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Read an Oral History of the Sketch Group Murderfist

"We all went to college at Florida State University together. Well, some of us went to the community college, some lied about going to school at all, and one was our weed dealer."

-Henry Zebrowski in Paste magazines's oral history of the NYC-based sketch group Murderfist.

Due West: A Roundtable Discussion on New York's Ongoing Comedy Exodus

It was inevitable that a city so saturated with comedians would stumble onto a storyline so unexpected from their jaded ironies and hipster quips. New York is in the middle of its own romcom and, true to form, the object of its affection is the very thing it always swore it hated: Los Angeles. But if New York is all about the bookish grad-schooly dry wit of, say, Jon Stewart and LA quintessence is the vain bubblegum blather of a Kardashian, then what kind of drama unfolds when the two lock eyes? Turns out: none.

This is not drama. Drama has mystery and tension, and what’s going on with [...]

The Onion's Seth Reiss Wrote a Fake 'Studio 60' Oral History and Amazon Page

For nearly two years, Seth Reiss, current head writer for The Onion, has been tweeting as Matt Albie, the main character of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Aaron Sorkin's short-lived TV series about the backstage happenings at an SNL-esque sketch show. Today, Reiss has released a new website, SketchComedyIsImportant.com, which features an excerpt from an oral history of the show-within-the-show and a fake Amazon page for the book. Comedian Jake Fogelnest, who's been Reiss's partner in crime and tweeting as Studio 60 character Danny Tripp since 2011, tells Splitsider, "Seth is the greatest — we'd been talking about the oral history forever as a bit and he [...]

Say Goodbye to the Next Hour of Your Life with This Amazing 'Cheers' Oral History

"I hope and assume that every good comedy writer, no matter the age, has a moment where they discover how great Cheers is…And I would encourage any young person getting into comedy to sit down and watch it," says Amy Poehler, in the introduction to an amazing new oral history of Cheers that was just published today in GQ. Writer Brian Raftery interviewed nearly 40 cast members, writers, and producers from the classic sitcom, and also Cheers fans from the next generation of TV like Poehler, Modern Family co-creator Christopher Lloyd, and The Shield creator Shawn Ryan. It's a long, fun, and occasionally heartbreaking read at eight pages, [...]