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'SNL' Review: Drake Gives 2014 a Fresh Start

Season 39 has not exactly been kind to SNL. As we explained in our midseason review, the show seems to have surrendered to its "transition year" label, playing it safe as if dragging a stone of shame, rather than saying "screw it" and taking creative risks as if dragging a stone of triumph. Not all of it has been bad — in fact, a lot of it has been quite good — but we've been waiting for the show to win us back with a resounding victory. December's midseason finale with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake came close, in that it provided the show with a jolt [...]

Conan O'Brien Discusses the Evolution of His Relationship with Social Media

After Piers Morgan awkwardly reads Conan's Tweets in a matter that sucks all potential humor out of them, there's actually a very interesting conversation about Conan's relationship to social media. As he's moved from the old model to the new, Conan organically learned how to best interact with the space. Besides being a funny guy, Conan is a smart guy (Fun fact: his Harvard Class Day speaker was Mario Cuomo) so there is a real value to this – well, if you can get passed Piers Morgan continuing to insist he needs to exist.

'SNL' Review: No Escape from Miley Cyrus

After Justin Bieber hosted SNL last season, I concluded that SNL will never quite be the alternative comedy show we'd like it to be. There's no denying the show would be much funnier if producers only booked the heroes of comedy nerds to host the show, as it did last season with Louis CK and last week with Tina Fey. I've made the case several times that the show would be far better if only former cast members hosted — indeed, SNL has enough star alumni to fill a few seasons' worth of episodes.

But SNL isn't that show. The ongoing inclusion of performances by a musical guest [...]

Ricky Gervais Will Tell Piers Morgan Why He Said Those Awful, Awful Things

Are you sick of this whole tempest of hurt celebrity feelings in a Golden Globes teacup yet? No? Well, Ricky Gervais will be on CNN's Piers Morgan tonight, surely defending himself against the accusations of a thousand scorned publicists. [via]

Jimmy Fallon Doesn't Really Care about the 'Tonight Show'; Loves the Internet

Jimmy Fallon isn't like Conan or Letterman, he never dreamed of hosting the Tonight Show as a kid and it seems like he still doesn't now. Talk show host was not something he really thought of doing until Lorne Michaels brought it up. As a result, he seems happy (and very happy at that) to just do his show the way he wants to do it. And that way includes doing "The Evolution of Dad Dancing" (watch it below) because Jimmy Fallon loves the Internet. It’s like someone said, "Hey Jimmy, if you love the Internet so much, why don't you marry it?" And then he did. He married [...]