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Patton Oswalt, Tom Lennon, Weird Al, and More Visit Eddie Pepitone for "A Puddin' Christmas"

Here's the new Christmas episode of Matt Oswalt and Eddie Pepitone's web series, Puddin', featuring the return of guests like Patton Oswalt, Tom Lennon, Weird Al Yankovic, James Urbaniak, Jake Fogelnest, Dana Gould, and more. As expected, it's one of the darkest Christmas specials ever.

The Dead Poets Society is Alive and S'more-Free

You can glean a few things from this video:

1. Eddie Pepitone loves s'mores. 2. Matt Oswalt love puddin', obviously. 3. Dana Gould loves to point out he's wearing glasses just like Ke$ha. 4. Patton Oswalt loves receiving directions from Robin Williams. 5. Robin Williams loves human hearts, if and only if they're still beating.

What a group, amirite? Sillies.

Puddin' Moves to a New Office

Eddie Pepitone and Matt Oswalt's excellent web series Puddin' has a new location. The show's been filming in the same office kitchen since it began two years ago, but starting this week, Puddin' is shifting to this new sleeker, more echoey set because the office they were filming in before just closed. As long as Eddie Pepitone's character continues to be a frightening lunatic, we're on board for the move. We'll miss you, old office kitchen!

This Video Has Everything: Robin Williams, Puddin', Patton Oswalt, Raccoon Fellatio

Before you watch this video, I just want to remind you that Robin Williams went to Julliard and has won an Academy Award. Otherwise, the short video is very educational. For example, you'll learn that Patton really needs to get better at blowing dudes if he ever wants to make it in Hollywood.

Watch Matt Oswalt's "Pre Dawn Show"

Matt Oswalt, creator/star of the excellent web series Puddin' and Patton Oswalt's brother, just released this video for "Pre Dawn Show," a talk show hosted in his bed before the sun comes up when everyone involved is super tired. His announcer is Steve Agee, guest Steven Weber, and musical guest Aimee Mann. Hopefully, there are more of these to come.

Eddie Pepitone on Twitter, Podcasts, and the Pressure to Be Non-Frivolous

Eddie Pepitone may be getting popular as a web video comic star and a podcast host, but also an experienced comedian who's just now releasing his first album. He talks in this interview about finding his own emotional standup style, and his hypothesis on the implications of the rise of the podcast:

I think what it means is that people got sick of setup-punchline bullshit. It’s much more interesting to hear people talk about their lives. I think comedians are self-compelled to “be funny” all the time, and it turns out that comedians are pretty fuckin’ interesting, and people dig hearing them in more of a [...]