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The Complete Guide to Everything: Richard Marx

This week Tim proposes all December holidays be boiled down into a 1 hour surprise celebration and Tom goes to a Richard Marx concert. We also discuss The Hobbit, commercial jingles, remarking when brothers look like each other, and Tom has trouble accepting that Regis Philbin isn't coming back. Additionally we solve a problem about a man's fear of flying.

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Regis Philbin Rides a Vespa Into David Letterman's Heart

Do you want to see David Letterman call Regis Philbin a slut? You do? I wasn't really expecting you to answer so vehemently. But good for you, being open about your desires! When Regis came on The Late Show last night, he confronted Dave about a passionate lip-lock the two shared on Regis' show. Did it mean nothing to Dave? Nothing? You can't just buy Regis off with fancy gifts like a Vespa! He's a real man with real feelings!

Jerry Seinfeld to Take Over for Regis, at Least for a Couple of Days

Regis is leaving his post at Live with Regis and Kelly in a couple of weeks. Apparently, they'll be using guest hosts for a time after that. The first one? Jerry Seinfeld, who will be withstanding Kelly Ripa's perkiness from November 21st to the 23rd. And, based on my limited knowledge of The Marriage Ref, he'll be coldly judging her marriage in front of America as well. Should be a lot of fun!

Regis Writes and Directs and Yells on the Set of and Sleeps on the Set of 'The New Girl'

I vote FUNNY. (When an older person appears in a FunnyorDie video we have to vote if they're still funny or if they should just die, right? Well, good thing Regis still got it.) Fun fact: This video was written but New Girl writer JJ Philbin, who is, that's right, Regis's daughter. (Also, she's married to Parks & Rec's Mike Schur, which is very adorable and/or adorkable.) A lot of people probably think their father is a loud, silly old guy but hers is actually the loudest and silliest.

Neil Patrick Harris Joins List of Temporary Regis Replacements

The week after Jerry Seinfeld, Neil Patrick Harris will be temporarily taking over Regis Philbin's spot on what's now being called Live! With Kelly. Will we get How I Met Your Mother's bro-tastic NPH? Emmy-hosting showman NPH? Or maybe it'll be regular old awesome NPH.

Start DVRing Your New Favorite Show, Regis and Butt-Head

Yes, fellow humans who love basing silly jokes on barely-acceptable rhymes, our day has come. Hanging ten on the surf of his post-Live! With Regis and Kelly talk show appearances, Regis Philbin showed Jimmy Kimmel a pet project he's been working on with Mike Judge. It's Regis and Butt-Head, in which Reeg takes to the red couch to watch 16 and Pregnant but is regrettably overdressed for his new role. Meanwhile, Beavis has presumably beat out many competitors as Regis' replacement, where he will no doubt quickly charm the skirt-suits off of Kelly Ripa with his gentle laughter and thoughtful small talk ("Mornings suck. Heh heh").

Dana Carvey Is A Contender To Host Live! With Regis and Kelly

Dana Carvey is in the running to replace Regis Philbin on Live! With Regis and Kelly. I assume his audition was just a full-on Regis impression? I guess if he gets it, they'd call the show Live! With Dana and Kelly, which sounds unbearably weird and unfamiliar. Then again, remember when it was Regis and Kathie Lee and Kelly was the name that sounded weird? The world just never stops changing.