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Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Tried to Get Barack Obama to Cameo in 'Anchorman 2's Big Brawl

In a new interview with Paste magazine, Anchorman director/co-writer Adam McKay revealed that he and Will Ferrell tried to get a bunch of super lofty cameos for Anchorman 2's big news anchor brawl, including Oprah Winfrey and presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Here's McKay explaining what happened:

We drew up a wish list of all the people we wanted and what we ended up with was basically our wish list. It has never happened before. Usually you do your dream casting and you get 30 or 40 percent of the people. In this case they all said, “Yes.” It was insane. When they started saying, “Yes,” I [...]

Watch Letterman and Oprah Have a Long Talk

David Letterman has always been intensely shy – or at least, shy for a public figure – avoiding any and all interviews, publicity, and discussion of his personal life. He's started to open up a little bit as he's nearing retirement, beginning with an appearance on Alec Baldwin's podcast last year and now, in a long interview on Oprah Winfrey's TV show Oprah's Next Chapter, which aired yesterday. Here's a clip of Letterman discussing his retirement, explaining that he has a deal worked out with CBS President Les Moonves where Moonves decides when he retires, no questions asked. Hit the jump for the rest of Letterman and Oprah's [...]

Diablo Cody Is Making an HBO Comedy with Oprah Winfrey

HBO is developing a comedy with Diablo Cody and Oprah Winfrey, says The Hollywood Reporter. Still untitled, the show will based on the upcoming book Moody Bitches: The Truth About the Drugs You're Taking, the Sex You're Not Having, The Sleep You're Missing and What's Really Making You Crazy by Dr. Julie Holland, which is said to be about "the pros and cons of the drugs people are being offered as well as some surprising and highly effective natural therapies."

Cody will create and write the show, and executive produce alongside Winfrey and Holland. She's also working on her own TBS pop culture talk show, Me Time with Diablo Cody. 

Letterman Talks Leno: "The Funniest Guy I've Ever Known" and "Most Insecure"

"Jay [Leno] and I were always friends before all of this happened… I've never met anyone quite like Jay. I will say,  and I'm happy to say that I think he's the funniest guy I've ever known, just flat-out. If you go to see him do his nightclub act, just the funniest. The smartest. Wonderful observations and very appealing as a comic. Therefore, the fact that he is also the most insecure person I have ever known, I could never reconcicle that."

- David Letterman on his relationship with Jay Leno in a chat with Oprah Winfrey that airs this Sunday and will hopefully finally get to the bottom of [...]

Oprah Is Set to Make Her Second 'Letterman' Appearance Next Week

It's been seven years since Oprah Winfrey last went on The Late Show with David Letterman, but she's set to return to the show on Thursday, August 1st, CBS announced today. Oprah first appeared on the show in December of 2005, ending a decades-long feud with Letterman that began when she had an unpleasant time on his previous show, Late Night, in 1989 due to an unruly audience.

Check out Oprah and Letterman discussing the feud below:

The Rosie Show Headed to OWN, Sullen Tween in Tow

I'd be even more on board with OWN's The Rosie Show, premiering October 10, if every episode featured O'Donnell with a really bored, eye-rolling child in her lap. Actually, I'd prefer it if every talk show switched over to a lap-based sidekick. Having Andy Richter make sarcastic asides while perched on Conan's knee seems like a natural progression of the format. Alternately, Rosie can sit on a panel with Kathy Bates and Roseanne Barr and make the studio audience guess which woman is which. Hint: O'Donnell is the one with the tiny petulant lap-kick.