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Seth Meyers Channels Don Draper in the New AMC Series 'Bad Men'

In anticipation of the premiere of Mad Men's final season this Sunday, Seth Meyers and the Late Night crew made three parody videos of an AMC spinoff called Bad Men that riff off Draper's irresistibly suave way of selling the most seemingly impossible ad pitches to clients. Click through for the other two installments in the series.

Watch Jay Pharoah's Kanye West Parody "I Am a Dog"

Here's "I Am a Dog," a new parody of Kanye West's "I Am A God" written by and starring SNL's Jay Pharoah and released via Lorne Michaels's production company's YouTube channel, Above Average. It's pretty shocking they didn't just air this as part of Saturday Night Live.

Watch Nikki & Sara's 'Blurred Lines' Parody

The internet has been awash with parodies of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" music video for the past month or so, but here's one that's a cut above the rest. It comes from MTV's late night show Nikki & Sara Live, which just started its second season on Tuesday, and, unlike any other "Blurred Lines" parody I've seen, it involves barn animals.

'SNL's Sasheer Zamata Channels Peggy Olson in "Black Mad Men"

While we wait for Sasheer Zamata to get more screen time on SNL, here's the first episode of a new web series she's in called "Black Mad Men" written by Key and Peele's Phil Augusta Jackson and directed by Morgan Evans. Along with Jackson, Anthony Appruzzese, and Shaun Diston, Zamata plays a very Peggy-like ad exec in a scene spun off from Don Draper's famous Kodak Carousel or Lucky Strike "It's Toasted" pitches from Mad Men. The only difference on "Black Mad Men" is that Zamata and team are trying to convince their white client that Luke's Hummus is the key to unlocking true racial harmony through its irresistible [...]

Here's a Teaser for Jimmy Fallon's 'Breaking Bad' Parody, 'Joking Bad'

The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon gang is set to do for Breaking Bad what they did for Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones with the parody "Joking Bad." Here's a teaser for "Joking Bad," which debuts when Fallon returns from Labor Day vacation in September. Don't worry, the teaser doesn't have any Breaking Bad spoilers in it.

Weird Al Reveals the Secrets of Comedy

"Many parodists and satirists go for the jugular, but I’ve always gone for humor that was a little less biting and derogatory. I like to say that my parodies are more of a poke in the ribs than a punch in the face."

- Weird Al to Fast Company in a delightful and detailed interview about his song-parodying process.

The Internet Has Created 8 (and Counting) 'Her' Parodies Called 'Him'

Ever since Spike Jonze's Oscar-nominated movie Her, starring Joaquin Phoenix as a man who falls in love with a female artificially intelligent operating system, hit theaters last month, the internet has been jam-packed with parodies of the film. Most of them are called Him and feature a male operating system instead of a female one, and whoever had this simple idea first had probably better start suing everyone who made a similar video for plagiarism immediately.

Check out all the Her parodies called Him below:

'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' Is Doing a 'Breaking Bad' Parody

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has earned a lot of web views for parodies of Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones, and it looks like Breaking Bad is up next. The Late Night Tumblr released this promo image for the show's Breaking Bad parody. Entitled "Joking Bad," it'll feature Fallon as Walter White and announcer Steve Higgins as Jesse Pinkman. "Joking Bad" is set to premiere in September, assuming that the next few episodes of Breaking Bad don't totally ruin whatever they're planning.

Gangsta's Parodist: Revisiting "Weird Al" vs. Coolio

Fools be in the bars unadvanced with a switch Uppercuts and fight kicks with Weird Al Yankovic -Coolio, "Throwdown 2000"

On a scale of pop music beefs from the last 25 years, Weird Al Yankovich v. Coolio would likely fall somewhere in the neighborhood of Morissette v. Coulier and Arrested Development v. Arrested Development. Which is to say, it wasn't much of a beef at all. To even label it a beef almost seems like an insult to the whole concept of beefs.

And yet, in the time it took for the two to formally and publicly reconcile their differences, The United States has seen 3 presidential [...]