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'SNL' Review: Adam Levine Hosts a Stellar Night

It seems SNL has struck gold with booking music stars as hosts. Despite my long-standing pet peeve of musical guests making cameos in sketches — No one wants to watch Cee Lo read cue cards! — I have been proven wrong, again and again, as pop stars and rock legends have strapped on their host shoes and presided over far better episodes than most athletes, comedians, or A-listers have. While I was never sold on the argument that musicians' live-concert backgrounds causally make them natural live sketch performers, musicians are often less likely to let their nerves get the best of them, and they typically bring a fun-loving charisma and game-faced hustle [...]

Betty White Asked To Marine Ball by Appropriately Reverent Sargent

Another day, another service person seducing a celebrity via YouTube. In this video, Marine Sergeant Ray Lewis asks Betty White to accompany him to the upcoming Marine Ball, where Lewis seems like he will make a charming, if extremely winded, dance partner. While the Marines who asked out Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis seemed like they were responding solely to an off-camera dare, at least Lewis takes the time to offer something that Betty might actually appreciate: a date who understands the power of a good costume change. Oorah!