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Watch Dan Harmon Give One Heck of a Keynote Speech

Dan Harmon was the keynote speaker at the XOXO Festival, "an arts and technology festival celebrating disruptive creativity" this year, and here's his speech in its entirety. In it, Harmon makes more references to Inside Schwartz than anybody giving a public speech ever.

In other Dan Harmon-related news, he's going on a nationwide tour with his live show Harmontown next month (tickets available now), and you can watch him and Rob Schrab in this recently-unearthed sandwich restaurant training video from 1995 (embedded after the jump):

I Am the Orson Welles of Powerpoint

Today on McSweeneys, I Am the Orson Welles of Powerpoint: "No two of my PowerPoints are the same. While I have yet to craft my Citizen Kane, I consider the PowerPoint I gave at the conference in Atlanta last year to be my Taxi Driver. The regional sales meeting in Denver was my Ishtar. And right now I'm experimenting with 3D technology to create a visually immersive PowerPoint experience that will rival the cinematic wizardry of James Cameron's Avatar."