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Matt Walsh, Rob Corddry, Donald Faison, and Rob Huebel Are Tired of Being That Guy From That Thing

Entertainment Weekly recently put together this PSA from some of Hollywood's finest character actors including Matt Walsh, Rob Corddry, Donald Faison, and Rob Huebel, who have taken a note from Chris Pratt's transition from Parks and Rec regular to smash hit Hollywood superhero and insist that their wait for the spotlight is now over.

Ron Swanson Records a Bacon Shortage PSA (and May Be the Reason for the Bacon Shortage)

Meat lover Ron Swanson filmed this "The More You Know" PSA to address the bacon shortage that's affecting this fine country of ours. Swanson shares tips on places to hide bacon to keep you well-fed throughout the impending famine, explaining that you can hide bacon in your desk drawer, behind one of your paintings, or under your Aziz Ansari. To be fair, though, Ron Swanson's 38 secret bacon hiding spots might be part of the reason we're experiencing a shortage.

Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Jack McBrayer Dress Up Like Furries

This is a PSA against domestic violence, although it's really two videos: a wacky viral video about furry sex edited up against a serious PSA that has nothing to do with the aforementioned furry sex. But hey, I guess that's what you gotta do to get the word out about unfunny stuff these days.

'Community' Takes an Anti-Graffiti Stance in This 'G.I. Joe'-Themed PSA

Community's animated G.I. Joe-themed episode airs next week on NBC, so ahead of that the show put together this helpful PSA for kids who think graffiti is cool. Britta and Abed are aptly nicknamed Buzzkill and Fourth Wall, which are exactly the kind of heroes the comedy world needs.

Todd Glass Films Powerful PSA to Support Gay Youths

Earlier this year, Todd Glass came out on WTF. He explained much of the impetus in doing so was to set an example and to communicate to kids and teenagers that it's ok to be gay. He spoke about how every time he heard about a kid committing suicide, he felt partially to blame. The above video channels a lot of this message and features the passion that is to be expected from Todd. The spot was filmed as a submission to a GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) contest, in which the winner gets to produce a PSA with Tom Ford and Brett Ratner. You can [...]

Watch Matt Damon's Funny PSA About the Clean Water Crisis

Here's a video for Water.org, the water crisis non-profit co-founded by Matt Damon, in which Damon holds a press conference to swear off going to the bathroom until developing countries have safe drinking water and sanitation. It features appearances from Pete Holmes, Kate Micucci, Stephen Root, and plenty of other funny people as reporters. This is easily the funniest video about water scarcity you'll see all day (or ever, probably).

Sleepy Teen Jason Bateman Warns You About Noise Pollution

It's itty bitty Jason Bateman! And his hair! Just think, he was 18 when this PSA was made, but he was already fighting for the curmudgeonly cause against those gosh-darned kids with their new-fangled jim-jam noise they call rock music. Also, he looks and sounds like he is 30-40% asleep, which I guess was all the rage for teen heartthrobs in '87.