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A Guide to the Hard-to-Find Comedy Albums of Albert Brooks

A few years ago in From the Archives, we did a deep dive and examined Albert Brooks’s early short films, and reminded ourselves at how creative and unique a talent the man is. Throughout these shorts we were shown a laundry list of creative ideas, jokes that still hold up today, and satire that is just as sharp now as it was in the seventies. Today we’re going to examine Albert’s two incredibly innovative albums and we'll find that even with the video component removed, these qualities still apply. Each album features a uniquely audio premise, and one was nominated for a Grammy and hasn’t been reissued since it’s [...]

Scharpling & Wurster Are Releasing a Vinyl LP of 'Rock, Rot & Rule' for Record Store Day

Record Store Day, the annual event to celebrate international record stores, is happening on April 19th, and Best Show on WFMU comedy duo Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster are putting out a red vinyl EP of their first phone call, "Rock, Rot & Rule." Originally recorded pre-Best Show in 1997, the call features Wurster playing an obnoxious rock critic named Ronald Thomas Clontle who published a controversial book called Rock, Rot & Rule that lists whether every artist in music rocks, rots, or rules. The limited-edition red vinyl will be available in independent record stores, with only 1000 copies having been printed. A standard black edition is set to [...]

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: Let Tenacious D Entertain You with 'Jazz'

Yes, Tenacious D's first foray into jazz music is now available for your listening pleasure. Jack Black and Kyle Gass's first jazz album, entitled Jazz, only features one track, an 11-minute long snippet of free-form jazz exploration, but a video on the making of the album is also included, all for the low low price of $2.99. It's a steal for fans of comedy bands exploring different musical genres.

Jonah Ray Launches Comedy/Music Label Literally Figurative Records

Meltdown and Nerdist cohost Jonah Ray just launched his own imprint label through AST Records called Literally Figurative. Through the label, Ray will release a series of 7-inch records called The Mutual Appreciation Society that will feature "a comic on one side and band they are friends with on the other." Comic/band combinations will include Wil Wheaton/Nerf Herder, Rhea Butcher/G.S. Schray, Matt Mira/Jenny Owen Youngs, and Jonah Ray/Mikal Cronin. Also set for a release via Literally Figurative are Nick Youssef's debut album Stop Not Owning This, Matt Dwyer's debut LP, and a 7-inch from comedian Paige Weldon. For more information, head over to Ray's blog.

Sammy Obeid Does His 998th Straight Day of Standup on 'Conan'

Comedian Sammy Obeid, who is in the process of attempting 1000 consecutive nights of performing standup, did his 998th performance of the streak on Conan last night. He'll be doing his 1000th day of shows in Los Angeles tomorrow, and his 1001th in San Francisco on Saturday. And for anyone who missed him along the way, he's got a book and a documentary about the experience in the works.

Last Night's 'Big Bang Theory' Was Its Most Watched Season Finale Ever

The seventh season finale of CBS smash hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory aired last night, and EW reports that the resulting ratings have made it its most watched season finale ever. Big Bang pulled in a 4.8 rating with 16.3 million viewers; to put it into perspective, over at NBC The Office's series finale last year scored a 3.2 rating and 5.4 million viewers, while Community's recent finale brought in a measly 1.0 rating with just 2.9 million viewers. The only difference is that last night's finale was far from the end for Big Bang; with its recent triple-season renewal, you can count on [...]

1,001 Straight Nights of Standup

Sammy Obeid didn’t intend to be in the midst of a streak, but that’s exactly where he is. Sammy takes the stage nightly to perform comedy. Each night he does this, his streak of consecutive performances continues. Though Sammy is considered a pup by comedy’s standard — age: 29, years of service: 6 — he is well on his way to accomplishing something never before done in the world of comedy: perform for a thousand consecutive nights. That’s 2 years, 9 months, and 1 day — no days off — of getting in front of a crowd and trying to make them laugh. Sammy isn’t quite there yet, but [...]