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Penny Marshall and Lorraine Bracco Are Playing a Lesbian Couple on 'Mulaney'

Fox's upcoming sitcom Mulaney, created by and starring standup John Mulaney, has started lining up guest stars. Penny Marshall and Lorraine Bracco have been cast as a lesbian couple who will appear in the show's second episode, TV Line reports. Marshall and Bracco will play Tutti and Vaughn, friends of Mulaney's neighbor Oscar (played by Elliott Gould). The series stars John Mulaney as an aspiring standup who writes for a game show hosted by Lou Cannon (Martin Short) and lives with rommate Jane (SNL's Nasim Pedrad). The series, which NBC passed on last spring, is expected to premiere on Fox later this year.

Fred Armisen Spills Coffee as Penny Marshall for Penny Marshall

This impression is spot on, as everyone knows that Penny Marshall keeps two cups of coffee on hand at all times. "Penny, do you want a cup of coffee?" asks a person. To which Penny responds, "No, I already have my two cups. Let me finish a cup, then yes." What I'm trying to say is that's an abnormal amount of cups of coffee to keep on one desk at a time. Maybe it's all explained in Penny Marshall's new memoir, My Mother Was Nuts. (Why was someone named "Nuts?" Or how did a bunch of mixed nuts get together to parent a child? Answers to both questions [...]

Get Excited About Portlandia's Season 2 Guest Stars

Portlandia comes back to IFC for its second season on January 9th, and it sounds like they're keeping the bar set pretty high, at least in terms of guest stars. I mean, it's tough to argue with this list: Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, Penny Marshall, Jack McBrayer, Tim Robbins and Amber Tamblyn. And yes, Kyle MacLachlan is returning as the mayor of Portland, and of my heart.