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What to Expect From the Promising 'Kroll Show'

Comedian Nick Kroll’s new sketch series for Comedy Central Kroll Show officially premieres tonight, but it feels like the show has already been airing for weeks. Kroll’s characters – both new and old alike – have been floating around online since the show’s announcement two summers ago, giving viewers plenty of time to familiarize themselves with the man’s many talents. Favorites “Bobby Bottleservice” and “Rich Dicks” (with Kroll’s right-hand-man Jon Daly) make cameos in early episodes, along with several new faces. The show moves briskly from character to character, trading dialogue exposition for glossy, self-explanatory title cards, and rarely leaves a second of airtime without a visual gag. [...]

Watch 'The New Normal's' Newly Normal Pilot

TV! TV! TV! Yesterday, Fox threw up Ben & Kate and The Mindy Project and now we have NBC's gayby show, The New Normal. The pilot isn't especially funny – unless you find an archetypal precocious kid or an arrestingly bigoted grandma supes funny – but it is really sweet, which is something. What do you think?

Jon Hamm and Reggie Watts Perform a Song about 'Taxi'; Bring Smiles to Faces

It’s hard to tell if this clip is from an episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! or a clip from the filming of an episode but it is the best. Right? What can be better than Jon Hamm, backed by Reggie Watts, singing/talking a pretty thorough synopsis of Taxi and a thoroughly pretty Christopher Lloyd impression? (A few things, sure, but not a lot.) Will CB!B! be an awesome fun time? We'll have to see when it premiers on June 8th but for now, we can say for sure the filming of it must have been.