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Aubrey Plaza Vows to Force the 'Parks and Rec' Writers to Make Her Character Have a Child

Parks and Recreation's writers have always been good about keeping their characters moving and constantly having major changes occur in their lives, and Aubrey Plaza wants a big change for her character. When asked what will happen to her character in the show's recently-announced seventh season, Plaza tells Vulture:

"I’ve been saying this for two seasons now: If they don’t put a baby inside of me, I’m going to put one in myself, literally, so that they’re forced to write it on to the show! I declare. I just think the idea of her and Andy having quintuplets or something would be pretty hilarious. But I have [...]

10 'Parks and Rec' Writers Who Have Played Characters on the Show

Parks and Recreation is airing its 100th episode tonight. Ever since the series started nearly five years ago, showrunner Mike Schur has made it a point to frequently use his writers in acting parts on the show as Pawnee residents, most of them with super silly names that aren't even spoken on screen. In an interview with us last year, Schur explained the decision to feature the writers so frequently like this:

I think it really ultimately comes from SNL because on SNL, the line between writer and performer is very blurry and the performers write a lot of their own sketches. Sometimes, the writers appear on the show. In general, the [...]

Amy Poehler and Jon Glaser Duet on "Summer Nights"

Here's a preview for tonights Parks and Rec, in which Leslie Knope and Councilman Jamm duet to "Summer Nights" from Grease at a karaoke event. Hopefully, the episode is just 30 minutes of Amy Poehler and Jon Glaser doing karaoke together.

NBC Puts 'Parks and Rec' on Hiatus for Most of the Rest of 2013

After deciding last week that Community will return for its new season on January 2nd and that new comedy Welcome to the Family is canceled, NBC announced today that they'll be putting Parks and Recreation on a little bit of a hiatus. The show will be pre-empted for the next three weeks and won't return until November 14th. On November 14th and 21st, Parks and Rec will air back-to-back new episodes before going on another hiatus until January 9th, when it will (hopefully) return for good.

Over the next three weeks, Parks' 8pm Thursday hour (which is now half-vacant due to Welcome to the Family's cancelation) will be filled by [...]

Nick Offerman on His Friendship with Sam Elliott

"Getting to meet him was incredibly surreal because he’s someone I admire greatly, and to discover that he was a fan of the show and therefore excited to meet us and work with us was really a bizarre sensation. To me, it would be like Teddy Roosevelt showing up and saying that he liked my work in the legislature. And much to my intense gratification, Sam turned out to be incredibly sweet and classically generous as an actor. He may not have done a lot of television comedy, but he knows how to play scenes. He showed up knowing his stuff and was ready to give and take with the [...]

Here Are Some Photos from Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe's Last 'Parks and Recreation'

It was announced this summer that cast members Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are leaving Parks and Recreation at mideason, and that sad episode is finally airing next week on Thursday, January 30th. Entitled "Ann and Chris," the episode finds Leslie throwing a big going away party for Ann and Chris, while Ron and Andy search for the perfect going away gift for Chris. Check out a bunch of pictures from the episode (via E!) below:

Watch a 20-Minute 'Parks and Rec' Retrospective in Honor of the Show's 100th Episode

Parks and Recreation is set to air its 100th episode this Thursday, and NBC just put out this 20-minute retrospective with the past looking back on the past five years. And, of course, it features Perd Hapley singing with a top hat, suit, and cane.

Talking to Aziz Ansari About His New Special, 'Parks and Rec', and Why He Prefers Standup to Films

Beloved by many as the stylish Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation, Aziz Ansari has been amassing an impressive standup catalog for a young comic. At only 26, his first hour special, Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening, debuted on Comedy Central in 2009. In the spring of 2012, he self-released his next special Dangerously Delicious, and tomorrow, his new hour, Buried Alive, premieres on Netflix.

His new material, which delves deep into the world of dating, romance, and children, shows a more introspective side to his personality. But he's not just talking about himself; talking to audience members and questioning them about their own romantic journeys is now a central part [...]

Aziz Ansari Has His Sights Set On Broadway

This week's New York Magazine profiles Aziz Ansari on a recent visit to New York, and drops a few hints about Ansari's plans for the future:

In addition to his new material, which he hopes to eventually perform on Broadway, Ansari is planning to write a book about modern dating, working with academics to answer some of his questions with actual numbers.

Much of Ansari's current standup, including the material on his upcoming Netflix special Buried Alive,  focuses on dating in the digital age and the feasibility of life-long relationships, often drawing on the experiences of audience members. And his process is as meticulous as ever:

Ansari records all of his [...]

CBS Is Winning In the Thursday Comedy Ratings

CBS is dominating the Thursday night comedy ratings, with Robin William's freshman sitcom The Crazy Ones once again doing very well, pulling in 11.8 million viewers and easily beating the premier of Sean Hayes new NBC sitcom, Sean Saves the World, which only managed 4.9 million viewers. The Big Bang Theory is still doing quite well for CBS, getting 17.8 million viewers, while Will Arnett's new CBS show The Millers got 13.2 million. Over on NBC, the second episode of The Michael J. Fox Show garnered 5.9 million viewers, while Parks and Recreation and Welcome to the Family brought in 3.5 million and 3.3 million viewers, respectively.

John Hodgman and Dan Castellaneta to Play Competing Public Radio Hosts on 'Parks and Rec'

The Daily Show's John Hodgman and The Simpsons' Dan Castellaneta are set to guest star on an upcoming episode of Parks and Recreation, EW reports. They'll be playing rival public radio hosts, with Castellaneta reprising his character of Pawnee's Derry Murbles, who he's played twice on the show before, and Hodgman making his Parks and Rec debut as Eagleton host August Clementine. With Eagleton recently having been absorbed into Pawnee, Murbles is now forced to share his show with Clementine. The episode is expected to air later this season after the Winter Olympics.

Amy Poehler Knows How 'Parks and Rec' Will End

"To some extent, with the exception of one or two seasons, we never really know if we're coming back. I think I know how the show ends. I know how this season ends — it could be an ending for the show, or it could be an ending for the season."

- Amy Poehler talking to Papermag about the future of Parks and Recreation and how this year could be the end (again).

Nick Offerman Will Walk You Through Mustache History

Here's Nick Offerman going over the history of the mustache for the YouTube channel Made Man. Like any good history lecture, it includes mention of Charles Bronson and Mario & Luigi.

Ed Helms Is Producing an NBC Show Created by Longtime 'Parks and Rec' Writer Aisha Muharrar

Just a few months after The Office ended its run, Ed Helms is working on a new comedy for NBC, albeit on the opposite side of the camera. Deadline reports that NBC is developing an untitled new show that's produced by Helms and created by Aisha Muharrar, who's been working as a writer on Parks and Recreation since season two. The comedy follows a smart teenage girl who wants to be the next Oprah and starts solving her reluctant family and friends' problems in order to gain experience. Helms is producing via his new company Pacific Electric Picture Co. He also has a project from Archer writer Mike [...]