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'SNL' Review: Jimmy Fallon's Christmas Miracle

Boy, did SNL need a win. The months following September's successful season premiere with Tina Fey saw a mixed bag of lackluster hosts, unmemorable sketches, and distracting media scrutiny. Even Kerry Washington's enjoyable November episode was overshadowed by the show's diversity controversy — Washington's hilarious performance only seemed to underscore SNL's lack of a black woman in the cast (an issue that will apparently be resolved in January). Furthermore, when beloved comedy stars Paul Rudd and John Goodman produced surprisingly disappointing episodes over the past few weeks, and with the coming departure of head writer Seth Meyers, SNL's future was looking grim.

Then [...]

Martin Short and Paul McCartney Are Doing 'SNL's Christmas Show

Saturday Night Live has booked a couple of living entertainment legends for its Christmas show this year. TVLine reports that Martin Short will be hosting the December 15th episode, with Sir Paul McCartney serving as musical guest. Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo were previously announced as the host/musical guest for the next new episode, which airs December 8th. This will be Martin Short's third time hosting the show (his last was in 1996) and Paul McCartney's fourth stint as musical guest (his last was in 2010). Short, as SNL buffs recall, was a cast member for the 1984-1985 season. If the writers don't make him reprise his role as [...]

Robert De Niro and Paul Rudd Are Hosting SNL in December

Here's some new hosting news from SNL: Robert De Niro and Paul Rudd are coming to Studio 8H next month. Here's the full schedule: -December 4 – Robert De Niro/Diddy-Dirty Money -December 11 – Paul Rudd/Paul McCartney -December 18 – Jeff Bridges/Eminem

Has there ever been a more ridiculous-sounding host/musical guest combo than Robert De Niro and Diddy-Dirty Money? I love it.

Jimmy Fallon Swapped Accents with Paul McCartney for a Minute

Sir Paul McCartney stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, and some Freaky Friday-ish mishaps ensued. Because truly, pretty much everything sounds better in a Liverpudlian accent. Below, McCartney's live performance of "Lady Madonna."

Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon Sing the Original Version of "Yesterday"

Last night, Sir Paul McCartney was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and the host talked him into singing the original version of "Yesterday," complete with starter lyrics he used until he wrote the real ones. Or at least that's what they claimed. Who knew waffle fries were so popular in The Beatles' Britain?

This seems like a perfect example of how Fallon is carving out his own niche in the late night game. Can you imagine Leno or Letterman doing something like this? Or any other late night host, really? OK, maybe Colbert. But still, it's great to see Fallon really making his show 100% his own.

'SNL' Review: Martin Short Rings In The Holidays

This has been a lackluster season so far for SNL hosts. A stellar season premiere with Seth MacFarlane was followed by an overall downward slope of a season hosted by action movie stars who were, for the most part, a little awkward in sketches: Daniel Craig, Jeremy Renner, Jamie Foxx, and though many disagreed, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Experienced sketch comediennes Anne Hathaway and Christina Applegate gave above average performances, and Louis CK and Bruno Mars proved surprisingly confident, but since MacFarlane we have yet to be blown away by a host's appearance on the show.

That all changed last weekend, when Martin Short returned to the SNL stage to host [...]

Excitement Growing Among Beatles Fans For Paul McCartney's Funeral

A particularly dark one from The Onion News Network this week: "Excitement Growing Among Beatles Fans For Paul McCartney's Funeral." But as with most of the ONN videos that seem like they should cross some line into unfunny offensiveness but somehow remain hilarious, it's got just enough truth in its premise to keep it all together.