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The Long-Running Sitcoms We Lost in 2014

Today, a sitcom making it to a second season is as notable as another return to Gilligan’s Island. Here, we pay tribute to some sitcoms we lost in 2014 that lasted longer than three seasons, and offer some options for those grieving their passing.

Fox Renews 'New Girl,' 'The Mindy Project,' and 'Raising Hope'

Fox is keeping pretty much all of its comedies for the 2013-2014 TV season. The network just announced that its Tuesday night comedies, Raising Hope, New Girl, and The Mindy Project, have been renewed for a fourth, third, and second season, respectively. The early renewal comes as some surprise, as The Mindy Project and Raising Hope have seen their audiences drop off a little bit, but the new season will bring Hope to the number of episodes needed for a lucrative syndication deal and Mindy has seen the show drawing stronger and stronger reviews from critics and audiences alike following a ton of midseason retooling. The only Fox comedies not [...]

FOX Reveals its Predictable New Schedule

As the first place network, FOX is different place than NBC and their predictable schedule suggests as much. Tuesday becomes their night of sitcoms, with the only somewhat comedic Glee moving to Thursdays. Raising Hope moves to 8:00, which is perfect for its family focus, and the hotly anticipated The Mindy Project goes right where it should be at 9:30, post New Girl. There isn't much to discuss, as it’s a pretty safe schedule. Check it out below. What do you think? Are these your go-to Tuesday plans?

Sally Draper Is A Child Therapist to the Stars

Kiernan Shipka has had a lot of free time since the last season of Mad Men, and you can only gaze intensely at a Land o' Lakes box thinking about forever for so long. In this video, she puts her understanding of child psychology to good use treating Modern Family's Luke (Nolan Gould) and Raising Hope's Hope (Some Baby). I know I feel better.

Raising Hope Picked Up For a Full Season

Well, at least one new comedy is doing well this season: "Fox has ordered the 'back 9' episodes for its rookie sitcom Raising Hope, giving the show a full season order of 22 episodes.

Fox Cancels 'Raising Hope'

After four seasons on the air, the sitcom Raising Hope has been canceled by the Fox network. The network announced today that the two-part series finale will air on Friday, April 4th, from 9 to 10pm. Starring Lucas Neff, Martha Plimpton, and Garret Dillahunt, Raising Hope follows a clueless 20something and his dysfunctional family raising his child from a one night stand. The show premiered in the fall of 2010 and has seen its ratings steadily declining season by season ever since, made all the worse by Fox moving the show to a Friday night death slot this past season.

By the time it finishes its run, Raising Hope [...]

Zach Braff and Donald Faison Are Together Again and Other Guest Star News

– On August 29, Zach Braff is rejoining his chocolate bear Donald Faison with a guest spot on The Exes, the TV Land show that Faison stars on with Wayne Knight. Hopefully, next The Exes will reunite the comedy duo of Wayne Knight and that dinosaur that spits acid.

The Mindy Project has found their first love interest for Mindy in Tommy Dewey. The actor, who is mostly an unknown, will play a hotshot lawyer who is a real gets-what-he-wants type.

Jenny Slate is set to have a recurring arc on Raising Hope as a social worker who comes to check in on [...]

Fox Renews New Girl and Raising Hope

It's not terribly surprising news, but it's now official: Fox has renewed New Girl for a second season. They've also renewed Raising Hope for a third season. They still never renewed Arrested Development for a fourth season.

What Do We Think About These Emmy Submission Episodes, Hmmm?

While some programs are still selecting the episodes for their comedy Emmy submissions, Deadline has 10 episodes that have already been selected. How exactly does a show chose the handful of episodes to be judged? As Community's Dan Harmon put it, "I want to see character, I want to see story, I want to see television taken seriously. It’s grounded in character. Nobody is wearing a weird costume; no one is acting like they’re in The Matrix.” Or he just hasn't seen the best Matrix-based situation comedy script. Yet. Each series is allowed to submit 6 episodes for the category of Outstanding Comedy series, so let's start casting [...]

Mike Mariano on Why Taking Over 'Raising Hope' Makes Him Feel Like a Creepy Uncle

"As we begin season four here at Raising Hope, the despair is palpable. The children are acting up, Mom has started drinking and when recurring guests show up, they stare blankly at me with a confused smile."

– New Raising Hope showrunner Mike Mariano wrote a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter about taking why taking over the show from Greg Garcia has him feeling like the creepy uncle who's moved in to the house. 

Potentially Emmy Nominated Actresses Discuss Being Funny and Farts and Vaginas

"So many Emmy roundtables so little time," says everyone this month. "But they talk about farting on set," says I! Also, this roundtable takes place around a square table, which makes it slightly more visually interesting. In the full, uncut version below they discuss hosting SNL, the non-controversy (or nontroversy) surrounding women being funny, and more.

The Best Sitcoms of 2011 Not Named Community, Parks and Rec, or Louie

We talk about Community, Parks and Recreation, and Louie pretty much on a daily basis here at Splitsider. Ask any 10 random visitors to the ‘site, and they’ll likely say one of those three is their favorite current sitcom on TV. So, for the sake of that disappointed, “of course it is/they are…” feeling you get when you see the Beatles at the top of a best bands of all-time list, I didn’t include the two NBC sitcoms and the FX whatever-it-is. There has to be at least SOME intrigue. So, I present to you, the 10 best sitcoms of 2011…not named Community, Parks and Rec, or Louie.

Giving Fox, and Raising Hope, a Fair Chance

It’s easy to blame Fox for not giving our favorite shows a fair enough shot, by moving them around on the schedule or not increasing the public’s awareness due to a lack of advertising. I’m still bitter about Lone Star, and that only ran for two episodes!

But to their credit, look at the number of quality sitcoms they’ve at least given a shot to: Action!, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Arrested Development, The Ben Stiller Show, Greg the Bunny, Grounded for Life, Herman’s Head, In Living Color, It’s Garry Shandling’s Show, Malcolm in the Middle, Married…with Children, Oliver Beene, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Running Wilde, That ‘70s Show, [...]