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Nick Offerman Talks His Run-Ins with Steve Carell and Michael Scott

In a great interview with the AV Club, Nick Offerman talks about all the classic Nick Offerman things, like how there should be more fishing on Parks & Recreation. He also tells the story of the first time he met Greg Daniels and Michael Schur: "Yeah, I believe I first met Greg when I went to audition for the role of—there was a character named 'Michael Scott'?" Woah! He continued: "I went and played a song on my guitar that I ostensibly would be singing to Pam." Woah! Woah! (Miss U Joey Russo) Can you imagine a Ron Swanson-esque Michael Scott with his "#1 Boss" mug carved out of [...]

Nick Offerman Explains How He Makes Out with His Wife for TV

Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are America's cool parents. Actually, they're more like America's sexually charged aunt and uncle. Recently, Nick Offerman was asked how he and his wife get themselves in the Ron and Tammy mood:

We actually don't do much preparation. We knew that we wanted our lovemaking on screen to be as upsetting as possible to the viewer, so we actually went out into the yard, onto a soft, grassy area, to rehearse making out because the way in which we consume each other's faces and bodies has a certain violence to it. It's something that, really gratifyingly, Amy Poehler is unable to watch. When [...]

Walk Through Every Episode of this Season of 'Parks & Recreation'

Parks & Recreation Season 4 is getting the A.V. Club walkthrough treatment, with showrunner Michael Schur getting into both the nitty and gritty of every episode. Fun facts include Schur's favorite joke of the season: "When Joan says, 'I'm going to go powder my nose, amongst other things, if you know what I mean,' and then she leaves, and Adam [Scott] goes, 'Is she going to go powder her vagina?'" He sadly doesn't go into if she actually was going to powder her vagina. But one should assume so. Right, ladies?

Is 'New Girl' the First "Post-Post-9/11 Show?"

In an interview with Written ByNew Girl executive producer Brett Baer explain his theory:

When we tested the show, after we put the pilot together, it was strange how people were responding. We were all surprised by how connected people felt to it during the focus group testing. I was thinking long and hard about it, and I said to Dave [Finkel, another New Girl producer], "What we've done here is create maybe the first post-post-9/11 show." The comedy in the past 10 years prior to our show had an edge to it. It was satirical. There was a cynicism about the comedy. What our show came along at the [...]

Ben Schwartz To Run Alongside Timberlake and Affleck; Talk Alongside Oswalt and Schaal

Ben Schwartz has been cast in the upcoming drama Runner, Runner. Set in the world of online gambling, Justin Timberlake plays a totally realistic looking online poker player who becomes the protégé and then enemy of an off-shore gaming CEO (Ben Affleck). Schwartz plays Timberlake's friend, which would make Tom Haverford obscenely jealous. He was also named as one of the leads in a new animated pilot called Working Class Hero, which co-stars Patton Oswalt. Things are going so well for Schwartz, I doubt he'll have to get run over by a Lexus anytime soon.

Aubrey Plaza Steps Out of a Robert Palmer Video and onto 'Letterman'

For how deadpan she often plays, Plaza tends to be endearingly nervous on late night talk shows. I guess she really does "live everyday in fear… to the fullest." She does a great job playing along with Letterman, who seems to enjoy how uncomfortable she is. I guess Aubrey is just "Simply Irresistible". (You know, like the Robert Palmer song? It had that video? Obviously "Addicted to Love" is more famous but that wouldn't have made any sense. Should I have said, "I guess Aubrey might as well face it, she's addicted to love?" That would've been dumb. )

Chelsea Peretti Officially Leaving 'Parks & Recreation'

Also in today's Parks & Recreation walkthrough, Michael Schur was asked about Parks writer Chelsea Peretti: "Chelsea’s leaving our show, sadly. She wants to focus on her stand-up career, and ideally, I think, develop a show for herself." Chelsea had alluded to her leaving during some podcast appearances but now it's official. I guess the question is: Does Joe Mande + Megan Amram = Chelsea Peretti?

Nick Offerman Discusses Meeting Amy Poehler and Orange Hair

Way before Nick played Amy's boss, the two met as struggling actor-types in Chicago. In a recent interview Nick described the first time they met:

We each had a mutual friend living together in a house and met at a party there. I was engaged in a production of A Clockwork Orange at Steppenwolf at the time and, in a nutshell, I looked like a droog. I looked really scary with a big beard and my hair was dyed orange. Amy hasn't changed a great deal since then, so she was a very charismatic firecracker and I was immediately taken with what a great point guard she could make. [...]

Shows You Like Were Nominated for TCA Awards

Last night, the Television Critics Association released their nominations for the 28th annual TCA awards, which I'm pretty sure is different from the Critics' Choice Television Awards that were announced early in the week. It's a similar award but just with some different critics. The structure is a bit different as well (for example: there is only one inter-gender acting category per genre) but the usual suspects got nominated. Community is there – Parks and Amy Poehler are there – Louie and Louis are there. One surprise is that Lena Dunham beat out SO many people to receive one of the five comedy acting nominations. For all [...]

Talking with Joe Mande about the Final Totally J/K, 'Parks & Rec', and Moving to LA

With Johnny Cash's "Hurt" and Elton John's "Candle in the Wind" playing over the soundsystem, the atmosphere was decidedly somber at the UCBeast last night. As the goodbye message on the chalkboard schedule read, Joe Mande was "LEAVING 4 L.A.!" As was announced on Wednesday, Mande was hired as a writer for Parks & Recreation, so after years of being a fixture of the New York comedy scene, he was moving. And as a result, Totally J/K, the stand-up show he has been hosting with his friend Noah Garfinkel for five years, was ending. Right before the final Totally J/K, I got a chance to speak with Joe about [...]

Nick Offerman's Opinion on Dan Harmon's Firing

"It was crazy, but not surprising. Dan [Harmon] has been notoriously difficult with NBC. And then he had that really public Chevy Chase feud. I think Dan is brilliant, but we all kind of hung our heads and thought, That's no way for a boss to behave." — Nick Offerman in GQ discussing the Dan Harmon situation. He also talks about Steve Martin, loving his wife, and his reading habits. Read the interview here.

What Somewhat Famous Person Was the Basis for Andy Dwyer?

As part of the AV CLUB walkthrough of this season of Parks & Recreation, Michael Schur addressed where the character of Andy came from:

When I worked at Saturday Night Live, one of my bosses was Steve Higgins, who’s a producer on SNL and is now Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night announcer. Steve had several brothers, and Andy’s story is a little bit Steve’s story, which is that Steve and his brothers—all of whom are gigantic men—used to pound the crap out of each other. And even today, in their 40s and 50s, they still pound the crap out of each other. Steve used to come running into my office and scream at me—in [...]

Harris Wittels Signs Overall Deal with Universal TV

It seems like Harris's Foam Corner is going to get a lot foamier. (In that sentence foam represented success, I guess?) Harris just signed a two-year overall deal with Universal TV, which will keep him working on Parks & Recreation, where he has been since nearly the beginning. This comes after he almost had to leave the show when he was cast in the recent failed Sarah Silverman pilot. Beyond working on Parks, he'll be developing new projects for the studio. Not to mention, the variety of other film and television projects he already had in the works. It must SO hard for him not to Humblebrag.

The Critics' Choice Awards Loves Themselves Some 'Community' and 'Parks & Recreation'

If only the Critics' Choice Television Awards decided all television decisions. Garnering six nominations, Community was the most nominated show. Parks & Recreation was a close second, with five nominations. This isn't necessarily surprising as they've been consistently the two most critically lauded sitcoms. A little bit more surprising is newcomers New Girl and Girls both got nominated for best series and received four nominations total. Note to TV writers: put "girl" in your title and you're guaranteed all the acclaim. The winners get announced on June 18. The full list of comedy nominees is after the jump.