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Watch Letterman and Oprah Have a Long Talk

David Letterman has always been intensely shy – or at least, shy for a public figure – avoiding any and all interviews, publicity, and discussion of his personal life. He's started to open up a little bit as he's nearing retirement, beginning with an appearance on Alec Baldwin's podcast last year and now, in a long interview on Oprah Winfrey's TV show Oprah's Next Chapter, which aired yesterday. Here's a clip of Letterman discussing his retirement, explaining that he has a deal worked out with CBS President Les Moonves where Moonves decides when he retires, no questions asked. Hit the jump for the rest of Letterman and Oprah's [...]

Lorne Michaels Gives a Masterclass on Comedy

Here's the first episode of Masterclass, from that Oprah channel. Essentially, it's a 45-minute interview/profile of Lorne Michaels, full of interesting info about the SNL boss. It's well worth watching!

Oprah and Stephen Colbert, Two Equally Influential TV Icons, Finally Have a Chat

Stephen Colbert dropped by Oprah's show Oprah's Next Chapter, and the two iconic TV personalities finally faced off in what was a rare out-of-character interview for Colbert. The full chat, which is available in bits and pieces on Oprah's website, covers Colbert's career arc, the tragic loss of his father and brothers in a plane crash when he was a child, and his loving relationship with his wife. Throughout the whole thing, Oprah seems pretty obsessed with the fact that Stephen Colbert plays a fictional character on TV also named Stephen Colbert, even though she's been playing the fictional character of "Oprah Winfrey" on TV for nearly 30 years [...]

The Rosie Show Headed to OWN, Sullen Tween in Tow

I'd be even more on board with OWN's The Rosie Show, premiering October 10, if every episode featured O'Donnell with a really bored, eye-rolling child in her lap. Actually, I'd prefer it if every talk show switched over to a lap-based sidekick. Having Andy Richter make sarcastic asides while perched on Conan's knee seems like a natural progression of the format. Alternately, Rosie can sit on a panel with Kathy Bates and Roseanne Barr and make the studio audience guess which woman is which. Hint: O'Donnell is the one with the tiny petulant lap-kick.