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Buy One of Dean Fleischer-Camp's Weird and Hilarious Inspirational Posters

Looking for some inspirational and/or terrifying new art to hang on your walls? Filmmaker and co-creator of Marcel the Shell with Shoes On Dean Fleischer-Camp is launching a brand new project today called TOP Posters & Prints, which he calls a "series of slightly unsettling and hopefully funny art posters" that are all available to purchase in multiple sizes. I spoke with Fleischer-Camp last night right after his wife Jenny Slate took home a Critics' Choice Award for her performance in Obvious Child to ask how the project came about.

I just saw that Jenny won an award for Obvious Child, so congratulations to both of you!


There's a Poster for Patton Oswalt's 'Star Wars' Sequel Rant

Earlier this week, NBC posted a video on YouTube of Patton Oswalt going on an eight-minute rant about his dream Star Wars sequel on Parks and Recreation, and now somebody at Entertainment Weekly designed a poster for Oswalt's movie. Boasting the title Star Wars Episode VII: The Gauntlet of Infinity, the poster features everyone from Oswalt's rant: Boba Fett. Han Solo, all the Marvel superheroes, the guy from Clash of the Titans, etc.

Check out the full-sized poster below:

Portlandia Getting Limited-Edition Posters For Every Episode of the New Season

In a very Portlandesque promotional move by IFC, every episode of the second season of Portlandia will have a corresponding limited-edition poster made by a different artist. I am assuming there will be bird on every single one of them.

I Wish These Lonely Island Posters Were for Real Movies

Along with their upcoming album Turtleneck and Chain, the Lonely Island are offering up three different faux movie posters for your ordering pleasure as well. Ghost Butt-sters in particular looks like it's got a lot of potential. [via]

David Wain's 'They Came Together' Has a Super Funny Poster

Director David Wain's new movie, They Came Together, is our most anticipated comedy film of 2014, and Buzzfeed just debuted a poster for the movie, a rom-com parody starring Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler, that's packed with jokes and some out of context quotes from the website Deadline. They Came Together premieres at the Sundance Film Festival later this month but doesn't have an official release date yet.

Check out the first clip from the movie, the full-sized poster, and a statement about the film from David Wain below (via Buzzfeed):

Check Out 9 New Posters for the Return of 'Arrested Development'

Arrested Development is set to debut 15 all-new episodes on Netflix on May 26th at 12:01am PST (that's only 45 days away, people), and Netflix just put out these nine really cool teaser posters – one for every character. Hopefully, the new season will be as good as the marketing has been.

Check them all out below (via Vulture, IGN, TV Line):

Russian A Good Old Fashioned Orgy Poster Should Be the New American Flag

You know when you hear or see something painfully patriotic, like Beyonce's "Proud To Be An American" cover for example, and you resist its pull because it is so cheesy and not in anyway representative of America's role in the modern world, until you realize that your eyes are raining anyway? That's what I felt when I first saw the toilet brimming with chips on this Russian A Good Old Fashioned Orgy poster. 'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this poster; god bless that chip-clogged toilet.

Look at All the New 'Arrested Development' Character Posters

Netflix is continuing to make cool stuff to promote the new season of Arrested Development launching on May 26th (which is only 30 days away now). They just released a batch of nine character posters – all of which you can check out below – which should make you reminisce about the original show fondly. If you're looking for more cool stuff to fill your Arrested Development hole until that trailer drops (where is it already?), then check out the previous batch of character posters or the many Netflix easter eggs.

Check out all nine new posters below:

Here's Bill Murray's Career Via a Paper Doll

I never realized that Murray played Garfield by crawling around in his underwear with a mask on. He is a great actor. This video was created by artist Niege Borges. You can buy a poster of it here or just buy a cheapish computer and have the video just play on loop for eternity. It would be like hell but the exact opposite. [Via]

It's Double Fakeout Fake Criterions Month; Let's Celebrate A Blaffair to Rememblack The Way It Was Meant To Be Celebrated

Over at the Fake Criterions tumblr, it's Double Fakeout Fake Criterions Month, which means you get to finally see the promo posters for your favorite fake movies, like Arrested Development's Les Cousins Dangereux and Tropic Thunder's Satan's Alley. All of the submissions are reader-created, so if anyone has the requisite Photoshop skills, please throw something together for Basic Analysis, "one woman's triumph over a yeast infection, set against the background of the tragic Buffalo Bill season of '91." It was Shannen's Doherty's finest work. Alternately, what other movie-with-a movie/TV show would you want to see on your wall?