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Help Fund the Official Patrice O'Neal Documentary 'Better Than You'

There's a new documentary in the works about beloved standup Patrice O'Neal, and the producers behind the project have launched an Indiegogo campaign to turn it into a reality. Titled Better Than You, the documentary is an inside look at O'Neal's life and career and features interviews with O'Neal's friends, family, and fellow comedians like Bill Burr, Denis Leary, Jim Norton, Colin Quinn, Dane Cook, Rich Vos, and more. O’Neal’s longtime fiancée Von Decarlo is co-producing with Mark Farrell, who also directed the documentary. "When Von asked me to direct this movie, I was honored and humbled at the same time," Farrell said. "I’ve worked with some of [...]

'Patrice O'Neal: Unreleased' Is Available Now

A new posthumous album from late, great standup Patrice O'Neal came out this week. Aptly titled, Unreleased, it's a full-length album compiled from unheard bits O'Neal performed at the DC Improv. If you want to pick up Unreleased, head on over to the official website or wait until October 1st for the release of the hard copy version of the album, which contains an exclusive track.

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: 'Patrice O'Neal – Better Than You'

Yesterday, a new Patrice O'Neal EP was released. Entitled Better Than You, it consists of material that was recorded at the same time as, but cut from, his last full-length standup album, Mr. P. The 20-minute recording may be the last new release we ever get from the late O'Neal (although you never know — obviously Tupac has been putting new albums out pretty consistently over the 20 years since he died), so you should probably jump on this ASAP.

Looking Back at the Life and Untimely Death of Patrice O'Neal

“When you question a lot, you are wrong a lot—so wrong—but he’d present the case like a champion,” says Keith Robinson, a comedian and former roommate. “I’m arguing, and at the same time thinking, How this dude is working this!” [Patrice] O’Neal was always maneuvering to make room for the man he was still discovering himself to be—a seeker with competing appetites and sorrows; a half-domesticated feminist ­super-misogynist; an iconoclastic black man who defended the freedom of white racists on Fox News; a brilliant 325-pound jock philosopher from the hood whose favorite books were Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and Skinny Bitch: A No-Nonsense, Tough-Love Guide for Savvy Girls Who Want to Stop [...]

Ten Funny People Who Passed Away in 2011

"Let's all drink to the death of a clown."

Another year, another group of people funnier than you or I who passed away. Death's such a bitch, isn't it? Below are 10 individuals — ranging from a Blacklisted comedy musical genius to an award-winning Colonel, from a woman who had her marble rye stolen to everyone's favorite ex-cop, security officer uncle, from a Jackass to a great football player-turned-even better comedic actor — that made us laugh, and were taken away from us in 2011. Here's hoping for a death-less 2012!

11 Uniquely Brilliant Standup Specials of 2013

As with most years, 2013 saw an overwhelming amount of excellent standup, far too much to ever catalogue. But the greatest specials of the year were unique and inventive; many played with the very idea of a special itself, while others featured profoundly personal stories spun into brilliant standup. What they share is their distinctness — each of these comics has made a special that captures their own undeniable form of genius. Here are the most distinctive, memorable standup specials of 2013.

Another Posthumous Patrice O'Neal Album Is Coming Out October 1st

We're getting another album of new material from the late, great Patrice O'Neal. A full-length album called Unreleased will be available in stores and via download on October 1st, but you can pre-order it now. O'Neal passed away in the fall of 2011 from complications of a stroke, but his comedy lives on. Unreleased is the third posthumous release from the standup, following the 2012 album Mr. P and Better Than You, a 20-minute EP of outtakes from that album.

Check out an audio preview and a track listing from Unreleased below:

Talking to Bill Burr About His New Special, His Alt-Room Statements, False Outrage, and More

Bill Burr would like to remind you that he is a comedian. It’s not that many, many people don’t know that — he’s the host of the very popular Monday Morning Podcast, and last year he received the Comedian of the Year Award from the Boston Comedy Festival. But if you are inclined to take the self-styled “uninformed logic” of his act at face value, he’d kindly remind you that he’s just joking.

Burr’s latest special, You People Are All the Same, premiered on Netflix last month; it is now available as a $5 DRM-free download on his site. I got the chance to speak with him [...]

Patrice O'Neal's Posthumous Album Mr. P Is Now Available

The late Patrice O'Neal's final album, Mr. P, is officially out today. If you still need convincing as to whether or not you should grab it, you can listen to a track from it here.

The 10 Biggest Comedy News Stories of 2011

With the global economy crumbling, citizens taking to the streets to vent their frustrations through protest, and People magazine shockingly cheating Ryan Gosling out of the Sexiest Man Alive title he so rightfully deserves, it often felt like the world was spinning out of control in 2011. That's why it's a great thing there was so much great comedy for people to turn to as a distraction from the hardships of the world. We’re in the midst of a major comedy boom, partly due to people finding solace from their troubles in humor and partly due to the overabundance of great laughs available from all the new platforms for comedy [...]

Humble Bundle Gets Into Comedy with Downloads from Louis C.K., Patrice O'Neal and More

Humble Bundle, the online company that "bundles" collections of video games, eBooks, and music for a pay-what-you-want download, has launched its first comedy bundle this afternoon with downloads from Louis C.K., Maria Bamford, Jim Norton, Tig Notaro, Hannibal Buress, and the late Patrice O'Neal. The curated selection of albums and specials went on sale at 2pm ET today, and will be available for two weeks. Buyers choose how much they pay for the collection, and how that money will be split between the artists, Humble Bundle, and certain charities. Buyers who pay more than the average price at the time of their visit will "unlock" C.K.'s Live at [...]

Watching Patrice O'Neal Surprise His Audience – and Himself – in 'Elephant in the Room'

Towards the end of his last television appearance before his death, the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, Patrice O’Neal does something out of character. After scrapping prepared material in favor of slicing and shredding his way through the dais with a spontaneous and devastating verbal assault of a riff, the comedian finally arrives at the grand prize, Mr. Sheen himself. Even a comic with half the talent and experience of O’Neal would have perceived the tiger blood-fueled actor as a sitting duck, a veritable piñata of embarrassments just waiting to be bashed open. But when it comes time to deliver the final deathblow, the comedian suddenly changes tack. [...]

Patton Oswalt, Patrice O'Neal, Rob Riggle, and Johnny Knoxville Are 'Nature Calls'

Where's Jim Carrey in African garb? J. Kidding, this is a different movie, apparently. Just to be clear, who's the good guy and who's the bad guy in this movie? Are we supposed to cheer for Patton just because he likes camping? Last time I checked, chocolate milkshakes don't grow on trees. Moms and Dads make them using electricity. The film comes out on VOD, iTunes, and Amazon on October 4 and then hits theaters on November 9. Let's all go opening might with t-shirts that read, "Milkshakes>Wilderness."

Stand-Up Comedy Is Riskier Than it May Seem

Too many stand-up comedians have passed away this year, from the more well-known Patrice O'Neal and Mike DeStefano to the LA comic Angelo Bowers, who was killed after being hit by a drunk driver last week. Here's a thought-provoking essay on why stand-up comedy can be an unexpectedly dangerous profession.

We stay up late. Many of us drink and/or do other substances on the job. Much of this is done with the encouragement of our co-workers and management. Do you have a job like that? We have huge emotional swings. "I KILLED! I'M INVINCIBLE!" to "I ATE IT! I'M THE WORST!" And these can happen [...]