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Watch Patton Oswalt in the First Clip from 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' Season 3

Here's the first clip IFC has released from the third season of Comedy Bang! Bang!, which premieres on Friday, May 8th. It's part of an interview in which Scott Aukerman and Star Wars enthusiast Patton Oswalt discuss J.J. Abrams's new Star Wars movie, which sounds like it'll be right up the fans' alley.

Read a Great Piece Patton Oswalt Wrote About Bill Hicks

"Bill Hicks had to make his voice heard through the amorphous, ever-shifting fog of Reagan-era comfort and complacency. Comedy club audiences in the 80’s actually thought they were being revolutionary and dangerous, listening to a sport-coated, sleeves-rolled-up comedian railing against the absurdities of airplane food, the plot holes on Gilligan’s Island and the differences between cats and dogs. Like Kurt Vonnegut’s Kilgore Trout, laying down world-saving truths in the pages of disposable stroke magazines, Bill Hicks was trying to light the way into the 21st century – on the stained-carpet stages of strip mall chuckle huts, usually following a juggler."

-Patton Oswalt in a piece he published today on his blog [...]

Talking to Patton Oswalt about His New Standup Special and Other Stuff

If there’s a name in standup that qualifies for the “needs no introduction” treatment, it’s Patton Oswalt. The man who describes himself as “America’s comedy goblin” is an A-list comic whose specials – the latest of which, Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time, premieres tonight at 10pm ET on Epix and is available streaming online now via an Epix free trial – are some of the few things in the standup world that approach event viewing. Oswalt is adept at turning run-of-the-mill misanthropy into acerbic fireworks, his best known bits involving rants against KFC Famous Bowls, death beds, self-checkout machines at the grocery store, and the soul-crushing nightmare [...]

Here's a Clip from Patton Oswalt's New Standup Special

Patton Oswalt's new standup special, Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time, premieres on cable network Epix January 17th, and here's the first clip from it in which Oswalt rags on the state of Florida.

Check out the forwards and backwards promos for the special below:

Patton Oswalt, Tom Lennon, Weird Al, and More Visit Eddie Pepitone for "A Puddin' Christmas"

Here's the new Christmas episode of Matt Oswalt and Eddie Pepitone's web series, Puddin', featuring the return of guests like Patton Oswalt, Tom Lennon, Weird Al Yankovic, James Urbaniak, Jake Fogelnest, Dana Gould, and more. As expected, it's one of the darkest Christmas specials ever.

This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Patton Oswalt, Lauren Lapkus, and Will Hines Do 'Comedy Bang! Bang!'

The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We're here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. There are a lot of great shows and each has a lot of great episodes, so we want to highlight the exceptional, the noteworthy. Each week our crack team of podcast enthusiasts and specialists and especially enthusiastic people will pick their favorites. Also, we'll keep you posted on the offerings from our very own podcast network. We hope to have your ears permanently plugged with the best in aural comedy.

Comedy Bang! Bang! – Patton Oswalt, Lauren Lapkus, Will Hines

ZOE: For everyone who missed [...]

Patton Oswalt Names His Dream Comedy-to-Drama Crossovers

"Something gritty. Something early-70s. Boston. Icy grime. Low-stakes larceny, with her psyche as collateral. I don’t think there’s anything Amy can’t do."

- Patton Oswalt in a new piece for New Republic, in which he nominates Maria Bamford, Kevin James, Martin Short, Amy Poehler (above), and Eric Idle as the comedy actors he'd most like to see make the jump to more dramatic roles.

Patton Oswalt Slams EPIX for Screwing Up His Special

It looks like the partnership between Patton Oswalt and EPIX has come to a quick end. The network was supposed to premiere Oswalt's newest standup special Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time exclusively online last night ahead of tonight's television airing, but that didn't happen. Predictably, this all played out via Oswalt's Twitter with both hilarity and most likely a sobering realization over in the EPIX camp, because there was either a miscommunication or they totally screwed up. Oswalt even tweeted out some material (including nudity and reading Judy Blume novels) from the special, both in fairness to eager fans and in delicious retaliation to EPIX's incompetence.

Uh, yeah…sorry [...]

A Company Asked Patton Oswalt to Tweet About Popular Brands, and It Blew Up in Their Face

Friday afternoon, a company called Brander solicited comedian Patton Oswalt via Twitter to ask him to tweet about products they represent, and Oswalt ended up having a lot of fun with it. He went on a tear making fun of the company and their strategy with a series of tweets that amassed hundreds of retweets and attention from the press. You'd think it'd be enough to shame Brander into not publicly asking comedians to tweet about brands for them, but they're still at it apparently.

Check out the full set of tweets below:

.@BA_Influencers Can we cut out the middleman and you guys just take a big, [...]

Pete Holmes and Patton Oswalt Discuss Their Terrible Old Jokes

Patton Oswalt dropped by The Pete Holmes Show last night, and here the two share some of their old bad joke ideas, then Pete gives Patton a weird compliment. Click through to watch Patton explain what kind of serial killer he'd be and respond to Pete's question "What happens when we die?" which is totally not too heavy for this time in the morning, right?

Watch Patton Oswalt's 'True Detective' Parody

Here's the internet's five millionth True Detective parody, but this one was made by Comedy Central and stars Patton Oswalt. Oswalt is the latest well-known comedian to release a parody of the HBO crime show, following in the footsteps of Joel McHale and Jim Rash and Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen.

Fred Armisen and Patton Oswalt to Appear on 'Modern Family'

The Modern Family cast and crew are filming a vacation episode in Las Vegas prior to their bigger trip to Australia next month, and both Fred Armisen and Patton Oswalt are set to guest star with them in Sin City. According to TV Guide, Armisen will play "one half of a gay couple who'll have fun with Mitch and Cam" named Langham, and Oswalt will play "a magician named Ducky Schindler who crosses paths with Phil." The episode will air on ABC sometime this spring, but Oswalt's already won this round for Best Modern Family Bit Character Name.

Watch Patton Oswalt Get Punched, Kicked, and Shot in the Head

Patton Oswalt has made a ton of different television appearances, but as Conan proved last night through this supercut, most of them have one thing in common: His character usually gets his ass kicked, whether that be punched, kicked, thrown, threatened, or shot in the face. It's an unusual way to bring a "glimmer of light" into viewers' lives, but someone's got to fill all those "violently beat-up man" TV roles.

Here's a Promo for Patton Oswalt's New Standup Special, Forwards and Backwards

Patton Oswalt's new standup special, Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time, premieres on cable channel Epix January 17th, and here's a new promo for it in which Oswalt, self-proclaimed "America's comedy goblin," knocks over a kids' tower and hits an old man in the face with a pie. Check out a backwards version of the promo below. It makes him look like a much nicer guy: