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Sir Patrick Stewart and Conan O'Brien Have an In-Depth Pizza Discussion

Here's a clip from Sir Patrick Stewart's visit to last night's Conan, where a big rumor is addressed regarding Stewart's familiarity with pizza. What follows is an intense discussion about pizza, ordering slices vs. whole pies, eating with hands vs. utensils, and the opening lyrics to "That's Amore." Watch more from Stewart's interview below:

Starz Orders Two Seasons of 'Blunt Talk', a New Comedy Created by Jonathan Ames and Starring Patrick Stewart

Bored to Death creator Jonathan Ames is returning to TV with a new show. Pay cable network Starz has ordered 20 episodes of Blunt Talk, a new scripted comedy created by Ames (who will also serve as showrunner), produced by Seth MacFarlane, and starring Patrick Stewart. The 20 episodes will be split across two seasons, and the show will debut in 2015.

Blunt Talk will star Stewart as Walter Blunt, the British host of an American cable news show in which he gives advice on how Americans should live their lives, while dealing with a dysfunctional staff, network bosses, multiple ex-wives and children, and his British alcoholic manservant.

This [...]

Replacement 'Daily Show' Correspondent Patrick Stewart Is Better at Being John Oliver than John Oliver Is

It just so happens that the NFL referee strike is coinciding with a Daily Show correspondents strike, but, unlike the replacement refs, who aren't doing a great job (I'm not a sports fan, but I think I'm right on this), replacement correspondent Patrick Stewart is filling in for striker John Oliver and knocking it out of the park (different sport, I know). Patrick Stewart is such a superior John Oliver that I wouldn't be surprised if John Oliver awakes to find he's no longer needed on his podcast The Bugle or NBC's Community either.