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Rush Limbaugh Sure Is Unhappy That Stephen Colbert Got 'Late Show'

America's racist uncle, Rush Limbaugh, weighed in on the Colbert Late Show news on his show yesterday, and – surprise! – he is none too pleased that a guy who's spent the last few years dismantling everything Rush stands for is getting a bigger stage. Here's his reasoned and hyperbole-free take on it: CBS has just declared war on the heartland of America. No longer is comedy going to be a covert assault on traditional American values, conservatism. Now it's just wide out in the open. What this hire means is a redefinition of what is funny, and a redefinition of what is comedy. They're blowing up the [...]

Hillary Clinton Considered Guest Starring on 'Home Improvement'

The Bill Clinton library released a bunch of previously-confidential documents from his time in the White House, and Politico detailing a time that then-First Lady Hillary Clinton came close to guest starring on the Tim Allen sitcom Home Improvement in the early/mid-'90s. Here's the internal White House memo about Home Improvement's offer to have Clinton do the show:

I know this may sound like a wild idea, but I think it is an interesting one to discuss. Rick Kaplan [a TV executive friend of the Clintons] brought to my attention that Home Improvement would very much like to have Hillary make a guest appearance on its show. Home Improvement is [...]

Support Eugene Mirman's Uganda Petition on the White House Website (2ND UPDATE)

Comedian Eugene Mirman managed to sneak a vulgar petition past the folks at the open petition section of The White House's website. Mirman spread the word about it via Twitter, writing, "I'm somewhat surprised my petition to have Barack Obama tell Uganda to go fuck themselves was approved."

Here's what his petition says:

WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: To tell Uganda to go fuck themselves.

I would like Barack Obama to go on television and tell Uganda that their new anti-gay law is an outrageous crime against mankind and that they should go fuck themselves. I want him to keep saying "fuck you Uganda" until it [...]

Jason Jones Figured Out the Key to Getting People to Vote

On last night's Daily Show, Jason Jones investigated a recent Colorado recall election that saw a state senator removed from office for passing gun legislation that the majority of voters supported. So he's figured out a method to force reasonable, unvoting people to make their voices heard.

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) On Being Repeatedly Mistaken for Actor Tim Roth, by Scott Eckert

It always happens the same way. I'm minding my business when, suddenly, a shout: "Look! It's Tim Roth!!!"

No. For once and for all, no. I am not Tim Roth. I am Senator Mitch McConnell.

I guess Tim Roth and I share a passing resemblance. People say we look alike. But it's starting to get old. Every day it's, "I loved you in Reservoir Dogs!" or, "Boy did you deserve that Best Supporting Actor nomination for Rob Roy!" or, "Dude, you're the British Guy in Pulp Fiction! Honey Bunny Guy!" I'm not. I'm United States Senate Minority Leader Guy. I'm Relentlessly Filibuster Executive and Judicial Appointments Guy.

Even as someone who isn't Tim Roth's [...]

Adam Scott Revives His 'Step Brothers' Character for Funny Or Die Affordable Care Act Video

Following Barack Obama's appearance on Between Two Ferns a couple weeks ago, here's Funny Or Die's latest video in support of the Affordable Care Act. In it, Adam Scott reprises his douchebag brother character from the movie Step Brothers to talk about how terrible health insurance is with his fellow members of The Cool Squad (Jeff Probst, Mark Cuban, Chris Daughtry).

Michelle Obama to Guest Star on 'Parks and Rec'

Michelle Obama is set to make her sitcom debut. THR reports that the first lady is set to cameo in Parks and Recreation's one-hour season finale, titled "Moving Up," which was filmed recently and will air Thursday, April 24th. Obama shot her cameo in Miami, where she was working to raise money to fight childhood obesity. Past political figures to land on Parks and Rec include Joe Biden, John McCain, and Barbara Boxer.

Parks's showrunner/co-creator Mike Schur told THR that his dream political guest star is Leslie Knope's idol, Hillary Clinton:

"I always imagined the perfect ending to the series — and I hope it's not for a while [...]

Joel McHale to Host the 2014 White House Correspondents Dinner

The Soup host and Community star Joel McHale has been named the host of this year's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, the association announced today. The annual event, which a comedian hosts in front of an audience that includes the President of the United States and a bunch of Washington, D.C. journalists, will take place on May 3rd this year and as always, will be televised on C-SPAN. The last three of these dinners were hosted by Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, and Seth Meyers, respectively, and this is the first time hosting the event for McHale.

Derek For Boyfriend, 2013: Test Slogans, by Grant Catton

This November, when you go to the polls, vote Derek Ferguson for Boyfriend. Derek is a young man who…

Knows the local IPAs.

Agrees that big weddings are outdated.

Always has cutting-edge facial hair.

Will go to brunch with you and all your friends…even when he’s super hungover.

Owns and often uses a typewriter…to write actual letters.

Reads all the right pop-culture blogs…but not before you do.

Eddie Izzard Says He'll Run For Mayor of London in 2020

British superstar comic Eddie Izzard said today that intends to run for mayor of London in 2020. At the annual party conference for the Labour Party in the UK, Izzard said that he hopes to be the party's candidate in eight years. "Eddie is a man of enormous substance, generosity and conviction," said MP Tessa Jowell, who is expected to run for the job in 2016. "His decision to do this is a vote of confidence in Labour." The position of Mayor of London was only established in 2000, and is currently held by former journalist Boris Johnson, who is himself a colorful figure in British pop culture.

On [...]

How Barack Obama Ended Up on 'Between Two Ferns'

This morning, Funny Or Die released an episode of Zach Galifianakis's web series Between Two Ferns featuring Barack Obama as the special guest. Variety has the story on how this ended up happening.

Basically, the White House wanted to get young Americans to sign up for health insurance before a March 31st headline. Last summer, Obama attended a meeting with White House advisers and a bunch of movie/TV people about how to use Hollywood to spread the word about health care reform. Funny Or Die President of Production Mike Farah was at said meeting and pitched the idea of Obama doing Between Two Ferns there, but didn't discuss [...]

Watch Seth Rogen Talk to the US Senate About Alzheimer's Research

Movie star Seth Rogen testified before a Senate committee on Alzheimer's research today, giving a touching speech about the effects of the disease, which his mother-in-law has, and the charity he and his wife set up. He makes jokes too.

Paul F. Tompkins Is Providing Live Coverage of the State of the Union with a Panel of Puppets

Barack Obama is set to deliver his sixth State of the Union address tonight, and comedian Paul F. Tompkins will be anchoring some unusual live coverage of the event. Tompkins is the host of No, You Shut Up!, a comedy show on the new cable network Fusion that launched last year and features him moderating a political discussion between Jim Henson Company puppets. Tonight, Tompkins and said puppets will be covering the State of the Union speech live on No, You Shut Up! The State of the Union starts tonight at 9pm EST and No, You Shut Up!'s coverage starts at 8pm EST and will be livestreamed on [...]

Egyptian TV Station Pulls Episode of Bassem Youssef's Satirical Show 'El Bernameg', "The 'Daily Show' of Egypt"

An episode of Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef's political satire show El Bernameg (The Program) was pulled last week because the show apparently violated the policies of the privately owned network, CBC. A few minutes before Friday night's episode was set to air, a broadcaster on the network said the episode wouldn't be airing because Youssef and his producer "insist on continuing to not commit to the editorial policy" of the network.

The show had been on a four-month hiatus over the summer, missing much of the chaos that ensued when the country's Islamist president Mohammed Morsi was toppled in July. Morsi had a been a frequent target of Youssef's attacks, but now [...]