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Reggie Watts Brought the 80s Back on 'Conan'

Reggie Watts performed his new song "Information" on Conan last night, alongside a full dance troupe who had just arrived from the mid-80s. It's a little strange to see Watts perform without his trademark loop pedal, but he's certainly keeping it interesting.

Watch Reggie Watts's New Video "Sects"

Reggie Watts, the undisputed king of looped improvised musical comedy, has a new song up on JASH. The video for "Sects" features Watts and dancer Amy O'Neal, and is as mellow and silly as his fans would expect. Watts was one of the founders of the JASH YouTube channel, alongside Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, and Tim & Eric.

'Comedy Bang! Bang!' Finished? No. Actually Starting Season 2

Bless the ones with the death wishes, the ones that don't bother to try to make the familiar and well-established beats as funny or funnier than their predecessors or contemporaries because they are too busy traversing hidden paths to jokes. Chris Onstad's Achewood was/is the online comic that comes to mind with that mentality and sensibility of comedy writing – only attainable through years of effort and a natural and willingly obtuse way of thinking – and Achewood is the online comic that comes to mind when we talk about the greats of that medium. Monty Python's Flying Circus, The State, and Mr. Show are sketch comedies that will [...]

Season 2 of 'Comedy Bang Bang' Looks Pretty Nuts

Here's an action-packed, star-studded new trailer for season two of IFC's Comedy Bang Bang, which starts this Friday at 10 and looks like it will feature 100% more anthropomorphized ladders than season one.

Watch Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts in a Promo for 'Comedy Bang Bang' Season 2

Here's a new promo for the second season of IFC's Comedy Bang Bang, which premieres Friday, July 12th). In the promo, Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts drive around in a real cool van, which is what I assume they're doing 24/7 whenever they're not filming Comedy Bang Bang.

Watch Reggie Watts Dance with Yoko Ono in Her Music Video "Bad Dancer"

Here's Yoko Ono and her Plastic Ono Band's new music video, "Bad Dancer," which features comedian Reggie Watts and Jimmy Fallon bandleader Questlove dancing alongside her in addition to Ad Rock & Mike D, Ani Taj & Dance Cartel, Greg Saunier, Heems, Josh Fox, Justin Vivian Bond, Roberta Flack, Yuka Honda & Miho Hatori, and of course, Ira Glass.

Watch Reggie Watts Make Music with Paul F. Tompkins as Andrew Lloyd Webber

Here's the latest episode of Reggie Makes Music, a web series from IFC's Comedy Bang Bang in which Reggie Watts collaborates musically with a different comedian each week. Here, he performs with Paul F. Tompkins as his character Dame Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, who is more fond of the movie Birdemic than you would probably guess.

This Week in Comedy: 'Comedy Bang Bang' Returns and 'Drunk History' Premieres

-Comedy Bang Bang returns for Season 2 on IFC tonight. In honor of this, we interviewed Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts and ranked the 11 best characters and impersonations from the podcast that inspired the show.

-Speaking of Scott Aukerman, he made a solid Fox News debut.

-Arrested Development producer Brian Grazer says they're having conversations about a fifth season with Netflix.

-The first season of Comedy Central's Drunk History premiered, as did the second season of The [...]

Watch Aziz Ansari and Reggie Watts Make Beautiful Music Together

Here's the first episode of the new season of Reggie Makes Music, Reggie Watts's web series that's a tie-in with IFC's Comedy Bang Bang. Last season, we saw Watts collaborating with Jon Hamm, Michael Cera, and Amy Poehler, and here he is doing a duet about dating and veganism with Parks and Recreation's Aziz Ansari. (via Vulture)

Watch Reggie Watts's Shot-for-Shot Remake of a Rick Astley Music Video

Released as part of YouTube's Comedy Week, Reggie Watts made this video in which he recreated shot-for-shot the beginning of Rick Astley's 1987 music video for "Never Gonna Give You Up" (aka that Rickroll video). Check out the original below so that you can make a detailed list of inaccuracies and post it in the comments section:

Watch Chelsea Peretti and Reggie Watts on Natasha Leggero's New Web Show

Natasha Leggero's insane and delightful new JASH web series Tubbin' with Tash just started last week. Here's the second episode, with guests Chelsea Peretti and Reggie Watts joining Leggero and her sidekick Pig-Bottom (Moshe Kasher) in the hot tub. More talk shows need sidekicks like Pig-Bottom.

Watch 'Modern Comedian's Profile of Reggie Watts

Here's the latest episode of Scott Moran's excellent documentary series Modern Comedian, which profiles Reggie Watts and his fascination with time travel. It features a performance by Watts of time travel songs and him telling a weird story about huffing freon.

Talking to Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts About 'Comedy Bang Bang' Season 2

One of the funniest new TV shows of last year, Comedy Bang Bang is returning for a second season this Friday on IFC. Even better, it's a super-sized 20-episode season that looks pretty action-packed based on the trailer (embedded below) and the couple of episodes I've gotten to see ahead of time. I had the chance to visit the Comedy Bang Bang set a few months ago while the gang was filming the opening scene of the new season, and I got to sit down with host Scott Aukerman and his faithful bandleader Reggie Watts during a lunch break to talk about what we can expect from Comedy Bang [...]

Reggie Watts to Star in a Comedy Central Pilot

Reggie Watts is playing a supporting role in a new pilot for Comedy Central. THR reports that the potential series is called Bad Advice from My Brother, and it's based on the blog of the same name by Jordan Pope Roush. The show follows a guy (played by newcomer Mike Castle) who moves in with his older brother (played by Miles Fisher, Final Destination 5), a womanizing Wall Street guy who often gives him bad advice. Watts, the bandleader on IFC's Comedy Bang Bang and a wildly talented musical comedian, is playing their neighbor, aptly named Reggie. Hopefully, this will continue a streak of him only playing characters with his [...]