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Fox Is Remaking Sharon Horgan's BBC Show 'Dead Boss'

Sharon Horgan is about to get her fourth American pilot. Best known stateside for her turn in The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, the Irish writer and actress is remaking her BBC3 prison comedy Dead Boss, which she created with British standup Holly Walsh. The Fox show will center "on a woman trying to prove her innocence after being falsely accused and convicted of killing her boss," according to Deadline. Horgan's other pilots include a remake of her British smash sitcom Pulling, as well as Bad Mom and Bad Management. Below, a trailer for the BBC original:

June Diane Raphael Cast in ABC's Pilot 'Pulling'

June Diane Raphael, star of Adult Swim's NTSF:SD:SUV and Yahoo's Burning Love, has just been cast in a new ABC pilot, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The single-camera show is Pulling, based on the British series of the same name about a trio of dysfunctional women in their 30s. Raphael will play Donna, who got a great job at a publishing company as the result of a computer error and who is bored with her fiance. Mandy Moore also stars as Donna's best friend Louise. The third lead has not been cast, but I'm assuming they'll do that before they start filming the pilot because otherwise that would [...]

Mind the Gap: A Series on Awkward Women in Comedy

We want to talk about life before Bridesmaids. You might be fatigued from all the talk about women in comedy, from sentences like “women aren’t funny” and “WOMEN AREN’T FUNNY?” or even “this movie won’t make you grow breasts,” (the strangest commendation for an Apatow film yet). We get that, and so we want to take off your glasses, rub your temples, and escort you to other moments in comedy that expose the famous dearth of 3-dimensional ladies, and what happens when they show up anyway (usually in Britain). We’ve been tracking the fucked-up funny women who have managed to flex their dimensions and do what everybody is all excited about [...]

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: The Original UK Series 'Pulling'

Earlier this week a few changes were announced in the cast of ABC's comedy pilot Pulling. Mandy Moore left the pilot and the already-cast June Diane Raphael was joined by Jenny Slate and Kristen Schaal, making the Pulling into one of the more promising prospects of pilot season, at least in terms of really funny women in the cast. The show is based on the British series of the same name created by and starring Sharon Horgan (The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret) as one of three single females living in south-east London. Seasons one and two are both available on Amazon [...]

CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox Order Pilots: 'Beverly Hills Cop,' 'Pulling,' Sean Hayes, Jason Bateman

Pilot season is kicking into high gear. All four major networks ordered new comedy pilots yesterday evening for a whopping total of 11 sitcom greenlights in just a few hours. Here's a rundown on the shows the network ordered pilots for yesterday, a few of which will make it to your screens as full-on series in the fall:

  • Beverly Hills Cop (CBS) – Brandon T. Jackson (Beverly Hills Cop, Percy Jackson) stars as Axel Foley's police officer son in this TV reboot of the classic '80s movie series. Eddie Murphy will guest star in the pilot and produce the show, alongside Shawn Ryan (The Shield), [...]

Kristen Schaal Joins June Diane Raphael and Jenny Slate in ABC's 'Pulling'

ABC's adaptation of the British series Pulling is now vying with Andy Samberg's cop show for the title of "Most Anticipated Comedy Pilot of 2013." Deadline reports that Kristen Schaal has joined the cast to play one of the three female leads, along with two other super funny actresses/writers, June Diane Raphael and Jenny Slate, who were previously announced. Schaal will be playing the role of Louise vacated by Mandy Moore, and yes, her character here has the same name as the Bob's Burgers character she voices.. Based on the UK sitcom of the same name starring and co-created by Sharon Horgan, ABC's Pulling pilot [...]

TV Comedy's Ten Most Tragic Characters

There is a very fine line between comedy and tragedy. Like sleep and death, laughter and crying are cousins. However, deep sadness isn’t always easy to show in television comedy; there’s only so much a non-sociopathic audience can see one character take before all the pain stops being funny. Sometimes, though, the schadenfreude can’t be resisted. These ten characters have been shit on, humiliated, and abused over and over again, but we can’t stop laughing at them. How else would we be able to tell ourselves it isn’t so bad?