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Conan, Bad Sex Advice and Johnny Drama: The Todd Levin Interview

Todd Levin has had a busy year. He was hired to write for The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien only to have it be unceremoniously yanked from the air a few months later, an experience he recounted in an article for GQ that's required reading for comedy nerds. While waiting for Conan's new show to come together on TBS, he co-wrote the fake sex manual Our Bodies, Our Junk with his writing team The Pleasure Syndicate. And now, he's back to being a writer on Conan, which is debuting in a couple of months.

He was kind enough to talk to me about writing a highly [...]

Our Bodies, Our Junk: Dr. Ruth it Ain't

Well, this book took me about a week longer than it should have to read. You really should be able to burn through it in a single day. Like many people my age though, I live my entire life in public spaces, and this is no book for that.

First off, the title: Our Bodies, Our Junk. Less-than-savory. Then there's the shaggy nude couple on the front, a winking reference to the line drawings of coital hippies from The Joy of Sex, shielding their groins and peering out at us shamefully from the cover. I couldn’t very well read it in the park or on the [...]