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Of Course Someone Is Tying to Make a Reality Show Based on 'Girls'

According to a recent Craigslist posting, an "Emmy-winning production company" is developing a TV series inspired by Lena Dunham's HBO series Girls. Here's a bit of the gross casting call:

Ever feel like life in the big frantic city is just too much? Are you a twenty-something young woman seeking fame, fortune, love or even a hookup with potential? How do you get from here to there when you can't even get a seat on the L train! Come to a casting call with our Emmy-winning production company and tell us your dreams and woes, your highs and lows, your tales of *** in the city and the [...]

Bobby Moynihan's Tom Brady Charmer From Last Week's SNL Is a Real Human Person

Remember this sketch from this weekend's SNL, in which one Janet Peckinpaugh seduces Tom Brady by describing herself as a "flesh cube"? So does the real life Janet Peckinpaugh, a former NBC news anchor and unsuccessful candidate for Congress. She's a pretty good sport about it, saying that she enjoyed the sketch once she saw it (but hasn't watched SNL live since "ten years ago when it stopped being funny." Oh, Janet). Fun game: try to watch this campaign ad and not imagine her saying "I'm a small businessperson, journalist, mom, and every bank teller in the world, just squished together":