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New Muppets Trailer: Pig With A Froggy Tattoo

The Muppets' crack marketing team continues their reign of trailer parody awesomeness with a spoof of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo's trailer. They certainly nailed the "one gigantic word at a time" approach to trailermaking and also include a dragon/draggin' pun, so there's really no complaining about this one. As much as November 23 can't come fast enough, I think we'll all be a little bummed when the movie's out if it means no more parody trailers. (Unless the movie is just two hours of parody trailers? Think about it, Disney!)

The UCB Is Putting Out Freak Dance, a Musical Parody Movie

The Upright Citizens Brigade, formerly of the Comedy Central sketch show and currently of NYC and LA improv and sketch theaters and schools, is putting out its first full-length movie. Called Freak Dance, it was written and directed by original UCB member Matt Besser and features the other three original members (Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh) as actors. Here's the first trailer.

The parody genre has not had a great run for the past decade or so, thanks in part to the tsunami of lowest-common-denominator shit from Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (Epic Movie, etc.). The only other regular parody-makers of late have been the Wayans brothers, [...]

The Sorrows Of Young Werther and The Rise of Parody

Here’s a story for the ages: emo kid falls in love with hot girl with a boyfriend. He confronts her and she loses it. Maybe she’s his? But she can’t let family and friends down, so she tells emo kid the score. Since he can’t have her, he blows his brains out. Everyone regrets not digging what a winner emo kid was.

This plot could sell the hell out of a crappy movie today, which is probably why in the late 1700s, Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther defined European pop culture. Helped by a heartstring-pulling story and a brevity rarely seen in novels at the time (many of [...]

The Social Network + Between Two Ferns

Because really, why not? If nothing else, this is a great excuse to go back and watch old Between Two Ferns episodes.

Weird Al's "Another Tattoo" Has Already Replaced B.o.B.'s "Nothin' On You" In Your Mind

The best part about Weird Al's "Another Tattoo," a parody of B.O.B. ft. Bruno Mars' "Nothin' On You," is how your children and your children's children will mistake it for the real thing until they are in ninth grade and realize with an icy swell of horror that they have been singing the Weird Al lyrics out loud, in front of their friends, this whole time. At least the video is cool. Augenblick Studios is behind the delightful animation, which is like getting a visual sneak peek at your high school reunion.

The Most Emailed 'New York Times' Article Ever

It’s a week before the biggest day of her life, and Anna Williams is multitasking. While waiting to hear back from the Ivy League colleges she’s hoping to attend, the seventeen-year-old senior at one of Manhattan’s most exclusive private schools is doing research for a paper about organic farming in the West Bank, whipping up a batch of vegan brownies, and, like an increasing number of American teenagers, teaching her dog to use an iPad.

For the last two weeks, Anna has been spending more time than usual with José de Sousa Saramago, the Portuguese water dog she named after her favorite writer. (If José Saramago bears an uncanny [...]

Did South Park Rip Off CollegeHumor?

On this week's South Park, they made fun of Inception, including a scene in which the characters from the movie try to explain the overcomplicated plot to an incredulous outsider. CollegeHumor did a parody video featuring the characters from the movie explaining the intricacies of the plot in a very similar way with almost-identical lines, and some of the writers at CollegeHumor think the two are a little too similar for comfort. Did South Park rip them off?

The CollegeHumor video, entitled "Inception Characters Don't Understand Inception," was posted back on August 1st and has since been viewed nearly 700,000 times, so it's not some obscure video that [...]

Mark Zuckerberg Makes Zuckerberg, a Response to The Social Network

Mark Zuckerberg is apparently not too psyched about how he's portrayed in The Social Network, so naturally he went and made a competing film that tells his side of the story.

Lady Gaga Kills Off Weird Al's For-Charity Parody of "Born This Way"

For someone who dresses so ridiculously, Lady Gaga sure takes herself seriously. So seriously, in fact, that she refused to give her blessing to Weird Al's new single and parody of "Born This Way," "Perform This Way." Which is her right, sure, but she also insisted that he record the song before she made her decision — reading the lyrics wasn't enough.

So after spending his own money to record the song — the sales of which were to be given to the Human Rights Campaign — she said no without any explanation. Al recounts the whole ordeal on his blog:

Really Misusing the Power of Inception

The power to enter someone else's dream wasn't exactly used for selfless purposes in Inception, but they weren't as baldly self serving as they could have been. See the above example for how to use Inception to do things you just can't get away with normally.

The Top Political Ad Parodies of Election Season

According to news reports, it's been a brutal year for political ads. But what about political ad parodies? With just over a week until Election Day, there have been plenty of great new web videos satirizing political commercials. Here's a run down of some of the best parodies of the season, organized by type, to be read in the most ominous sounding voice possible.

M. Night Shymalan's Career Is Officially a Joke

CollegeHumor takes on critical punching bag M. Night Shymalan, turning his entire career into a movie with a not-so-surprise ending.