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Talking to Rachael Harris About 'Bad Words', the Space Between Comedy and Drama, and Working with Jason Bateman

Rachael Harris's most recent appearance in Jason Bateman’s first foray into directing, Bad Words, was brief. Nevertheless, her time on screen occupied some of the funniest moments of the movie. She is largely known for her acerbic, caustic roles in comedy (like as Ed Helms's mean girlfriend in The Hangover) , yet she has also proven herself to be a talented actress in a wide range of roles (like earning awards attention and acclaim as the lead in 2011's Natural Selection, where she played a soon-to-be widowed, sheltered, Christian housewife, whose life is rocked by the news that her dying husband had an illegitimate son living in Florida).

Harris [...]

Rachael Harris and Angela Kinsey Team Up for New Fox Comedy 'Dirty Blondes'

Fox just won a multi-network bidding war for a new comedy series starring Rachael Harris (The Hangover) and Angela Kinsey (The Office), Deadline reports. The pilot, Dirty Blondes, will be directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) and written by Stacy Traub (Glee) and is based on Harris and Kinsey’s real-life friendship. The two have known each other for 16 years, since meeting at The Groundlings in Los Angeles in the 1990s. The show follows two ladies who have been friends for a long time and grow closer together after they each get divorced.  Dirty Blondes has a put pilot commitment from Fox, which means the network has to air the first episode [...]

Rob Corddry and Rachael Harris to Guest Star on 'Happy Endings'

Continuing its track record of perfect guest star casting, Rob "Dry Cord" Corddry is going have a multi-episode arc on Happy Endings. He'll play a "legendary" "Car Czar," which is the show's totes norm way of describing a car salesmen, who hires Jane to sell cars, a job she def won't be intense doing (j. kidding). Also, Rachael Harris is going to stop by to play [SPOILER ALERTING YOUR EYES] Alex and Dave's real estate agent. Say whaaaaaat? Cah-razy. So are they just going to get engaged again and have another wedding, which also won't go well, ultimately resetting the show, like it was "The One" in [...]