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Bryan Cranston to Cook an Episode of 'The Office'

As we speak, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston is directing one of the last episodes of The Office. Cranston has some experience directing sitcoms, working on an episode of Modern Family last season and seven episodes of Malcolm in the Middle when he was on it. Still, one could imagine Ellie Kemper being really scared of him. This picture was Instagrammed by Rainn Wilson with the caption: "Free meth for The Office!" Which is funny enough; however, there will be no free meth. He is in the empire business. Don't eff with Heisenberg, Dwight, unless you want to end up like a certain dirt bike.

Did The Office Screw Up the Florida Arc?

When the episode “Special Project” ended, I was excited about the future of The Office for the first time all season. It felt like things were actually going to start happening, rather than the show's spending nearly half the season trying to convince us that new regional manager Andy Bernard needed to win over his co-workers. (He didn’t have to; they already liked him – I don’t want to think about the painful “Gettysburg” ever again.) To refresh your memory: in “Special Project,” which aired February 9, Andy tells Dwight that he needs to pick a team to go down to Tallahassee, Florida with him, to help launch [...]

Rainn Wilson Wouldn't Mind Leaving The Office, Too

First Steve Carell ditches The Office, then Mindy Kaling hints that she's considering doing the same, and now Rainn Wilson told Vulture that he wouldn't mind leaving Scranton as well: "I would not object. I’m ready, willing, and able to move on. I’d like to go back to theater. Theater is fucking hard and time-consuming, and there’s not enough time while doing The Office to rehearse and run a play." Next season, on The Office: Creed and Meredith sit quietly in an empty room.

Today is Steve Carell's Last Day Shooting The Office

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Steve Carell's last day on 'The Office.' And the angels of comedy wept… #saddestdayeverless than a minute ago via txtRainnWilsonrainnwilson

It's the end of an era! But I'm still pretty excited about the potential that a brand-new office manager brings.

Rainn Wilson's YouTube Channel Is Different from Other Comedians' Channels

What Chris Hardwick's Nerdist is for nerds, Rainn Wilson's Soulpancake is for spirituality. It's a bit different than the standard YouTube fair but there's something admirable in that. Don't be surprised if every cold open to The Farm is just Dwight meditating silently. Actually, be very surprised if that's the case because that would be totes jarring.

Rainn Wilson Confirms That Dwight's Office Spinoff Would Be Hardcore Weird

“It would have a crazy menagerie of characters. It would be even more far out and weird than The Office.” – Rainn Wilson on the proposed Dwight-centric Office spinoff. Was there ever any doubt?

Rainn Wilson Is Dyna-Woman, a Lady Superhero Who's Seen Better Days

Rainn Wilson hooked up with the CollegeHumor crew to make "The Fall of Dyna-Woman," a Dateline-style piece about a female superhero a few decades past her prime whose life has descended into a spiral of drugs and toxic relationships. It's like The Watchmen meets that Charlie Sheen live show that no one is buying tickets to! But with more cross-dressing Rainn Wilson.

Amy Ryan Is Returning to The Office This Season

Amy Ryan is returning to The Office this season. This seems to pretty obviously be Michael Scott's out from the show: "[Amy Ryan's] first in-the-flesh appearance will be in the Christmas episode when Holly is transferred back to Scranton to sub for Toby, who’s on jury duty. Kaling is penning the special hourlong episode and Rainn Wilson is serving as director."

The Lost Roles of Rainn Wilson

Lost Roles is a weekly column that takes a particular comedic performer or writer and dives deep into all of their movie and TV projects that came close to happening but didn’t for one reason or another. This week, we turn our attention to The Office's Rainn Wilson.

On The Office, Rainn Wilson created one of the most beloved sitcom characters of the past decade with Dwight Schrute, a character that’s proven so popular that he’s been chosen to be the show’s Frasier Crane (and hopefully not its Joey Tribbiani). Outside of The Office, however, he’s had a tough time making his mark in the movie industry. When [...]

There Might Seriously Be an Office Spinoff About Dwight and His Beet Farm

The entertainment world was flabbergasted, befuddled and awestruck last night to hear of the proposed Dwight-centric Office spinoff conceived by Rainn Wilson and Paul Lieberstein. The show would focus on the Schrute family beet farm and B&B (which will be re-introduced to audiences in an Office episode later this season), and we could be watching Dwight's antics for a full half hour as early as midseason 2013.

Any predications? Dwight's an extreme, sometimes cartoonish character – he's excellent at livening up the realism of The Office, but could the character carry an entire show? It worked for Frasier when he spun off from Cheers. Plus, the last time [...]

Check Out the First Trailer for Super, Rainn Wilson's Superhero Dark Comedy

Here's the first trailer for Super, James Gunn's dark comedy starring Rainn Wilson about a man who hits rock bottom and decides to become an ultra-violent super hero. Here's the official synopsis: After his wife Sarah (Liv Tyler) hooks up with a smooth-talking drug dealer named Jacques (Kevin Bacon), Frank (Rainn Wilson) transforms himself into superhero “The Crimson Bolt”. Then with the help of a trusty wrench, Frank wages a one man war on crime. Libby (Ellen Page), a local comic book store employee, transforms herself into a superheroine named “Boltie” and becomes Frank’s sidekick. The two then team up to take Jacques down.

Look for it in theaters [...]