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'SNL' Review: Kerry Washington Is Ready

I never thought we would see the day when SNL considered itself newsworthy enough to parody. But it happened — not in the form of a quick joke during the monologue or Weekend Update, or a walk-on by Lorne Michaels, as has happened before — but with a whole cold open sketch, wherein host Kerry Washington was compelled to play numerous black female characters (Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce) because SNL literally had no one else who could do them. The meta-sketch also included a half-apologetic text scroll from the producers promising to fix the situation, unless they "fall in love with another white guy first," and a cameo by [...]

Oprah and Stephen Colbert, Two Equally Influential TV Icons, Finally Have a Chat

Stephen Colbert dropped by Oprah's show Oprah's Next Chapter, and the two iconic TV personalities finally faced off in what was a rare out-of-character interview for Colbert. The full chat, which is available in bits and pieces on Oprah's website, covers Colbert's career arc, the tragic loss of his father and brothers in a plane crash when he was a child, and his loving relationship with his wife. Throughout the whole thing, Oprah seems pretty obsessed with the fact that Stephen Colbert plays a fictional character on TV also named Stephen Colbert, even though she's been playing the fictional character of "Oprah Winfrey" on TV for nearly 30 years [...]

The Unaired Oprah Weekend Update Visit From Maya Rudolph's SNL Episode

Whatup, extra footage from Maya Rudolph's SNL episode! Seth Meyers tweeted this unaired sketch from the dress rehearsal, in which our favorite under-seat giveaway shouter shouts about some things she's giving away under seats. She also completely sells Raising Hoprah, which I would watch in a heartbeat. The bit falls apart with some serious breaking by the end, but honestly, that's what you should expect when you deprive Seth Meyers of a Furby.

Tracy Morgan Thanks Jane Curtin and Chevy Chase on Oprah's SNL Special

How do you discuss a show that has run for so many years and been so many different things to its viewing audience, alternately gut-bustingly funny and barely watchable, often within the same episode? Yesterday's SNL special on Oprah did it's best to pay homage to the show, and I think they did an admirable job. The most heart-rending moment of the show came when Tracy Morgan thanked Chevy Chase and Jane Curtin for being on the original cast. Get prepared to tell your coworkers you have something in your eye. "I just want to thank you two. I remember my father coming from Vietnam and he wasn't…he [...]

Why Oprah Hates Letterman

Jon Stewart's been everywhere lately, selling Earth: The Book. Last night, he came to Letterman's couch to discuss Oprah and their long-time feud.

Oprah Is Set to Make Her Second 'Letterman' Appearance Next Week

It's been seven years since Oprah Winfrey last went on The Late Show with David Letterman, but she's set to return to the show on Thursday, August 1st, CBS announced today. Oprah first appeared on the show in December of 2005, ending a decades-long feud with Letterman that began when she had an unpleasant time on his previous show, Late Night, in 1989 due to an unruly audience.

Check out Oprah and Letterman discussing the feud below:

Oprah Promises to Reveal “The Real Stephen Colbert” This Sunday

Oprah recently traveled to South Carolina to conduct an exclusive interview with Stephen Colbert in his home state for her show Oprah's Next Chapter. It airs this coming Sunday at 9/8c on Oprah's TV network OWN, which is apparently still a thing. She's teasing the interview up like it's going to present Stephen Colbert in an entirely different light, promoting it with phrases like "you've never met the real Stephen Colbert until now." Obviously, Oprah knows that Stephen Colbert is playing a fictional character on The Colbert Report, but how great would it be if she'd only seen bits and pieces of the show 'cause she's such a busy lady, and [...]

Ron Swanson's First Wife: Oprah?

On Parks and Rec, we've met Tammy #2, Ron Swanson's second wife, a couple of times. Played memorably by Nick Offerman's actual wife, Megan Mullalley, she's an amazing character and it's always great to witness the whirlwind of destruction that she brings to Ron's life. But Ron's first wife, Tammy #1, is someone we've only heard whispers about. Apparently, she is so terrifying that even the ferocious Tammy #2 trembles at the sound of her name. And who could play such a character? Well, if Nick Offerman has his way, it'll be Oprah. Here's what he told The Huffington Post: We're going to find out who Ron's first [...]

One More of Oprah's Favorite Thing: Bees

Here's Conan's particularly inspired take on the insaaaaaane audience at Oprah's Favorite Things episode and their bananas reactions to getting free yoga pants and other assorted things that they will need to pay taxes on.

Jon Stewart Opens Up to Oprah

Here's part one of Jon Stewart's appearance on Oprah yesterday. Part 2 is here and part 3 is here. That Oprah sure likes to gab!

Watch Letterman and Oprah Have a Long Talk

David Letterman has always been intensely shy – or at least, shy for a public figure – avoiding any and all interviews, publicity, and discussion of his personal life. He's started to open up a little bit as he's nearing retirement, beginning with an appearance on Alec Baldwin's podcast last year and now, in a long interview on Oprah Winfrey's TV show Oprah's Next Chapter, which aired yesterday. Here's a clip of Letterman discussing his retirement, explaining that he has a deal worked out with CBS President Les Moonves where Moonves decides when he retires, no questions asked. Hit the jump for the rest of Letterman and Oprah's [...]

It's That Episode 34: Eliot Glazer Watches "Oprah's Life Class"

On "It's That Episode" Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They discuss the episode and other crap.

Eliot Glazer (It Gets Betterish, Eliot's Sketch Pad) stops by to watch an episode of "Oprah's Life Class" and gives a first hand account of the time he attended a life class. Find out what it's like to be surrounded by thousands of Oprah's minions, learn how to keep a checklist of the five things you're thankful for everyday and hunker down to hear a whole lot of self-help bullshit.

Download now (MP3), listen on iTunes [...]

Jimmy Kimmel Enlists Boyz II Men to Help Him Say Goodbye to Oprah

How do you say goodbye to someone special? Someone who's been a part of your life for many years? If you're Jimmy Kimmel, you do it with a smooth jam with a little help from Boyz II Men. You don't have access to Boyz II Men, I assume, so you can just pay tribute to Oprah's last show like most other people: with hot, mournful tears.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Combine Rallies

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