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Party Down Movie Definitely Happening With Full Cast, Says Megan Mullally

Megan Mullally announced at a press event for Breaking In (some comedy show that isn't Party Down) that the full cast (with the possible exception of Jane Lynch) is in for the Party Down movie, and that John Enbom is writing the script, the outline for which was "enthusiastically approved" by investors. Enthusiastically approved! Mullally also said that we may meet "Lydia's ex-husband – Ed I think is [his] name – who was really racist and a misogynist." Weird, I didn't think it was possible to salivate this much without choking on my own spit.

Party Down's Ryan Hansen Will Play Penny's Paramour On Happy Endings

Ryan Hansen from Party Down will guest star on Happy Endings this season when Penny attempts to make over his "successful but style-challenged" character. (Everyone has a struggle.)

Not Surprisingly, It Was Fun Filming Party Down

Confirming the theory that everything about the experience of making Party Down was awesome, Jane Lynch describes shooting the first episode in her memoir:

“In June of 2007, we all got together at Rob [Thomas]‘s house in the Hollywood Hills and shot the first episode of Party Down. Because they were paying for it themselves, the pilot was shot on a shoestring budget. Between shots we all hung out in Rob’s bedroom getting to know each other and laughing a lot. I’ve found that doing something for fun and almost for free (we each got $100 for the day) can bring out the best in people. Plus, there’s [...]

In Case You Missed The Teeny Tiny Party Down Reunion Last Night

The Party Down reunion on Childrens Hospital last night was a blink-and-you'll-miss-100-Jewish-jokes affair, but oh, how it was nice to see Megan Mullally back in that hideo-wig again. The cameo came at the tail end of the episode celebrating Ken Marine's bar mitzvah, catered by Ron Donald and the gang. I'm going to go ahead and circle a 5 on my comment card.

TV Comedy's Ten Most Tragic Characters

There is a very fine line between comedy and tragedy. Like sleep and death, laughter and crying are cousins. However, deep sadness isn’t always easy to show in television comedy; there’s only so much a non-sociopathic audience can see one character take before all the pain stops being funny. Sometimes, though, the schadenfreude can’t be resisted. These ten characters have been shit on, humiliated, and abused over and over again, but we can’t stop laughing at them. How else would we be able to tell ourselves it isn’t so bad?

The Party Down Movie May Be Declared A Ron Donald Do

We continue your nonstop 24-hour coverage of the possibility of a Party Down movie with this Adam Scott soundbite: “We have a treatment, and if everyone’s schedules work out, we’ll shoot it over the summer.” BOOM. I guess that means Starz agreed to sign off on the thing. It also means that a Party Down movie and an Arrested Development movie could potentially be in theaters AT THE SAME TIME, which might make some less-equipped movie theaters explode with the massively high pressure of realized dreams. God, imagine the carnage. Popcorn and Jujyfruits would be everywhere.

Andrea Savage Sells Show About Being A Mom But Also Funny

Andrea Savage (from Dog Bites Man and last week's Modern Family and that one episode of Party Down) has sold NBC a semi-autobiographical show about "a woman who prides herself on her humor and edge and refuses to become typical after becoming a parent." Hey, that sounds just like her character on that one episode of Party Down about the school auction! Hey, I've watched Party Down too much!

Adam Scott: Party Down Movie "90% There," to Shoot Next Summer

The race for the Party Down movie to go into production before the Arrested Development movie continues, with Adam Scott saying that the plan is to shoot it next summer. WHY AREN'T YOU SHOOTING IT RIGHT NOW?

We’re like 90% there, we’re hoping to do it maybe next summer, if everyone’s schedules work out and the guys get time to write a script. They have kind of a skeleton of a story worked out so we know where it’s going to go but we just have to kind of cross the t’s and dot the i’s, or something. But Starz are being super cool and they’re going to [...]

The Lost Roles of Paul Rudd

After his breakthrough role in Clueless, Paul Rudd spent the next decade or so as a rom-com leading man, starring opposite Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston in forgettable chick flicks and playing Phoebe's boyfriend Mike, the unofficial Seventh Friend, on Friends. When Rudd appeared in Anchorman, it came as a bit of a shock that he could hold his own against the likes of Will Ferrell and Steve Carell, but astute comedy fans (i.e. those who had seen Wet Hot American Summer) knew he was more than just a rom-com pretty boy all along. After working with Rudd for the first time on Anchorman, Judd Apatow cast him in [...]

Talking to Ken Marino about Childrens Hospital, Comic-Con, and the Movie We’re Making About a Baloney Sandwich

Ken Marino’s been involved in so many cult classic comedies over the span of his twenty-year career that he’s kind of a demi-god for the comedy nerd community. Starting out as a member of the seminal sketch group The State, Marino’s gone on to build an impressive body of work that includes beloved comedies like Wet Hot American Summer, Role Models, Party Down, and now, Childrens Hospital, the Adult Swim medical procedural parody. Childrens Hospital, on which Marino plays clueless doctor Glenn Richie, is currently in its third season, airing Thursday nights at midnight on Adult Swim.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk to Ken Marino [...]

The Party Down Movie Is Tantalizingly Close to Happening

Thought we forgot about you, didn't you, promises of a Party Down movie? Not so fast! Wait, stop running away! Adam Scott said on the most recent WTF podcast that "a production company is interested in doing a 'low budget' version and that all they need is Starz to sign off on it." Sign off, Starz! What are you doing? Too busy airing Hellboy over and over? Ooh, Starz burn. Yeah, there's more where that came from, Starz. Better sign off on this movie so you don't have to find out.

Very Important Data: Our Parks and Rec/Party Down/Childrens Hospital/The League Venn Diagram

We recently found a venn diagram showing how the casts and guest stars of Arrested Development, Parks and Rec, and 30 Rock intersect. It was very cool, but also it made us think: we can go crazier with this. So allow me to present you with the Parks and Rec/Party Down/Childrens Hospital/The League cast and guest stars venn diagram, showing just how incestuous our favorite comedies really are. It also notes which people are involved with UCB, Earwolf, The State and Human Giant, showing even more overlap and cross-pollination.

The Party Down Movie Is Your New Arrested Development Movie

Which will come out first, do you think, if ever: Party Down: The Movie or Arrested Development: The Movie? Casts from both shows are asked about these mythical projects pretty much any time they're interviewed at this point, and both sound like they're in the works but could fall apart at any minute. I say let's combine the casts and have the Party Down crew cater a Bluth family reunion. Who's in? Someone get David Cross on the phone! I'm sure he's not sick of fielding questions about this. Let's get the ball rolling, people!

Anyways, here's a new, promising-sounding quote from Ken Marino about the Party [...]

Ken Marino on Party Down, Reunions Of All Kinds and His Denim Short Shorts

The Party Down reunion on Childrens Hospital airs tonight, and Ken Marino is already looking back on the laughter and the tears. "It was bittersweet because all of us who worked on Party Down know how special and wonderful that was, and we still are a little sad that it didn’t go any further," he tells Vulture. "So it was kind of cool to see everybody back in their uniforms and doing their parts, but then it was sad because it’s a short little piece that we did on an eleven-minute show. When it ended, we were all like, 'Goddamn it.'"

While Marino didn't have an update, [...]