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John Oliver Attempts to Predict the Memorial Day Weekend News

Here's a clip John Oliver and his Last Week Tonight crew put together last week in an attempt to predict the news that would break during their week off the air. There are a few shots in the dark, a few semi-accurate guesses, and one slam dunk if you have an aunt who hosts painfully boring Memorial Day parties.

SNL's Zach Kanin's 2012 Predictions Are Great

New SNL writer and New Yorker cartoonist Zach Kanin drew up some pretty exciting predictions for 2012. (You know, in his spare time. I hear they keep a really lax schedule over at SNL.) According to Kanin, we can expect big surprises from Newt Gingrich and a sizable increase in young-adult novels written by rabbis. Perhaps the biggest news here, though, is that the season of Looking Back On 2011 has officially arrived, and before Halloween no less. Let the reflective blog posts and magazine top-ten lists commence!