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Learn the Meaning of "Ridiculous" with Grover and Aziz Ansari

Here's a clip from Aziz Ansari's recent visit to Sesame Street, where he and Grover were tasked with using chicken costumes, stove top hats, and extreme levels of silliness to explain the word of the day "ridiculous."

Watch Reggie Watts on 'Bill Nye the Science Guy' in 1998

Here's a newly-unearthed video of Reggie Watts (of Conan and Comedy Bang Bang fame) performing a parody song on the PBS/Disney kids show Bill Nye the Science Guy from 1998. At the time, Watts was a 25-year-old alternative musician in Seattle. Bill Nye was also filmed in Seattle and would typically use local musicians for the music videos that closed out each episode. This is Watts's earliest known TV credit and precedes anything on his IMDB by nearly a decade. He wouldn't begin performing solo until 2002. Thanks to Splitsider reader Victor Manuel for sending this in!

Sean Patton Tours You Through LA and NY on "Modern Comedian"

Stand-up Sean Patton is the subject of the latest episode of Scott Moran's documentary web series "Modern Comedian," which is now produced by PBS. In his "Modern Comedian" installment, Patton leads us on a tour through America's two biggest cities (and two biggest comedy cities), L.A. and New York. Sean Patton seems to like New York a hell of a lot better than L.A., that's for sure.

Ellen DeGeneres Honored with the Mark Twain Prize

Stand-up and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres received the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor from the Kennedy Center last night in a ceremony that saw folks like Jane Lynch, Jimmy Kimmel, John Krasinski, Sean Hayes, and Lily Tomlin paying tribute to DeGeneres and her long, groundbreaking career. Ellen DeGeneres holds a historic place in the comedy community and the gay and lesbian community, as well, having been the first female comedian to ever be invited to Johnny Carson’s desk after a Tonight Show stand-up set and the first person to play a gay lead character on a network series. DeGeneres can add a 15th to that list [...]

The New Woody Allen Documentary on PBS Is Also on Your Computer

Did all of your relatives who know you like comedy tell you to make sure to watch the Woody Allen documentary on PBS this Thanksgiving? Every one of them? Multiple times? Well, now it's even easier to give in to their annoying, persistent demands while also eating leftover pie for dinner in your pajamas, because the whole thing is online. We should all probably watch it because he's a comedy legend and near-disturbingly prolific and also maybe we'll get to see that HOT BOD we've heard so much about. Part 2 is below.

Steve Martin Should Host Every Pledge Drive

Here's a new clip Steve Martin shot to air during PBS pledge drives starting next month, in conjunction with a concert special he's doing with Edie Brickell. It's both funny and less boring than anything that usually happens during public TV pledge drives.

James Adomian Writes a Heartfelt Tribute to Huell Howser

Huell Howser, a beloved television personality best known for hosting the travel show California's Gold on California PBS stations, passed away yesterday at the age of 67. Comedian James Adomian, who has been performing an affectionate impression of Howser in his stand-up act and on the podcast and TV versions of Comedy Bang Bang, and he penned a touching tribute to the departed for LA Weekly that's worth the read for James Adomian and Huell Howser fans alike. And here's Adomian playing Howser on Funny or Die last year.

"Modern Comedian" Profiles Power Violence, the World's Leading Skateboard Punk Comedy Group

The latest episode of Scott Moran's excellent web series "Modern Comedian," in which he makes a short documentary about a different comedian each week, focuses on Power Violence, an L.A.-based group of comedians/skatepunks who make videos and run on a terrific weekly comedy show. This is the first episode of "Modern Comedian" that's produced by PBS Digital, which is a pretty exciting development for Moran and his web series. In their "Modern Comedian" installment, you get to see the Power Violence guys' intense pre-show ritual, the giant mansion they all live in together, and some haircut tomfoolery at a Wal-Mart. Doin' PBS proud.

Johnny Carson and the 'Tonight Show's' Seemingly Permanent Beef with NBC

It’s no secret that sometimes comedy is taken a bit too seriously. Comedy obsessives love not just the jokes, but the mechanics and emotions of the comedy world. There are a raft of comedy documentaries exploring comedy and comedians, but do they really have anything significant to add to the discussion? This series looks at comedy documentaries and whether they’re interesting, insightful, and possibly even…funny?

There’s a lot to cover in Johnny Carson: King of Late Night, an episode of PBS’s American Masters series chronicling the life of the iconic Tonight Show host. The two-hour film follows him from childhood through his meteoric rise to success and unrivaled legacy. [...]

Bask In The Hourlong Mark Twain Award Celebration of Will Ferrell

If you've got an hour and a half, accept the daunting challenge of watching the entire Mark Twain Award show that aired last night to honor Will Ferrell. The show features Jack Black, Conan O'Brien, Paul Rudd, Molly Shannon, and more, singing and talking about what makes Will Ferrell funny, interspersed with highlight clips from his career. You've been warned: as Conan O'Brien puts it, it may only be "PBS-funny." But stick in there and you'll get the official acceptance speech from the man himself, around the hour-and-twelve-minute mark.

Watch PBS's 'American Masters' Mel Brooks Documentary Right Now

Here's PBS's new Mel Brooks documentary, which aired last week. Entitled Mel Brooks: Make a Noise it's a part of the network's American Masters series that features new interviews with Brooks and collaborators and peers like Joan Rivers, Rob Reiner, Richard Lewis, Nathan Lane, Barry Levinson, Tracy Ullman, David Steinberg, Neil Simon, and Carl Reiner

Joe DeRosa Deals with a Heckler and Analyzes It on 'Modern Comedian'

Here's the latest episode of Scott Moran's excellent documentary web series Modern Comedian, focusing on comedian Joe DeRosa. Modern Comedian wasn't setting out to capture DeRosa getting into a battle of words with a heckler, but it happened and seeing DeRosa fight back and his analysis after is pretty entertaining. Too bad he didn't search his heckler for cocaine.

Aziz Ansari Eats Bologna and Impersonates Comedian Sugar Sammy on PBS

Foodie Aziz Ansari appeared on PBS's new series Mind of a Chef, visiting a Montreal bologna sandwich eatery with a team of restaurateurs. While there, he gets mistaken for Indian-Canadian comedian Sugar Sammy and then tries to impersonate him for as long as he can. Unfortunately, the lady who runs the restaurant blows his ruse, but here's hoping this isn't the last time Aziz Ansari tries to pass as Sugar Sammy. Aziz's episode of Mind of a Chef airs tonight on PBS. Sugar Sammy fans, please note that Sugar Sammy does not actually appear in the episode.

Watch "Johnny Carson: King of Late Night" Right Now

There has been a good amount of Johnny Carson talk the last few days so if you want to know what any of us were talking about, this PBS special is one hell of an overview. From what I understand, from watching this, JC was the best at everything – drums, comedy, magic, interviews, cheating on his wife – you name it. Also, the man was a legend and rightfully so. It's worth a watch, if only to see Arsenio Hall talk more on television than he has for 15 years.