but the same thing happens and then you have no idea what a "Phelps" is? I'll take Conan's word for it that this super slow-motion thing is a thing. You can watch the other two installments of slow-moing below but, sadly, only the above has a puppy.

Stephen Colbert to Win All the Olympic Medals

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You remember the great Olympic story of the man so good at riding a fancy horse fancily that not only did he win a gold medal for fancy horse walking but also other medalist started give him their medals – Ryan Lochte was like, "Here's my medal and the Lochtey to my heart" – until soon this man had all the medals? Of course you don't remember, it's happening right this second to Stephen Colbert and [...]

NBC Plans to Premiere 'Go On' in August and 'Community' in October

As a way to thoroughly promote their gallons and gallons of sitcom material, NBC is going to stagger all of the premieres. To capitalize on the Olympic eyeballs, Matthew Perry's Go On (or as I like to call it, "The one with a dead wife") is going to debut on August 8th, which is perfect because after people cheer on sports they love to watch a really sad sitcom pilot about moving on after a tragedy. (In all seriousness, the pilot is quite good and this might be really helpful.) The exceedingly more whimsical Animal Practice is also going to get some Olympic support as well on August 12th. So what about [...]

Buddy Cole Gets as Close to Sochi as Possible for 'The Colbert Report'

Scott Thompson's Sochi Olympics coverage as Buddy Cole continued in a third segment on last night's Colbert Report (watch the previous installments here and here), and it's the best one yet. Cole sports an enormous fur coat and attempts to combat the "rampant gay propagandizing" in Sochi, or at least as close to Sochi as he is legally allowed. Come for the Buddy Cole, stay for the Nervous Producer Cam when Russian cops approach Buddy and crew to inform them that they can't protest without the government's permission.

The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: Olympic Opening Ceremony Extra Mike Reeve

"Because we were involved in it we had some vision of what our section was going to look like, and to be honest, from an early stage it was looking pretty good." – Mike Reeve on participating on the Olympic Ceremony

This week on The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show my guest is Mike Reeve, one of the 7,500 volunteers who participated in the Olympic Opening Ceremony. That's him at the pointy end of the big arrow in the picture above. We discuss what it's like to go to a dance audition with no dancing experience, how director Danny Boyle articulated his vision to the cast, and what you [...]

Stephen Colbert Should Be in Charge of All Olympic Coverage

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Did you guys watch Freestyle Neck Vein yesterday? Germany's Matthias Steiner's vein had perfect form but, sadly, no style. His vein's bloody purple hue was no match for Behdad Salimikordasiab's Prince-purple vein. (Purple vein, purple vein. Purple vein, purple vein. Purple vein, purple vein. I only wanted to see you bathing in the purple vein.) Just the excitement of it all makes me feel like I've won a gold medal for rowing. So… anyway, Colbert is funny.

Let Dave Hill Explain Olympic Sports to You

The Olympics are confusing. Some events take place on courts, some in pools, some with rifles. Luckily, Dave Hill is working with BBC America to explain how sports work to the common man. Like how the goal of the floor exercise is ungracefully fall on your face. Below, watch Dave explain boxing and get punched a lot. You can watch him explain other  sports here.

Left Handed Radio: 'Rue Britannia'

The Left Handed Radio crew performs an audio love-letter to merry old England.

On this live episode, sketches include: Fancy a soak?, an open apology from England, the theme for the 2012 London Olympics, the "Downton Abbey" Parody Challenge, Ralph the Talking Dog meets Percival, Princess Di driving F1, Eric Gersen performs, Entitlement cologne, taking darts seriously, and the fate of the monarchy rests in the hands of a drunk American in a diaper.

This month's show was written and performed by Adam Bozarth, Dan Chamberlain, Matt Little, Taylor Moore, and Anna Rubanova with special guests Eric Gersen and John Milhiser.

Thanks to John Flynn, Alex Adan [...]

Buddy Cole Grooms the US Mens Speedskating Team for Colbert

Acting as Stephen's eyes, ears, and dependable man's man, Scott Thompson continued his Buddy Cole Olympics coverage last night by visiting the US Olympic training facilities in Utah and prepping the speedskating team for the most gay-free Olympics presentation possible. Fanny packs, Crocs, and Dockers are involved.

Andy Samberg Almost Causes an International Incident Over Opening Ceremony

Guys, remember the Olympics, guys? It ended Sunday. A lot of people did flips. Remember? Well, Andy Samberg watched it in the belly of the beast, Eng-Land, where he's shooting the BBC series Cuckoo.  It seems like he was CUCKOO for trying to cast any doubt on the Brits' Olympicing.

Deon Cole('s Bit) Dies

I'm going to miss Deon Cole because he's totally dead now. Sometimes when you put yourself in risky situations, like a trampoline or a bit where you fall onto mat, the risk comes to a head and you die on national television. And who are we to watch this? Are we in ancient Rome, where we watch slaves get bludgeoned by dragons and three-headed lions? (Oh, those animals never existed? Oh, oh, and Deon didn't die because that was obviously a joke? You're obviously a joke, smart-guy.)

The Complete Guide To Everything: The 2012 Olympics

Tom and a very sick Tim talk about the Olympics and naturally have a lot of questions about various events (mostly about the possibility of awarding medals to horses). Also, Tim talks chicken fingers and Tom reveals his past as an expert shotputter. There is a minor dispute regarding Summer Sanders and then we solve some listeners' problems.