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Zach Galifianakis to Star Opposite Owen Wilson in Heist Comedy

Zach Galifianakis is in final negotiations to star in an new comedy with Owen Wilson, The Wrap reports. Formerly titled Loomis Fargo, the currently untitled movie  is based on the true story of the Loomis Fargo Bank Robbery, a $17.3 million heist by a group of armored car guards in North Carolina in 1997. Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) is directing the film, and Lorne Michaels is producing. Jim Carrey was previously attached to play the role Zach Galifianakis is taking over. Galifianakis and Wilson recently starred together in Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner's upcoming indie comedy-drama You Are Here.

The Loomis Fargo heist comedy has [...]

Watch Ben Schwartz Dick Around with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn

Here's a video made for YouTube's Comedy Week in which Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation, House of Lies) plays a movie executive trying to convince Wedding Crashers/The Internship duo Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson to do another movie together despite being a crazy person.

Lady Gaga Offered $3.9 Mil to Do Comedy for the First Time in 'Zoolander 2'

It's been 11 years since the release of Zoolander, and Ben Stiller and Company are still pressing ahead with plans to make a sequel. The latest news is that pop star Lady Gaga has been offered £3 million (or $3.9 million in American) to make her comedic debut as Derek Zoolander's love interest, according to the Telegraph. The sequel, to be written and directed by Stiller's Tropic Thunder cohort Justin Theroux, is targeted for a 2014 release. Lady Gaga would play a lady woman who gets caught in a love triangle between Derek Zoolander and Owen Wilson's Hansel, and Stiller said last year that Will Ferrell is [...]

Wes Anderson and Johnny Depp to Make a Movie

John "Johnny" Depp is set to star in Wes Anderson's next VERY Wes Andersony named film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Owen Wilson will be back with his old pal for this one and of course Bill Murray is being rumored for a role. Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum(!), Jude Law, Adrien Brody, and Angela Lansbury are also in talks. Actually, Lansbury is the only female being talked about at all for the film, which suggests a variety of plots: 1. She runs the Grand Budapest "Hotel", which is actually a brothel. 2. She is the Grand Budapest Hotel. Sounds crazy but remember she has played a tea pot, so [...]

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn Will Reunite to Outsmart Some Interns

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn will be reunited at last in Interns, directed by Shawn Levy. From the plot description, it definitely sounds like a movie of the times:

Vaughn and Wilson will play forty-ish company guys who both get laid off in a downsizing. Convinced they’ve gone about managing their careers entirely wrong, they resolve to become interns at a Google-like dotcom and start anew. Suddenly, the two old chums are competing against wily, fresh-faced 22 year olds for advancement.

Those 22 year olds, they are wily. Think we could start a campaign to have Todd from Wedding Crashers be one of the interns? "I made you [...]

Review Roundup: Critics Don't Like 'The Internship' as Much as 'The Internship' Likes Google

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson's second buddy comedy together, The Internship, hits theaters today, and it doesn't look like audiences are gonna love it as much as they did the pair's 2005 megahit Wedding Crashers – at least if the reviews are any indication. The Internship received low scores from major review aggregators Rotten Tomatoes (34%) and Metacritic (41/100), with the consensus amongst critics being that the movie is light on laughs and basically a two-hour commercial for Google. If you're waiting for a big summer comedy, you're better off waiting for Seth Rogen and company's This is The End, which comes out Wednesday and is drawing good [...]

Watch the Trailer for the New Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson Movie 'The Internship'

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have reunited for The Internship, their first movie together since 2005's Wedding Crashers. Directed by Shawn Levy (Date Night, the Night at the Museum series), it's set for release June 7th of this year, and Will Ferrell is expected to make a Wedding Crashers-esque extended cameo. Will this be the next Wedding Crashers or a pale imitation of Wedding Crashers? Head to the theater or hop on Rotten Tomatoes on June 7th to find out!

Will Ferrell-Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson: Together Again

Ma! The Meatloaf! Get it? It's like that part in Wedding Crashers where Will Ferrell's character asks his mother for meatloaf. (Remember when the "Frat Pack" was a thing?) Well, we'll get to relive that moment, as Will Ferrell has signed on do some funny acting in the Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson adult internship comedy, The Internship. He'll play Wilson's home electronic salesmen brother-in-law, who will likely be a real knucklehead. Also, hopefully he'll be hungry; hungry for… MEATLOAF.

Owen Wilson to Star in Peter Bogdanovich's Long Awaited Next Film

The Last Picture Show Director/Co-Writer Peter Bogdanovich wears bandanas as ascots, has a really fun name to say out loud, and hasn't made a film in over ten years. He has written and will direct Squirrels to the Nuts, an indie comedy about a hooker turned Broadway actress (Brie Larson) and Broadway director (Owen Wilson). Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach are producing and likely Brooklynizing this very Manhattan film. Seriously, I hope there's a long portion of the film where Wilson just says the name "Bogdanovich" over and over for like 12 minutes. Picture it in your mind's ears. Silly, right? Right. Glad we can agree on this.

Trade Roundup: Horrible Bosses 2, Paul Rudd, Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson, Kurt Russell

- Horrible Bosses 2 is a thing that is happening. Luckily, it will probably have the original's writers and directors, and the Bateman-Sudeikis-Day trio is expected to star again. Maybe they'll try to kill each other's kids in this one.

- Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig, and Christopher Walken may star in Freezing People Is Easy, written by Stranger Than Fiction's Zach Helm, directed by Errol Morris and produced by (among others) Ira Glass. Yeah, that's a whole lot of awesome names. The film is the true story of the "television repairman who tried to pioneer the field of cryogenics by freezing humans." Um, if it's [...]

'The Onion' Nails 'The Internship,' "The Biggest Comedy of 2005"

Here's a spot-on video from The Onion about this weekend's Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson tech industry buddy comedy The Internship, which despite its appearance, was not made in 2005.

Jennifer Aniston Joins Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman in Peter Bogdanovich's New Movie

Jennifer Aniston has joined the cast of a new comedy called She's Funny That Way from veteran director Peter Bogdanovich, Variety reports. This will be Bogdanovich's first film since 2001's The Cat's Meow. The story follows a Broadway producer (Owen Wilson) trying to turn a former prostitute into an actress. Aniston plays a therapist whose mother is in rehab for alcohol. The cast also includes Jason Schwartzman, Eugene Levy, Kathryn Hahn, Brie Larson, and Cybill Shepherd. Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbauch will serve as executive producers. She's Funny That Way's original title was Squirrel to the Nuts. They should change its name back to that in addition to changing [...]

The Lost Roles of Vince Vaughn

After popping up in a diverse selection of movies in the 90s (Swingers, Jurassic Park 2, a Psycho remake), Vince Vaughn became a household name in the early 2000s when he began collaborating with a group of comedic actors that the media irritatingly dubbed “the Frat Pack.” (Don’t blame me, I wasn’t part of the media yet when that term was coined). This group, which also contained folks like Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller, and Owen Wilson, dominated the big-screen comedy industry in the pre-Apatow era, with Vaughn and his buddies constantly popping up in each other’s films. While this comedy clique doesn’t seem quite as tight as it was [...]

Galifianakis, Wilson, and Poehler Are Practically Gonna Be on Mad Men

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has cast Zach Galifianakis and Owen Wilson to star in his upcoming dramedy film You Are Here, and Amy Poehler is potentially on board too. The movie's about a weatherman who's "forced to get his own life in order" when his best friend does the same, and while not set in a 60s advertising agency, it will likely inspire many hazy midday imaginings of Amy Poehler and Owen Wilson in gorgeous outfits making snappy remarks about how little they care for civil rights. I mean, Zach Galifianakis is already even Draping in this photo. Talk about MEANT TO BE.